All letters, spellings, ‘Meet the Teacher’, homework grids and termly curriculum outlines can be found on the Year 6 correspondence area of this website. All communication and letters will be uploaded to that section of the website for your ease and so that this page is kept as a celebration of the children’s work. 

Week 10

Come (butter)fly with me, let’s (butter)fly, let’s (butter)fly away. This week we have been involved in a trust-wide art project. The theme was butterflies and all year groups from Pre-school to A-level students were tasked with creating a butterfly using skills from the year group and to show progression throughout the school. We used wire to shape and mould into our designs that we did before starting. Below you can see the process as well as the finished articles.



It was an honour for our school to represented at the Remembrance ceremony held the war memorial at Cogenhoe Park.

Week 8

To celebrate Black History Month, we looked at the work of Alma Thomas. We studied the shapes and form she used as well as the colours. After this, we created our own versions of her art that meant something to each of us. I think you will agree, they are great.

Week 7

To celebrate halloween, we embarked on a whole-school autumnal art project. We attempted four different printing skills using a variety of resources. One skill was an abstract print, one used wire for the outline, one had the shape carved into a screen and then printed and the final skill used rollers to create the print design.

Week 5

This week we have been exploring common multiples and trying to calculate the lowest common multiple of two numbers through efficient methods e.g the LCM of two odd numbers will be the two numbers multiplied but the LCM of two even numbers will the numbers multiplied, then halved. We had to be careful that one number wasn’t a multiple of the other. In Music, we have been exploring ‘Happy’ and learning to play the beat through call and response activities.

Week 3

The children have been working incredibly hard across the whole curriculum. We have started our DART project with Mrs B. This is a PSHE programme that covers hard hitting issues for the children. The purpose of the course is to arm the children with the facts and resilience skills for a wide range of scenarios they may encounter: week 1 was alcohol and week 2 was ways to deal with stress.

In Maths, the children have completed the Place Value unit and embarked on a vocabulary heavy unit unit which includes common factors and multiples, prime numbers, cube numbers and prime factors. The children have been using concrete resources to show and represent the skills we are looking at for example common factors through displays of arrays.

We have looked at the role of the Silk Roads and Trade Routes in the development of trade in the early Islamic Civilisations which was a network of trade routes that stretched from central China to the Mediterranean.

In addition, we are 3 weeks into our term of cricket being taught by coaches from Northamptonshire County Cricket Club.


Welcome Back

Hello to all children and families starting Year 6. I welcome the children back and look forward to a year full of hard work but lots of fun.

I also welcome Mr McGill to our team who will be working alongside me taking groups of children out for their Maths and English.

This week we have started on our Place Value unit in Maths while in English the children have started The Caravan which is a warning tale. No doubt some exciting writing will come of this. Excitingly for the children, we have also had three sets of taster sessions for club being run before and after school and had Northamptonshire County Cricket in for our first week of cricket.