All letters, spellings, ‘Meet the Teacher’, homework grids and termly curriculum outlines can be found on the Year 6 correspondence area of the this website. All communication and letters will be uploaded to that section of the website for your ease and so that this page is kept as a celebration of the children’s work. 

Hear Comes the Sun…

Last term saw us undertake an incredible amount of work.

In Science, the children conducted an experiment about mould using white bread. The children rubbed the bread on different surfaces and with different liquids. The children will see what mould grows on the bread and how clean our classroom is.

In Maths, we looked in detail at algebra and finding the value of the unknown symbols. Also, the children looked at using formulae to solve problems such as area of rectangles and triangles.

For topic, we have studied 4 biomes and compared tropical rainforests to temperate forests. In addition, we looked at building layers of colour using watercolours through a desert scene.

To kick off our new topic, the children played true or false with some facts about the Victorians. They then had to research to see if there were correct. Well done to William L’s group who discovered that the Victorians developed toilet paper in the way we understand it today.



Tudor topic and more

As you can see from the pictures, we have had a very busy start to the term.

In Topic lessons, we have made Tudor Love Knots – a traditional Tudor recipe for biscuits. The children added all of the ingredients, kneaded the dough and then folded the dough to make the knot shape.

Also in our Tudor lessons, we have studied Guiseppe Arcimboldo and how he used shapes and real life objects to create portraits. The children had their own attempt. Faith’s was particularly impressive, using McDonalds as her theme.

Finally, last week we studied sources of evidence in history. Concentrating on what the evidence tells but also what it doesn’t tells. In addition, we also evaluated the reliability of the source after making a hypothesis about Henry VIII.

End of a Busy Term

The final couple of weeks leading up to the Christmas break was busy to say the least. The class all took part in a Christmas craft morning where they made origami decorations of a tree and star (cutting and folding skills need to be polished). On Monday afternoon the children held an assembly to mark the end of their journey through the DARE 25 programme. The children tackled some hard hitting issues in preparation for later life. For the assembly the children learnt a rap/poem about the things they have learnt and several children shared their end-of-project reports – these were amazing and showed clearly what each child had learnt.

On Tuesday we ha our class parties and Wednesday we all went to the Panto (oh no we didn’t). To finish the week, Santa to visit with some presents for the class. Below is a selection of photos from the week.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years. Rest up as the children have earned it.

Remember, Remember… and Remembrance

Since returning after half-term the children have been very busy with not only their curricular work but with work around key events at this time of year.

The children learnt about what the different coloured poppies represent during Remembrance (Red, White, Black and Purple if you would like to research it yourself). Below you can see a collection of circular books we created to record our findings and we have hung them in the classroom if you would like to see them. Also, around our door, we have created an archway of poppies which I think looks great facing the library.

In addition, to launch our North America topic, we had a guess the flag competition (with healthy treat choices for the winnings).


Art Day

For our whole-school art day, we studied the Water lilies by Monet. Children then produced their own versions thinking about tone and shade to represent the mood they wished to display. Here are some snaps from the day.


Spectacular September!

The children haven so busy in class for the last few weeks. DARE 25 is in full flow addressing some hard-hitting topics that children are discussing with such maturity and interest. Parents, there will hopefully (COVID dependent) be an assembly to show what the children have been learning about in the second part of Autumn term – keep you eyes peeled.

We are racing through our Maths really well and English is going great as well. In topic, the children have shown a great understanding of the Trade Routes of Early Islamic civilisations as well as the architecture and artistic styles of the time.

In PE the children have been learning the key skills of cricket in our weekly, Northamptonshire County Cricket Club led sessions.

Welcome to wonderful Week 1

What a start to the year for all of the children. Everyone has come back ready to learn and I am so impressed with he attitudes at the start of the year and how well they have started.

This week, we started our Place Value unit by comparing and ordering numbers into the millions. Following this successful start, we started to rounding any whole number to 10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000, or million. There has been some amazing reasoning and identification of mistakes.

In English, the children have started their explanation text ‘The Teacher Pleaser Machine’ which I think you will all agree is a must-have in all classes.

In Science, the children were exploring circuits in their electricity opening lesson and in Topic they were introduced to Early Islamic Civilizations – a topic much more interesting than the title would have you believe.