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Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter

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Home Learning – Wild Weather

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This week we have carried on with multiplication, using arrays and understanding how to read them as multiplication and repeated addition. In Literacy, the children have spent the week planning and writing their Hot Writes, they have created their own mythical creates to write a warning story. We will be moving on to instructions next week. Within our topic lessons, we have been writing a recount of the amazing weather we had last week! From hail to snow. The children then spent the afternoon using Google Earth to compare two counties and their weather.


To start the week off, we immersed our selves into Kassim’s deep dark forest. We used all of our senses to then describe the setting, imaging we were creeping through the forest. In our topic lessons, the children learnt about different types of clouds. Within minutes of saying to the class that we probably wouldn’t get to see a nimbostratus cloud today, the UK did what it did best and changed the weather. The children were shell shocked when it spontaneously started to rain, hail, snow and then clear blue skies! What perfect timing. We then went on a cloud hunt! In PE the children have been learning Netball skills, Miss Jones chose 3 PE leaders to then set up their own stations to run a skill. They absolutely loved this independence. Within Maths we have been looking at equal and unequal groups of arrays and then writing a multiplication and repeated addition sentence for them. The children are gaining so much confidence with using their times tables to count the arrays, so keep up with TTR!



In Year 2 this week we have continued with Money. The children have been working out the difference between two amounts and adding amounts together. In Literacy, we used the dictionaries to independently find out meanings of new vocabulary, we then used thesauruses to upskill our current work. The children used laptops to support this. We also completed a drama activity called conscience alley. This is where we pause at a moment in the story and the main character has a key question that he is thinking about normally to do with what they are going to do next. We have started our new Topic ‘Wild Weather’, we watched videos of extreme weather and talked about the damage they can create.


Happy New Year! 🙂

To welcome the children back this week, we started our new Literacy topic ‘Kassim & and the Greedy Dragon’ by creating our own Dragons! We then learnt our story map, and talked about the different use of punctuation in the text. In Maths we have been looking at Money. The children need to be able to identify the coins, add amounts and make amounts. Because we don’t handle money as much, this is relatively new to the children. Please support at home as much as possible, giving the children opportunities to pay for shopping or working our change. In Our topic lessons we have moved on to Wild Weather, we introduced the topic by exploring new vocabulary that they will be hearing lots of this term. We also spent some time becoming more independent on the laptops by logging in and navigating to the Internet.


As you can imagine, the last few weeks have all been about the nativity and practicing lines, songs and dance moves! The children tried their hardest and made everyone so proud with their performances this week. We also had a special assembly from Google for ‘Be Internet Legends Day’ talking about how to be safe and use it correctly. In our topic lesson,  we made our own coffee stained pirate maps, the children enjoyed making these look old! In Maths we have been exploring 3D shapes, looking at their properties and grouping them. Throughout the week, children have been able to access TTR and really do enjoy this game, please support at home.


This week and next is assessment week in Year 2, however we are still making time to be very creative! We have teamed up with Wollaston Secondary, and as a school we are all creating our own butterfly art. This will be on show at Wollaston, showing the progression from Pre-School to Sixth form. In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes, we went on a shape hunt in the classroom and identified any 3D shapes. We then moved on to sides and vertices. We also had a very special visit from Pudsey!


In our topic this week, Ms Freeman taught the children how to read pirate maps and how to give instructions on how to direct others to get to another place. The children then used compasses to direct their group around the beanbags and cones. In Maths, we have been practicing column addition and subtraction, carrying tens and exchanging.  During Literacy this week we have been working on our comprehension skills and using a power of 3 to describe the Pirates!


What an exciting start to Autumn 2! We spent the day dressed up as Pirates, I set the children on a treasure hunt using riddles and then we played a Pirate themed ‘escape room’. They had to figure out the riddles and clues to find the missing key! We started our now Talk For Writing topic – Pirate Tome and we learnt a pirate song and dance, the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you parents for supporting!

In Maths this week we have been learning to use column addition to add 2 digit numbers and during Science this week we have moved on to our topic Space, the children have learnt a song to remember the planets. In Topic, the children explored compasses and learnt how to label them.


And just like that, Year 2 have completed their first half term!

During Maths this week, we have been exploring different ways to add and subtract two numbers that cross 10. We used number lines and tens and ones. To start the week off in Literacy, we looked at Narwhals, the children then made their own video reports about them before they then researched their own animal. This then led on to finishing our non-chronological hot writes, the children really enjoyed writing about sea creatures and feel passionate about saving our seas! In Topic, Ms Freeman showed the children the differences between Tokyo and London. In art, we explored cool and warm colours and looked at what colours complement each other. We then focused on an artist called Marc Chagall and the children used his outline of ‘I and the Village’ and innovated it with their own warm or cool colours, depending on their mood!

Next term, our topic will be treasure hunters. We will be looking at famous explorers and pirates! To start off this topic, we will be having a Pirate day on Monday 31st. We are asking the children to come into school dressed as an explorer or Pirate!

Half term reminder: please use this time to use Spelling Shed, TT Rockstars & daily reading. The first day back we will check the online scores for Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars and those children who have used it can earn 5 house points!



This week at Cogenhoe, we have had a Whole School Art afternoon. The focus of this was printing and harvest festival. Year 2 focused on using different forms of printing and looking at over lapping different printing techniques. The children went on their own autumnal hunt to find natural things that they could use to print, we also used fruit and veg and then created our own foam printing blocks. In Literacy, we have been looking at Sea Creatures and ways we could protect our sea. In Science, we have been looking at recycling and making sure we recycle in the correct way, this led nicely into making a sea creature poster on how to save our oceans by recycling and not littering.

As an extra homework task this week, help your child research a sea creature that they could write a report about in Literacy next week. 



In Topic this week, we have been learning to navigate the laptops, to search for ‘paint’ and then create our own flags. To support your children to become confident with the laptops, please practice typing on Word. We have also spent some time researching ‘Stephen Wiltshire’ who is a famous artist who focuses on lines. We edited his work by giving one part of the picture a pop of colour to stand out and then we had a go creating our own landmark line art. During Maths this week we have been carrying on with addition and subtraction, the children had a chance to mark my sums to see if they were correct, they enjoyed being the bossy teachers! 🙂 In Literacy, we have moved on to our next topic which is report writing for sea creatures. We spent some time watching David Attenborough’s ‘Deep Blue’ to name as many creatures as we could. The children then painted a picture of one the animals that they had seen.


In Year two this week, we have completed our first hot write. The children used their skills that they have learnt over the topic and wrote wonderful stories about a character that takes some yummy food to their Grandma’s house! We learnt about Online Safety, what todo when we’re in trouble or have pop ups and signed out Year 2 ‘acceptable use policy’ for computing. We now know how to use the Laptops safely, so we had a go logging ourselves in for the first time! In Science, the children tested different materials to see which could hold the most weight. They enjoyed being independent and exploring on their own.


Year 2 have settled well into their new classroom and are quickly taking on more independence and responsibility. Throughout the week this week, we have continued with place value. The children have been practically making numbers and also comparing groups of numbers. In Literacy, we have been forcing in past and present and using expanded noun phrases to add to our sentences! In our topic lessons this week we spent an afternoon painting a famous landmark from the UK. We also started our Book Talk sessions, the children really enjoy reading together.


What a lovely first week in Year 2. We started off our new topic ‘Capital Cities’ by exploring and tasting foods from the UK. The children had to decide where they thought they originate from. In Maths this week we have started off by looking at place value, this consists of looking at what a number is made of (tens and ones) and then representing it in a multitude of ways. We found every piece of equipment you could think of to represent our numbers. In Literacy this week we have started looking at our new text which is ‘Little Charlie’ this is a journey story and in a few weeks time the children will be writing their own. We have also had taster sessions for football, dodge ball and archery. Eevery Friday we will also be having a cricket coach! On Friday, we cam together as a school to remember the Queen, this was a touching time for us all. Especially Yr 2 as we had spent Thursday afternoon listening to the national anthem.