WELCOME to Year 3 2022-23

Attached are a variety of documents that will enable you to navigate your way through Year 3 a little easier.  As always, if you have any questions, please speak to any of the class team in the playground before or after school, or if it will require a significant amount of time, please make an appointment with the school office.

Mrs Reeve and Miss Noble.

Meet the Teacher Presentation: Please join us for a Teams Meeting: Meet the Teacher event on 5th September at 5pm. Details to login will be sent via email.

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Autumn 2 Curriculum News – Year 3

Spring 1 newsletter




Homework Grids


Exploring Europe topic homework grid

homework grid – Ancient Egyptians


Homework Grid Anglo Saxons

Homework grid – Aztecs

Year 3 Objectives

Maths objectives

Writing and reading objectives


Year 3 4 Word list – as directed from the government, these are words children should be able to read, spell and use confidently by the end of Year 4.


Handwriting skills in Year 3 are taught regularly and systematically through the use of the PENPALS Handwriting scheme (Cambridge University Press).

Five stages are identified and these form the basic organisation of the scheme:

 1.Readiness for writing: gross and fine motor skills leading to letter formation(Pre-school and Reception)

 2.Beginning to join (Upper KS1)

 3.Securing joins (Lower KS2)

4.Practising speed and fluency (KS2)

 5.Presentation skills (KS2)


A Stitch in Time

And just like that term 5 is over! We’ve crammed a lot into our first Summer term. This week we looked at the Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry, and started to try our own stitch work. It took a lot of patience and perseverance, but we got there in the end. We also moved on to looking at money in Maths, which the class had a very good grasp of; perhaps we have some budding entrepreneurs of the future!

Spellings for after Half Term: /s/ sound using sc: science, scene, discipline, fascinate, crescent, scissors, ascend, scented, scenery, descend.


What’s in a name?

This week we explored the origin of Anglo-Saxon place names and had great fun investigating Ordnance Survey maps in the process. In Talk For Writing, we have moved on to a short unit of poetry. We focussed on mass, weight and capacity in Maths – which is ideal for exploring at home too. On Tuesday, we were treated to Mr Evans teaching us Dodgeball and some PSHE Friendship.

This week’s spellings: /g/ sound using ‘gue’ and /k/ sound using ‘que’: vague, league, plague, tongue, fatigue, antique, unique, grotesque, mosque, plaque.


Little Birds

We have had great fun this week in music, focusing on the genre of reggae. The song we are learning is Three Little Birds by Bob Marley – we loved it! We noticed how we felt when we sang it all together; it was really uplifting. In Maths, we moved onto to Mass and Weight, so be prepared for the children to be asking to weigh and bake things at home. In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to combine home learning and fun at the same time. In our Talk for Writing, we wrote our Warm Write and are preparing to write our own versions of the non-fiction text. We learnt how Anglo-Saxons wrote and all about the king who burnt the cakes/bread…do you know who it was?

This week’s spellings: /k/ sound using ‘ch’ – scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, character, stomach, monarch, school, anchor, chaos.


Coronation Ready

In this shortened week we have still been very busy. In Maths, we have ordered and added fractions, while in Literacy, we have began to plan our Warm Writes. We went back in time again with the Anglo-Saxons and explored how life was for them – we couldn’t believe that children drank ale! The forces were in action in our Science lessons, when we started to explore the forces around us.

Next week’s spellings due to Bank Holidays and Coronation celebrations: /k/ sound using ‘ch’ – scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, character, stomach, monarch, school, anchor, chaos.




Feel the Force

This week we discovered which countries the Anglo-Saxons came from and the different kingdoms they created. We considered how they invaded, but also settled. In Maths, we began to compare and order fractions, which will then lead us to adding and subtracting. Forces were in action, when we started to explore our new Science topic of…Forces! We also had a special surprise when Maddie and her owner, Joanna, visited our class for the afternoon – we loved reading to them both.

This week’s spellings: words ending in ‘er’ when the root word ends in (t)ch: teacher, catcher, richer, stretcher, watcher, dispatcher, butcher, preacher, cruncher, scorcher.


Saxon Invasion

The new term has started with a new arrival, Miss Noble is back at Cogenhoe. She will be teaching the class on Thursdays and Fridays until the end of the year. We started the term, by looking at our new Topic of Anglo-Saxons, and learned about some of the treasures which have been found. Mrs Reeve explained that a hoard of treasure was found in her home county of Staffordshire, which led us to make brooches as our treasure. We have a tennis coach every other week, so this week we focussed on volleys – we all loved that! In French, we were introduced to a new game and how we could ask for something in french. The children loved the new game, visit: https://www.bbc.co.uk/games/embed/dash-and-blink-french

We are really trying to improve our Timestable Rockstar statuses, by visiting Studio and playing. Be prepared for the children wanting to use the app more. Their passwords are at the start of their red reading diaries.

This week’s spellings: Challenge words – address, arrive, certain, experience, history, mention, occasionally, probably, reign, sentence.


Green Fingers!

As Term 4 draws to a close, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on our learning so far. We have had great fun this week preparing our school garden for the summer terms by tidying and planting our broad beans, that we grew as a part of our Talk 4 Writing unit: Jack and the Beanstalk. We were very lucky to have an older pupil of the school come to talk to us about the Muslim period of Ramadan. She talked to the class about why she is fasting and showed the class one of the prayers which is said at different points of the day. It was a truly wonderful experience for us all. We continued our work on fractions, by looking at numberlines and fractions with different denominators.

Spellings for the first week back: adding the suffix ly which do not follow the rules: truly, duly, publicly, daily, slyly, shyly, fully, wholly, coyly, happily.

Have a wonderful Spring/Easter break, and we look forward to welcoming Miss Noble back on Thursdays and Fridays.

Many thanks must go to the fabulous Mrs Nairn – she has been a real gem and is precious to us all. We know she will be only across the hall from us if we ever need her.


Cogenhoe Tourist Information

If you didn’t already know, Cogenhoe has a new business which arrived this week! We researched a country of our choice using National Geographic Kids, we then devised a leaflet using key headings; all of which linked to tourism and our International Trade topic. The finished leaflets look amazing and have shown the children’s persuasive skills. In Maths, we moved onto fractions and began to look at tenths and decimals. In our Science lessons, with the help of our resident skeleton, Skully, we looked at different types of skeletons in the animal world.

This week’s spellings: adding the suffix ly which do not follow the rules: truly, duly, publicly, daily, slyly, shyly, fully, wholly, coyly, happily.


Funny Bones

As part of Science Week, we had students from Wollaston Secondary School in to complete activities linked to the senses, which was great fun, but also informative. In addition to this, we used a lightbox to view different xrays – which linked perfectly to our current science theme of the human body. In Literacy, we completed our Warm Write linked to Jack and the Beanstalk and started to think of our own stories.

This week’s spellings, using the suffix ally when some words end in ic: basically, frantically, dramatically, historically, nationally, emotionally, accidentally, automatically, traditionally, specifically.


How to make things a fair world

Linked to Faitrade Fortnight and our current topic of International Trade, we have explored the importance and need for fair trade across the world. We created posters to advertise Fairtrade and completed reading and research retrieval activities. In our Literacy lessons, we have imitated the classic Jack and the Beanstalk, to Sonic and the Giant Mushrooms. Maths has been all about measuring and calculating perimeters, before we move onto fractions. In our Computing lesson we have developed our own storyboards linked to stop-frame animation. and PSHE we have discussed the value of courtesy and how we can show it. In our Book Talk sessions we used he Jungle Book’s Bare Necessities as our stimulus – we even had a sing a long and a dance to it!

Year 3 will be in school as normal next Thursday, which includes still going on their swimming lessons.

This week’s spellings, using the suffix ly to words that end in le, which change to ly: gently, simply, humbly, nobly, durably, terribly, incredibly, responsibly, wrinkly, possibly.


Lost in Books

We know that every week is a busy week in school, but this week was extremely busy. As well as the normal lessons, we celebrated our Taskmaster victory by having a ‘Dress to Express’ Day; we also had World Book Day and St David’s Day. In Computing, we continued to explore stop-frame animation and our understanding of length in Maths has been wonderful. In our Topic lessons will explored the positives and negatives of International Trade – the class displayed understanding beyond their years in our whole class discussion. Our Book Talk sessions have been lyrical as we enjoyed focussing on the music from Moana! In PE we tested our limits by completing circuit training and looked a figurative language in our Literacy lessons.

Apologies for the lack of photos, as they are not downloading or uploading correctly at the moment.

This week’s spellings, using the /l/ sound – le at the end of words: battle, article, struggle, possible, capable, settle, humble, terrible, example, adjustable.


Flipping out!

We couldn’t let this week go by without looking at why we have Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday – we celebrated by having a pancake race, and obviously ate the pancakes too! Looking at more food miles, in Topic we explored where our fresh fruit and vegetables come from. In Computing, we began our new unit of stop-frame animation and created out own flipbooks. We began our swimming lessons this week, and returned to school to receive a visit from a local artist. To celebrate the success of making it onto the Taskmaster’s Wall of Fame, we will be having a Dress to Express Day on Monday 27th February.

This week’s spellings: /l/ sound spelt al at the end of words: arrival, burial, comical, emotional, national, magical, personal, optional, survival, tropical.



Tasking, by the order of the Taskmaster!

To coincide with Children’s Mental Health Week, Year 3 have been completing task set by the little Taskmaster, Alex Horne with the help of the children’s charity Place 2 Be. We have had great fun creating rainbows, outside games, self portraits and more – we have even made the Wall of Fame more than once! The purpose has been to explore our feelings and emotions, as well as promoting wellbeing. We will be carrying this on throughout the year. We also used our Book Talk sessions to explore online safety linked to Safer Internet Day. In Literacy, we linked our Plant topic, by retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and even planted our own beans – I am not sure how magical they are! In Topic, we studied what the Egyptians have done for us, by looking at their inventions and putting them in order of importance, and then sketch scarab beetles in our Art lesson. So much packed into one week!

We begin swimming lessons on Thursday 23rd February – a letter has been sent out via Edulink with all of the details. If you have any queries, please speak to Mrs Reeve or Mrs Nairn.

This week’s (for after Half Term) spellings: Challenge words – build, imagine, describe, library, natural, ordinary, promise, recent, suppose, weight.


This week’s spellings: homophones words which are pronounced the same, but have different meanings or spellings: grate, great, grown, groan, main, mane, meat. meet, missed, mist.


The Artful Dodgers!

Year 3 had two fun packed lessons of Dodgeball this week, which displayed their skills of throwing, catching, and obviously dodging! In Topic, we began to learn about the importance of the Egyptian gods and their links to the canopic jars, which Year 3 will be making next week. Mrs Reeve was lucky enough to visit the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford with her family – free entry (donations are accepted). They have a wonderful collection of artifacts which were amazing to  see:  https://www.ashmolean.org/ancient-egypt-and-sudan

In Maths, we developed our understanding of division by exploring remainders. It was time for our Hot Write, which saw us write our own cautionary tales…I wonder if any lessons we learnt. Our Science investigation was completed linked to root systems, and we discovered that not all investigations go to plan and we discussed how things could have been changed. At the end of the day we have watched the live multi-view BBC Winterwatch cameras, to see animals such as a Barn Owl in their natural habitat – it has been a part of the week we have all enjoyed.

The children are aware of my short absence from next Tuesday, but they will be in the wonderful hands of Mrs Nairn.

This week’s spellings: using the suffix ly to an adjective to turn it into an adverb: calmly, exactly, bravely, boldly, gladly, deeply, clearly, hourly, quickly.


Discovering a Pharaoh’s Treasures

From learning about the amazing life of the first female pharaoh, Hatshepsut, this week we moved onto the boy king, Tutankhamun. The class explored the archeological finds which Howard Carter discovered over a 100 years ago. They then decided what their treasures would be and why. In Literacy, we have had so much fun writing our Warm Write, which involved the main characters of Mr Evans and Mr Perry – I am sure you will have heard all about it! Two scientific investigations are underway currently, exploring the statement that you need to plant a seed to grow a new plant; also how the root system of a plant works…results are to follow! In Maths, we are continuing with division and multiplication. We used the work of Charlie Mackesy  to inspire us to write our our motivational quotes linked to The Boy, the Mole. the Fox and the Horse, and our school values. Check out our school’s social media to see some examples.

This week’s spellings: long /a/ vowel sound using ey: obey, prey, convey, survey, conveyor, surveyor, they, disobey, grey, osprey.



Cracking the code

This week has been action-packed! We explored the positions in Netball and began by improved our throwing and catching skills. In Literacy, we looked at how adjectives can be changed by adding the suffixes er and est to make comparative and superlative adjectives. In Maths, we were also comparing by looking at different division and multiplication sentences. Our Topic lessons were very exciting: we studied the structure of the Egyptian Social Pyramid, the Pharaoh Hatshepsut, decoded hieroglyphs and walked like Egyptians! Science lessons were focussed on identifying the parts of a plant.

This week’s spelling rule: long /a/ vowel sound spelled ‘ei’: vein, weigh, eight, neighbour, sleigh, sleigh, reign, freight, reins, veil, eighteen.



Walk like an Egyptian!

We kickstarted the New Year, by getting straight to work on our new Talk For Writing unit, which involves cautionary tales. We explored the new model text, Grolt, and looked at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Emperor’s New Clothes, as well as Aesop’s Fables. In Maths, we continued with multiplication and division, focussing on multiples of 8, before moving on to multiplying by 2 digit numbers. We were very excited to start our new topic of Ancient Egypt, which involved our WOW starter of creating class mummies! We were environmentally and financially friendly by repurposing the tissues! In Science, things are getting ready to bloom, as we have moved onto the topic of plants. We celebrated Argentina’s World Cup win by congratulating Cezar.

Bikeability started on Friday, with children needing to remember: bikes, helmets, waterproof coat and suitable outdoor clothing.

Spellings for the coming week: long vowel /a/ sound spelled ai: straight, painter, fainted, waist, strainer, chained, claimed, failure, snail and waiter.

Thank you to everyone for their cards, gifts and wishes – we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and we can’t wait to continue our year with the class.

Mrs R and Mrs N x


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It may have been extremely chilly outside, but we’ve been so busy, there’s been no chance to be cold! We had a fabulous time at the Panto, Aladdin, and had such fun at our Christmas Party. We’ve also been working hard, by looking at multiplication and division of 4s and 8s. We wrote our final wintry poem and completed our end of Topic tasks too. In preparation for next term, we created some work for display…which was quite tricky, but we showed determination and resilience to be able to complete it.

There are no spellings the first week back, but they will be these for the first full week back: long vowel /a/ sound spelled ai: straight, painter, fainted, waist, strainer, chained, claimed, failure, snail and waiter.

Thank you to all the children for their continued hard work over the past two terms, and to all the grown-ups for their help and support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Mrs Reeve and Mrs Nairn x


Crafts and carols

What a wonderful wintry week we’ve had! We have continued to explore wintry poems and techniques by looking at similes and personification. In Maths, we have focused on equal groups, division and multiplication. We cannot forget our fabulous Carol Service – the children were incredible and have thoroughly enjoyed singing the past few weeks. They have also loved our Class Book – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which we completed this week. They were all treated to a piece of Edmund’s Turkish Delight! In our Topic lessons, they completed their European country factfile and shared their interesting facts. We were then treated to a lesson in Romanian, thanks to Eric and Cezar. In preparation for our Christmas Fair, we made lots of decorations too.

This week’s spellings Challenge Words: centre, decide, disappear, early, heart, learn, minute, notice, regular, therefore.

After Christmas, we will be making canopic jars, and will need either glass or plastic jars, please.



Christmas Countdown

In RE, the children have continued to learn about Christianity, which is intrinsically linked to the upcoming celebrati0ns. We have also been practising our hymns ready for our Carol Service next week. In our Talk for Writing, we have been developing our understanding of poetry by focusing on wintry poems. Our Maths lessons, have continued to expand our knowledge of division and multiplication, which has been greatly aided by the children’s use of TimesTable Rockstars. Our ICT and Geography lessons have combined, by use navigating and researching a European country of our choice to write a factfile about.

This week’s spellings linked to adding suffixes: forgetting, forgotten, beginning, preferred, permitted, regretting, committed, forbidden, propelled, equipped.

Request: we will be making different items during our Christmas Craft lessons; therefore we are looking for donations of white socks and buttons, please.

After Christmas, we will be making canopic jars, and will need either glass or plastic jars, please.

There’s lots going on at the moment in school, so please check your emails and the school newsletter – Thank you, Mrs R x


Football Fever

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of photos, as I am currently experiencing difficulties in uploading them. Secondly, for the delaying in updating the page, as it has wiped off two times already…third time lucky!

It was lovely to share the experience of watching the England game together, but it also sparked a debate about men and women playing football, which lead wonderfully to the completion of our Argument text writing in Literacy. As it has been Assessment Week, many of our lessons have been linked to this. However, we used atlases and Google Earth to locate the different rivers in Europe. In Science, even though the weather has been atrocious, we looked at how ultraviolet light can be harmful to us – we then designed sunglasses to protect us.

There are no additional spellings this week, as the quiz will be on Friday.

If your child would like to learn even more about Europe, please visit: https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/earth/continents/europe/?scrlybrkr=3464acdd

Request: we will be making different items during our Christmas Craft lessons; therefore we are looking for donations of white socks and buttons, please.

After Christmas, we will be making canopic jars, and will need either glass or plastic jars, please.

Many thanks for helping to promote our children’s creativity.

Mrs R x



An Odd Week

The week began with lots of excitement, as we welcomed Children In Need’s Pudsey Bear when he stopped off en route to walking to Northampton to raise money for this year’s appeal. As you can imagine, we were very happy to show him our teddies and odd socks. We focused on reaching out for help if we are feeling sad, lonely, or if someone has been unkind to us. We also discussed that we can all be bystanders, if with stand by and watch things happen, rather than seeking help. It’s now the children’s time to develop their own balanced argument – it’s going to be interesting to see what they choose! In Topic, we explored the different populations in Europe and started to navigate the National Geographic website, so that the children can create their own factfile on a European country. If they would like to do some exploring at home, please visit: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/geography/countries

We lolled at different artists, who used human and physical geography as their inspiration, and concentrated on the work of Lowry. We imitated one of his famous pieces.

This week’s spellings: adding suffixes (onto verbs and nouns) gardening, gardener, limited, limiting, developing, developed, listening, listened, covered, covering.



A time to Remember

We have focused on poetry this week, and wrote poems linked to Remembrance, with the children showing very thoughtful ideas. In Maths, we secured our understanding of using different strategies for addition and began to explore subtraction. In our Topic lessons, we learnt more about the different countries in Europe and used our Computing skills to investigate and navigate the Digimap website. In PE, we have continued to choreograph a flamenco dance! We also completed some Pointillism artwork for the Nene Valley Partnership.

This week’s spellings: the prefix ‘mis’ which has a negative meaning: misbehave, mislead, misspell, mistake, misplace, mis read, mistrust, misunderstanding, misuse, mislaid.


Hej, hej to Autumn 2 Term

We began the week by saying hello in Danish – our new topic is Europe, so each day we will learn a different way to say hello in a European language. To begin the theme, we made our own passports and explored Europe by looking at Digimaps and atlases. In Science, we started to investigate light – its processes and uses. We had a fabulous time debating the subjects in Literacy, especially the question: Should chocolate and sweets be banned at Halloween? As you can imagine, we had some wonderful points for and against. Obviously, we cannot ignore the fact that the children had a wonderful time at our Halloween events too.

I showed the children a maths game on BBC Bitesize, which they are eager to have a try at home: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zd2f7nb/articles/zn2y7nb

This week’s spellings are: the prefix dis which has a negative meaning: disappoint, disagree, disobey, disable, dislike, dislocate, disappear, disadvantage, disapprove, dislodge.

Mrs R x



The building blocks of time

To end our wonderful Stone Age topic unit, we revisited our learning and realised just how much we have learnt. As our Fabulous Finish, we worked in teams to recreate the iconic Stonehenge, but using Bourbon biscuits…which we then ate!! A bit different to the Bluestones used to build Stonehenge – the biscuits came from a local supermarket, rather than the Welsh hills! In Science, we completed our unit on Rocks and Soils, with Mrs Reeve setting us a challenge over Half Term – linked to our History and Science theme, use Minecraft to create a structure using as many rocks, minerals and gems as you can, or a Stone/Bronze Age home. In Literacy, we continued to explore argument texts and Maths saw us continue with our calculation strategies.

If your child would like to explore Stonehenge more, try visiting this website, which we used in class: https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/stonehenge/history-and-stories/stonehenge360/

Spellings for after Half Term: words using the prefix ‘re’ – meaning again or back: redo, refresh, return, reappear, redecorate, revenge, review, replay, reaction, rebound.



Harvest Time

We had a wonderful afternoon of art, when we looked at the beautiful colours and patterns on gourds. We completed observational watercolours of the gourds, with some super results. In our Topic lessons, we looked at the changes which occurred as the Bronze Age era began and why it happened. Our Maths has still focused on subtraction and addition strategies to help choose the best ways to solve calculations and problems. In our Talk for Writing, we completed our journey story and began our new unit of work, which is based upon argument texts. We completed a little drama activity, so if your child has come home mentioning that crisps have been banned from school, don’t worry, it was just us exploring ideas for and against the ban. We discussed and explored our feelings and emotions in PSHE.

This week there will be no spelling quiz, but we will be completing speed spellings based upon our Year 3 and 4 words instead.

Mrs Rx


Football Fever

This week saw some of our Year 3 boys compete in an Inter Schools Football tournament and they came 2nd! Well done to all involved. The football fever continued in class, as the girls also wanted to get in on the action, so they arranged to play football with the Year 4 girls at breaktime. The boys were magnificent supporters too. A super achievement and thanks goes to Mrs Short and the parents who came along to support.

We held our first scientific investigation this year, by looking at different soil types and how they drain. We made predictions as to which would be the most effective soil, and we discussed the impact of paving too much in gardens and driveways. In Maths, we consolidated our place value and moved onto addition and subtraction strategies. We are completing our Hot Write in Lietracy, creating our own stories, with the emphasis on new speaker, new line. In Topic, we finished our beads, by painting them in metallic colours and completed a comprehension task on the Stone Age. Focussing on Diwali in RE, with children discussing and exploring its importance in the Hindu faith.

This week’s spellings are challenge words: actual, answer, bicycle, circle, earth, enough, fruit, island, often, popular.

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards our Harvest Food Bank collection.

Mrs R



Logged On

This week, the children have written their journey story based upon ‘The Banana that Spoke’; next week they will innovate their story to include their own characters and scenarios. In Maths, we focussed on multiples, and how they can help use, like number bonds, with our understanding of addition and subtraction. We stepped back in time in our Science lessons, by looking at the amazing work of Mary Anning; the children found this fascinating. Our ICT lesson, was a time for the children to use their new logins and then navigate to Times Table Rockstars, which they loved doing. To help further with their timestables, we used the app/webpage Hit the Button – they loved this, so why not give it a try at home? https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

In our Topic lessons, the children made their own versions of Stone Age jewellery, which they will go onto decorate next week.

Reminder: We have an Accelerated Reader event on Monday 3rd October at the end of school. Come along and see your child Star Test and learn more about what it is all about.

This week’s spellings: words with endings that sound like /ch/ but spelt – ‘ture’ (unless the root word ends in (t)ch): creature, furniture, picture, nature, adventure, capture, future, sculpture, fracture, mixture.

Mrs R


Down to Earth

Another week of delving into the past, with the children looking at how people through the Stone Age created art. They sketched  animals and used chalks and pastels to create the stone-like background. In Science, they explored how fossils are formed, as part of our Rocks and Soils unit of work. We looked at different sentence types and started to imitate ‘The Papaya that spoke’, with a talking banana…who knew fruit could talk? We discussed recent events in PSHE and learnt the new National Anthem, which linked to the children’s previous learning in Year 2. They have also continued to learn about the Hindu faith in RE and are thoroughly enjoying their French lessons – tres bien!

Children have started to bring in the most wonderful homework, and it has been lovely for them to share it with the class. In addition to this, they are all enjoying going on Timestable Rockstars…soon it will be Accelerated Reader. Remember we have a special reading event after school on Monday 3rd October.

We currently have lots of jumpers and cardigans still with no names in, please make us aware if you are missing one or check that you have the correct clothing. Thank you.

This week’s spellings: words with endings that sound like /ze/ as in measure are always spelled with ‘sure’: measure, treasure, pleasure, enclosure, displeasure, composure, leisure, exposure, closure, disclosure.

Mrs R


Thousands of years and numbers

This week we having been focussing on thousands by looking at numbers and years. In History, we looked at how the Stone Age people built their homes and leading on from that, we looked at the location of Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands, which was a Stone Age settlement. In our Maths lessons, we investigated number, by looking at numbers to a thousand and where we would place them on a numberline. As we move through our Talk for Writing unit, we explored word classes and the use of dialogue. Our archery lessons are proving to be a hit! Science this week, focussed on how our homes use different rocks and we made comparisons to the Stone Age. It was so wonderful to see so many people in our Book and Biscuit – reading with our children helps and encourages them so much, and they really do love to share their reading skills.

This week’s spellings: /i/ sound spelled with a ‘y’: gym, myth, Egypt, pyramid, mystery, symbol, synonym, lyrics, system, gymnastics.

Please remember to label all clothes, as we currently have many jumpers and cardigans without names in – many thanks in advance.

Mrs R


Stepping Back In Time

What a fabulous first full week we have had! So much learning and fun was had throughout the week. We began the week by having a visit from some quite peculiar fruit, which actually spoke! The children had lots of fun exploring our new model text, ‘The Papaya That Spoke.’ In Maths, we began investigating ones, tens and hundreds and completed a fun dice game in the process. We had lots of taster sessions for clubs and had our first archery lesson in PE. In our Topic lessons, we stepped back in time, by looking at a timeline and seeing how far back the Stone Age was…we realised that Mrs Reeve was definitely not born in the Stone Age! We discussed our new value of Courage, and children showed great courage when they spoke about being in the School Council. We are pleased to announced that Lewis and Anna are our new School Councillors.

The weekly spelling quiz will be completed on Fridays. Next week’s spellings: /u/ sound spelled ‘ou’: touch, double, country, trouble, young, cousin, enough, encourage, flourish, couple.

The children we interested in our Online Safety lessons and I reminded then of Google’s Internet Legends Game, which helps children to learn about staying safe online. Here is the link:https://beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com/en_uk/interland

Mrs R