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25.11.21 spellings

Money, money money! In Maths this week we have taken a jump from recognising coins to adding pounds and pennies, figuring out the difference and working out change. As we don’t use coins as much, the class have found this quite difficult, so please support at home with using coins as and where you can. In Literacy, we have been using thesaurus’ to research synonyms for some boring words! The children loved finding new vocabulary. On Friday, the children enjoyed a lesson of kurling with Mr Roberts and then explored the BeeBots and creating their own algorithms. In our topic lessons the children have been creating a map for the classroom from a birds eye view. We then drew these up on Paint! In Science, we have been looking at day and night and what happens with the sun and moon.

18.11.21 – spellings

Monday morning started with an exciting treasure hunt! For our new Talk For Writing text ‘Pirate Tom’, we were sent a treasure map and the children had to follow the riddles to the next jewels. We then found the treasure box full of gold! In Maths this week we have been exploring money, we have been building on our knowledge from Year 1. We are comparing amounts, adding coins together to make different amounts and will be moving on to giving change. I’ve challenged the children to ask if they can help out at home exchange for coins (so hopefully your washing up should be done for you!). In our topic lessons we have been exploring hemispheres and facts about each of them. Did you know 80% of the worlds population lives in the Northern hemisphere! In Science we have been exploring planets that orbit the sun. We then researched how long it took some planets and finally made out own sun and earth.

11.11.21 – spellings

4.11.21 – Spellings

This week we started off with a dodge ball taster session, it was fun session for the children. We then had a visitor from a Sea Creature specialist Dr Steve (Thank you Jaxon) and the children got to ask him lots of questions about all different animals. In Literacy this week, we innovated our Penguin text to Narwhals, we learnt lots about them and then created our own information videos about them (check SeeSaw!). We then boxed up again using our own animals of choice. It was lovely to see all the facts children had researched at home :). In Maths, we started adding two 2 digit numbers that bridge 10. We then moved onto subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number. In Science, we started off our Space topic with some Jaffa Cake fun! I’m sure you all remember the advert.. full moon, half moon and TOTAL ECLIPSE.



21.10.21 – Spellings

We have had a fantastic last week of term, but more specifically what an amazing Art day we had! The children started by creating whatever colourful art work they would like. We then turned the classroom into a gallery and wondered round to see what everyone had been up to. We then explored different tones of colours – cool & warm. We experimented with paints to make lighter and darker colours. I introduced the class to Marc Chagall and his famous artwork ‘I and the village’. We then replicated it with our own twist – memories that we have in our home village.


14.10.21 Spellings 18.10 Spellings – topic words

In Maths this week, we have been focusing on number bonds to 100 and ten more and ten less than a number. The children were able to use their prior knowledge from Year 1 and enjoyed the practical lessons. In Literacy, we have moved on to non-chronological reports. The end of this term and next, our model text is ‘Facts about Penguins’. After half term the children will be writing their own information texts about a chosen sea creature, so please support them in researching facts. In Science, we finished off our materials topic with building the three little pigs houses. The aim of the lesson was to chose suitable materials that would hold a strong structure and not blow down, hold weight and be water proof. The children did so well at this!



7.10.21 Spellings – Year 2 Term 1A Week 6 Word Lists

Year 2’s have been busy moving on to our next Maths topic – addition and subtraction. We have been problem solving different sums to work out which are true or false. We have also been comparing number sentences e.g. 4+6 > 1+4. In Literacy, we have written our Hot Writes, going on our own journeys, and I must say.. for our first hot writes this year, I was so proud of the class. In our topic lessons, we have been researching the patron saints of the UK and writing different facts about them. In Science, we experimented with materials. We tested which would protect the egg from being dropped, it got a little messy!


30.9.21 Spellings Year 2 Term 1A Week 5 Word Lists

As always, we’ve had such a busy week in Yr 2!

In Maths, we finished off place value by counting in our 2’s, 5’s and 10’s forwards and backwards. We then moved on to counting in 3’s. In literacy, we found the key parts of our texts to create our tool kits. We then moved on to our warm writes, innovating our story. In Art, we started to look at pencil shading and the different tones that pencils can have. We also had a very informative assembly on harvest!


23.9.21 – Spellings-  Year 2 Term 1A Week 4 Word Lists

In Year 2 this week, we have been busy learning new skills in Literacy. We recapped what an adjective is and moved onto nouns. We then learnt what an extended noun phrase is and wrote our own sentences with expanded noun phrases in. We have also been thinking of why we like a story and why we don’t like it, but ensuring we explain our reasoning. In Maths, we have continued with place value, but comparing groups of objects to each other and looking at a range of ways to make a number. In Topic this week, we created our own stained glass windows that we might find in a cathedral in a big city. In Science, explored different materials and if they would be good for different jobs! For example, would metal be good for windows?  We also created our own Cogenhoe Flag after researching why flags are a certain colour or why they have lines/marks on them.




This week has been assessment week, we have been doing quizzes to see what we need to recap. The children have been sent home with their Yr 2 common exception words, please practise these. We will have regular tests throughout the year. In Music this week, we have been learning a song called ‘Hands, Feet and Heart’. We have been finding the rhythm and and playing clapping games. In Science, we were identifying different object materials but also, identifying why they make good materials for that specific item. The children’s cricket skills are also improving with our weekly lesson with Paul.

Thank you so much to the parents that were able to join us for Book & a Biscuit, the children LOVED having you here!

6.9.21 – Our first full week

The children have really enjoyed having Gabby Gecko as our class pet, we’ve learnt lots of facts and we are all making sure we take good care of her. The children have had a chance to hold and stroke her. This week in Maths we have started to look at place value, seeing how many hundreds, tens and ones are in numbers and how to represent them with a range of different manipulatives. In Literacy, we have been learning our text map ‘Little Charlie and the light house keeper’s lunch’. Out aim of this Literacy topic, is to write our own journey stories. In Art this week we created our own flag collages of the UK countries.


Our first couple of days in Year 2..

Welcome back parents! We started off the year with a nice relaxed start, discussing what we were excited for and how we want to work to our goals. We also started our ‘Exploring the UK’ topic off with a WOW morning, taste testing soda bread, scones, welsh cakes and short bread. We then had a quiz of where we think they had originated from and if we liked them or not! We created our own lighthouse collages, linking to our Literacy topic ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’, keep your eyes peeled for our story map that we will be sending home.

Year 2 will now be having cricket on Friday afternoons, and they loved this! I would also like to introduce you to our Year 2 council – Imogen & Caiden! Well done, we did a fair class vote and the class feel that both of the children will support the school with their ideas!

First weeks spellings: Spelling tests will now be on Fridays. The first test is Friday 10th September

Year 2 WC 6.9.21 Spellings