Welcome to Year 3!

Attached are a variety of documents that will enable you to navigate your way through Year 3 a little easier.  As always, if you have any questions, please speak to any of the class team in the playground before or after school, or if it will require a significant amount of time, please make an appointment with the school office.

Looking forward to seeing you all in September and having the pleasure of teaching this class again!

(Let’s hope the children feel the same way!)

Miss Noble, Mrs Nairn and Mrs Minney. 


Autumn Timetable

Timetable – P.E



Homework Grids

Stone Age topic homework grid

Year group objectives

Maths objectives

Writing and reading objectives


Year 3 4 Word list – as directed from the government, these are words children should be able to read, spell and use confidently by the end of Year 4.

Autumn Term 1 spellings

Meet the team

Meet the teachers Year 3 


First full week back

Wow! We have been super busy settling into year 3. The children have blown us away with their manners, intelligence, humour and resilience. For just one week back we have fit in an awful lot!

Year 3 have enjoyed their new science topic and have began to investigate rocks. They got to hold, touch and experiment with different rocks in order to group them into properties. Some grouped the, based on their size, some on the colour and some grouped them based on if they could make a mark or not! They really enjoyed having the independence to choose how to tackle this.

We are also really lucky to have an outside provider come in to teach the children cricket! They have learnt batting and catching so far and are looking at bowling in the weeks to come. I already knew they were a sporty, competitive class but their manners and listening skills shine even brighter.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have also started looking at our new topic Stone Age to Iron Age. The children got to investigate replica artefacts from the Stone Age, they had to look at them, guess what they were and discussed why they looked different to items we may have in our current era.

I can’t wait to get into it even more with this inquisitive bunch!
We also had the pleasure of reading with the Year 6s in the fresh air now the bubbles are gone!