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Year 2 have settled well into their new classroom and are quickly taking on more independence and responsibility. Throughout the week this week, we have continued with place value. The children have been practically making numbers and also comparing groups of numbers. In Literacy, we have been forcing in past and present and using expanded noun phrases to add to our sentences! In our topic lessons this week we spent an afternoon painting a famous landmark from the UK. We also started our Book Talk sessions, the children really enjoy reading together.


What a lovely first week in Year 2. We started off our new topic ‘Capital Cities’ by exploring and tasting foods from the UK. The children had to decide where they thought they originate from. In Maths this week we have started off by looking at place value, this consists of looking at what a number is made of (tens and ones) and then representing it in a multitude of ways. We found every piece of equipment you could think of to represent our numbers. In Literacy this week we have started looking at our new text which is ‘Little Charlie’ this is a journey story and in a few weeks time the children will be writing their own. We have also had taster sessions for football, dodge ball and archery. Eevery Friday we will also be having a cricket coach! On Friday, we cam together as a school to remember the Queen, this was a touching time for us all. Especially Yr 2 as we had spent Thursday afternoon listening to the national anthem.