All letters, spellings, ‘Meet the Teacher’, homework grids and termly curriculum outlines can be found on the Year 6 correspondence area of this website. All communication and letters will be uploaded to that section of the website for your ease and so that this page is kept as a celebration of the children’s work. 


Start to the new Year

Welcome to the near year. So far the children have started their Tudor topic by looking how the Tudors came to power through the Battle of Bosworth in the War of the Roses. This week, the children analysed sources of evidence and then researched one of Henry VIII’s 6 wives and fed back to their group (pictures below). In Maths, we have completed our fractions topic and will moving onto Algebra and Ratio. In PE, the children have started looking at Health Related Fitness and the  impact of exercise on the body.


Final weeks before Christmas

In the finals days before Christmas, the children explored how shadows were made and how shadows can be altered when the light source angle changes. The children also showed great nibble fingers when cross-stitching their Christmas crafts.

Leave a Light on For Me

To complete our Diwali work, the class were very lucky to have a dance workshop. The children were put through their paces and choreographed a final dance.

In Science this week we investigated how light travels. The children had to line up the small punched holes to allow the small light dot on the back wall (see below). Then they moved one of the pieces of paper so the dot disappeared thus proving light travels in straight lines. A fun fact found by the class was that someone moving at the speed of light would circumnavigate the Earth 7 times in a second.

Finally, we have been building our websites from scratch in Computing. Children have been adding hyperlinks, sub-pages and navigation tools.

Busy, Busy, Busy (ABBA’s less well known song)

The first couple of weeks back have been jam-packed. To start with, we went on a guided tour of  Northampton Town Football Club’s stadium, Sixfields. We were taken around the stadium where we got to sit in the media area, home and away changing rooms and sat in the match-day dug outs. This further developed our links with the Northampton Town Football Club Trust and was a great insight to the behind-the-scenes activities of our local club. Roan was even ‘signed’ by the club.

In addition to this, we were treated to a Diwali lesson led by Amiya and Isla. They spoke very confidently about the festival and shared some first-hand experiences. Amiya also brought in some treats for the class and Isla a fascinating Rangoli art design. Well done to both.

Also, we have been working hard on our creating media Computing unit. The children have analysed what makes a good and bad website, looked at copyright law and fair use policies and have designed their own website in draft form. We are now starting to turn those draft designs into real websites using Google Sites. Top work by all.

Furthermore, last week, we spent some time studying our Democracy by celebrating Parliament Week. We took a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament, looked the debating chambers of the House of Commons and House of Lord and learnt what an MP is: how they are elected, what a constituency is and how being in opposition works.

Finally, as part of Cogenhoe goes wild, we were lucky to have a sustainability workshop from e-merge. It got the children thinking about energy usage and how we could reduce what we use in school. Also, the children learnt about renewable vs fossil fuel energy production how electricity is produced and gets into our homes and businesses.

Final week of term

On the final week of term, we were delighted to welcome Mr Singh into school. He conducted a whole-school assembly and then two workshops for Year 6 and Year 5. He talked about life as a Sikh and explained the key articles within the Sikh religion: Kesh, Kangha, Kara, Kirpan and Kachera. It was fascinating to listen to him speak with such passion about his religion. We were also very lucky that Mr Singh brought in a wealth of objects related to his life and childhood as a Sikh, many of which you can see in the pictures below.

Early Islamic Civilisation

As part of our History and RE topic, we have been looking at Islam and The Early Islamic Civilisation. This week we have written a very lengthy piece on the Trade Routes and their impact. We have also had a visitor in to discuss life as a Muslim and what following the Islamic faith is like. The children were were full of questions and learnt so much.

In addition, the children have researched what is democracy and where did it originate as well what it looks like in Britain as part of our British values. In science, the children have investigated what changes happen to a bulb or buzzer when you change the strength of the power source.

Week 2

We have had a great return to school; all children are working hard and we have made wonderful progress into the new learning.

In Maths we have looked at place value up to 10,000,000 and are beginning to look at negative numbers. In Science, we are making circuits and exploring what will happen when we add cells or add extra components. The pictures below show the children exploring this and beginning to represent the components with their correct symbols.