Welcome to Year 3!

Attached are a variety of documents that will enable you to navigate your way through Year 3 a little easier.  As always, if you have any questions, please speak to any of the class team in the playground before or after school, or if it will require a significant amount of time, please make an appointment with the school office.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September and having the pleasure of teaching this class again!

(Let’s hope the children feel the same way!)

Miss Noble, Mrs Nairn and Mrs Minney. 


Autumn Timetable


Spring 1 newsletter

Homework Grids

Egyptian topic homework grid

Newspaper – Egyptian Tomb

Year group objectives

Maths objectives

Writing and reading objectives


Year 3 4 Word list – as directed from the government, these are words children should be able to read, spell and use confidently by the end of Year 4.

Spelling Spring Term 1

Meet the team

Meet the teachers Year 3 

Far from January blues! 

Welcome back, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year with your families and enjoyed some quality time altogether after the last few years of COVID madness. Firstly, a huge thank you from Mrs Nairn and I for gifts at Christmas time, we’re always blown away by the generosity you show. We are truly thankful.

The children have returned energised and ready to go! We have had no easing back in in Year 3. We have been incredibly busy doing all kinds of activities. Firstly, the children have been enjoying starting their weekly Strictly dance lessons. So far, we have learned a warm up, the waltz and the jive. Mrs Nairn and I have tried to keep up but even watching them is proving tiring. The children have been fabulous in learning the steps and also showing incredible listening skills in order to stay in time with their dancer partner. It’s been incredible and a few very lucky children will be chosen to perform on stage at the competition in March! Go team Cogenhoe.

We have also dug right into our new topic ‘Ancient Egypt’, the children were split by the thought of mummifying a body, some were engrossed in the process where others felt slightly queasy. We wrote instructions on how to mummify a body, so they are now experts. Also, as a wow moment we decided to do a science investigation and predictions on mummifying tomatoes. We had great fun, they’ll be left for 50 days and we will look at the results after!


Speaking of investigations, we’ve also been amazing scientists. Mrs Short will now be teaching the children every other week in replace of Mrs Lymn. We launched into our topic ‘plants’, so far we looked at the different parts of a plant and their roles and now we have just started an investigation into what plants need to grow. We have planted various seeds with a selection of variables, some have no water, others no soil, no light or no heat. The children have loved it and they’re looking at their results this week! Exciting!


Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year to you all. We worked so hard over the last full term, the children definitely loved having some time to just enjoy the festivities. We were so incredibly lucky with the climate of things that we got to experience the pantomime at the Derngate. This year it was Dick Whittington and watching the children’s faces was so magical after a very rough and uncertain few years. Also, despite COVID, Santa still managed to make his way to Cogenhoe (socially distanced of course) and hand out some class presents. The children also played lots of Christmas games winning many edible prizes – just what they need, more chocolate! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas whatever that looked like and we cannot wait to see you all again in 2022.


Wow, has it been a busy start to the new term! We have been working so incredible hard over the last few weeks. We kicked off our exploring Europe topic with a wow day, making food from around the world. We made pizzas to celebrate Italy, croissants to celebrate France and mizeria to celebrate Poland. The children had a great time making these whilst leaning key life skills! I hope you enjoyed tasting them at home, I got a very mixed reaction about the mizeria and still have some children not talking to me! Oops! They have also been very fortunate to have a fabulous finish of their Diwali unit in R.E. and accessed an online workshop which taught us a wonderful dance to tell the story of Rama and Sita. The children were sensational actors and really impressed Jacqueline. We also made some fabulous poetry and poppy art for Remembrance Day and entered them into a poetry competition across the school! They were incredible. We have also made gingerbread men and written recipes about which ingredients we would put in to make ourselves, it was so lovely that lots of our children added in confidence and kindness! What a positive way to see yourselves. 🌟☺️ We have also had kurling lessons with Mr Roberts from Wollaston, a dodgeball and football taster. However, no photos as I think Miss Noble was having too much fun, never mind the children! ⚽️


Can you believe we are almost at the end of the first term?

We certainly can’t, although the children must be tired as they have been working so incredibly hard!
The children have really enjoyed our topic of ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ and have been fascinated by how people in the past lived (no electricity, book or gaming create a huge gasp!).

In Literacy, Miss Noble’s group have been writing their hot writes this week of a journey story. This means ensuring they have all of the correct tools to ensure their dialogue is punctuated properly. They have been absolutely incredible at learning these. We’ve had some funny pictures of children’s speech bubbles, acting out speech verbs and also using macaroni as inverted commas. They were slightly disappointed they couldn’t then cook it and eat it afterwards.

Mrs Nairn’s literacy group have been writing their own magical potions and also wanted posters using powerful adjectives and adverbs to create their wonderful pieces. I have to admit their handwriting is the best I have ever seen across all year groups! (Sorry upper ks2!) 📝

We are really fortunate at Cogenhoe that many outside agencies come in to deliver their specialist subjects and skills. The children are really enjoying the cricket and have loved showing their sporty, competitive side. As well as this, we have Vicky from NMPAT who has been teaching our class ukulele and is doing a 10 week programme. The children have truly cherished every moment and thank you so much for the positive feedback from parents about their children singing the songs at home and being allowed to bring in their own ukuleles from home. 🎼

We have also been learning the sport of archery in our P.E lessons. We have been doing target games, accuracy practise and also ‘hunting’ wild animals to link with our Stone Age topic. I would take some photos, but if I stand still too long, the children take no prisoners and as their aim and accuracy is improving, so are my odds of being struck! 🏹


First full week back

Wow! We have been super busy settling into year 3. The children have blown us away with their manners, intelligence, humour and resilience. For just one week back we have fit in an awful lot!

Year 3 have enjoyed their new science topic and have began to investigate rocks. They got to hold, touch and experiment with different rocks in order to group them into properties. Some grouped the, based on their size, some on the colour and some grouped them based on if they could make a mark or not! They really enjoyed having the independence to choose how to tackle this.

We are also really lucky to have an outside provider come in to teach the children cricket! They have learnt batting and catching so far and are looking at bowling in the weeks to come. I already knew they were a sporty, competitive class but their manners and listening skills shine even brighter.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have also started looking at our new topic Stone Age to Iron Age. The children got to investigate replica artefacts from the Stone Age, they had to look at them, guess what they were and discussed why they looked different to items we may have in our current era.

I can’t wait to get into it even more with this inquisitive bunch!
We also had the pleasure of reading with the Year 6s in the fresh air now the bubbles are gone!