This week in Year 1, we have been continuing to look at time. However, we have been estimating how long things will take and then actually timing them. We have then been comparing what was quicker/slower/faster. The children really enjoyed using the stop watches. We also baked some yummy star cookies by following the instructions. The children also made some lard balls for the birds! Their independent tasks this week have been recapping time and identifying rhyming words.

SJ MM ue & aw spellings

JN wh & ph spellings

AB Alternative ow & ie Spellings

SPU Alternative a & y Spellings


This week in Maths we have been looking at telling the time. We can now tell the time to o’clock and half past! I also welcomed wearing watches if the children have them. In Literacy, we have been writing our own instructions on ‘How to catch a star’ and then innovated this to ‘How to catch..’ something else in space. We have now got our own market stall in the classroom too! Thank you Zoe for your Cake sale for Comic relief too.

SJ & MM oy & ir spellings

JN ue & aw spellings

AB g & u Spellings

SPU Alternative ea & er Spellings



12.3.2021 – The first week back

This week we eased the children in with a nice easy and practical week. We did lots of exploring of our new outside area, the new layout of the classroom, and lots of catching up with each other! Next week, we will be back into the full swing of things again. The adults have been discretely assessing the children this week, so you might have noticed that they have changed phonics group, book band or even seating. This is so we can see where the gaps are. Take a look at some of the lovely activities we’ve been doing this week, with the theme ‘The Colour Monster’. Remember you can still see all the pictures Miss Jones’ puts on SeeSaw each week.

Next week, we will have a student from Northampton joining us for 7 week. Mr Goddman will be welcoming you at the door 🙂


SPRING 2 – Topic ‘Up, up & Away’  Up up and away – Homework Home learning



Well done to Sophia, Lewis, Georgie, Logan, Claudia, Jaxon, Eric, Harry, Izzy, Anna, Jessica R for your 4 in a row again! I’m very impressed with how far Year 1 have come with their Maths & Writing, but we are still noticing a big gap in reading. So please support at home with reading as much as possible. 

This week we went on a very muddy walk, the class were amazing and we shared lots of giggles. It was safe to say, we definitely needed wellies! Of course, we had to jump in every puddle we could find. We went on a search to see what plants were growing at the moment, we plan to go again in the Summer term to see what has changed!

We are also very lucky, the Year 1 outside area has been extended and even better.. we have been built a new sand pit, mud kitchen and writing area! We are hoping Santa will bring us some new toys for outside..



I first of all wanted to show off some of the amazing home work we have seen in Year 1 (thank you parents for you all your support).

Well done to Harry, Eric, Jessica F, Nicholas, Keeva, Alexa, Jessica K, Anna, Claudia, Georgie, Sophia, Lewis, Logan and Florence for reading 4 times in a row!

This week in Maths we have been looking at subtraction and subtraction problem solving. We’ve played all kinds of games like bowling! In Literacy, we have been busy writing our Hot Writes, all about a chosen monster and 3 animals. The children had written some really lovely pieces of work. In Science, we have been ordering the cycle of a plant, and looking at how we keep plants alive! We also got the Laptops out to look at aerial views from space!


This week has been assessment week, the children are unaware as we call them quizzes. This has helped up see who needs help and where, but it also highlights to us.. just how amazing they all are!

Also this week, we have been re-writing our story maps, it appears we were wrong about the troll living under the bridge, we now know its was a Giant after we saw a very large foot print in the school feild. We are getting ready to write our stories about the giant. We made our own galaxy art work, drew on the tables!!! And played some fun games learning about subtraction.

Well done to Leon, Eric, Izzy, Jessica R, Florence, Anna, Harry, Lewis, Nicholas, Jessica F, Zoe, Claudia, Sophia, Logan and Lewis! for 4 in a row this week!

I am aware there was some problems with Spelling Shed this week, however congratulations to Mrs Bailey’s group! Amazing work!



Reminder that children will be tested on their common exception words next week

Common Exception words – Year 1

Well done to Jessica. F, Betzy, Alexa, Harry, Anna, Jessica.R, Claudia, Logan, Nicholas, Florence, Eric, Sophia, Cezar, Izzy and Leon for getting 5 house points for 4 in a row! How amazing, so many children.

This week we have been looking at making our own addition sentences, but also putting them into a ten frame and part part whole to represent them! In Literacy,we have been using ‘the power of 3’ to describe the troll. Luckily for us, Mrs Nairn has seen the troll and could tell us what he looked like! We have also been labelling goats, we watched a funny video of how mischievous goats can be.



Another week past by! How quickly this week has gone. In Maths we have been looking at adding and using numbers bonds. We focused on part-part-whole and bar model. On Thursday we also did some PE Maths games, the children wow’d me at how much they remembered. In Literacy we have been practising our tricky words and writing sentences about the troll! We also started book talk, this is where the children are in groups and share a book together, they then answer questions about it. They LOVED it! Mrs Bangal taught the children about the planets and naming parts of a plant in Science. We were even lucky enough to have Mrs Bangal for Diwali, they learnt about how she celebrates it and made their own rangoli patterns.

Well done to the children who earned their 5 house points for reading 4 times in a row.. Sophia, Jaxon, Anna, Florence, Lewis, Zoe, Logan, Eric and Jessica F! 🙂

Also, a massive well done for Mrs Bailey Phonics group for earning the most points on Spelling Shed this week.


First week back, and what a success it has been. I am so proud of how far Year 1 have come, in such a short period of time. They really do amaze myself and Mrs Partridge-Underwood every day. Thank you for those parents who have kept on supporting their children at home. Each week I will pop on here the children that were awarded house points for ‘4 in a row’ so well done to.. Oliver, Florence, Izzy, Jessica F & Shakira! What super stars you are. Each week I will be awarding the phonics group who have earned the most points on Spelling Shed too, so keep playing!

Well, what a day Monday was. I can thoroughly say, we ALL loved space day. I was amazed by their gorgeous costumes and the children’s feedback about how much they loved being immersed in a whole day of topic, to get them excited about Outer Space! So thank you parents for always supporting us to be able to do these days.

In Maths this week we have been learning about number bonds. We even sang a riddle to help us..

1 and 9 – draw the line

8 and 2 – buckle my shoe

7 and 3 – point at a tree

6 and 4 – jiggle on the floor

5 and 5 – to the beach we drive!

In Literacy, we had an exciting letter from a concerned resident. Explaining that we mustn’t trip trap too loudly over the Billing Bridge.. because he had seen a short, angry and gruesome troll. We then decided to look at the Three Billy Goats gruff story, as we assumed it would be that little troll! (Thank you Izzy for making the link haha)


This week, we have spent a lot of time assessing the children without them even knowing! This helps us see where we need to support them next term, we have listened and tracked the children while reading, this is against the statements at the front of their reading diary. This is there so you can see what we look for! We did our end of block maths test and the children have improved well. We also assessed our times tables, look out for a sticker in their reading diary to say which times tables your child can recite. We also did a Hot Write, using the skills we have learnt in Literacy to write our own London information text.

We’ve also been writing about The Great Fire of London, counting in our 5’s, exploring pumpkins, making words with the digraphs we know and continuing to order numbers! I think we’re all ready for a little rest..

Remember the first day back is Space theme day and we are dressing up! Have a lovely half term.

Miss Jones, Mrs Partridge-Underwood and Mrs Bangal x


This week Year 1 have been learning how to count in 10’s and 2’s and use them in real life situations.. like counting pairs of socks! In Literacy, we have been looking at how we can improve our sentences about our families! We’ve also started to box up out own information texts about our chosen family member. In Topic we explored water colour paints and used our sketch books for the first time. We imitated an artist’s London Art work and the children LOVED it. They also created their own Great Fire of London collage. It’s been lovely to see what the children have created independently in the environment this week!

Please  continue with daily ready and using spelling shed.


Important notice about reading

A reading letter is going to be sent out on Friday to encourage children and parents to read at home. The children can earn house points if they read 4 nights in a row. We will check their reading diaries on a Monday. 

This year, as I mentioned in my phonics video, I really have noticed a dramatic decline in Year 1’s reading, I have also noticed there is a large amount of children that aren’t reading at home at all. Due to Covid, this is the biggest difference I have noticed in Year 1 and really want to support them as much as possible in school, so I am asking you to do the same at home too. Children need to be able to read to be able to write! 🙂 

Booklet to support:

Reading with your child in Year 1 (1)


8.10.20 Greater than and less than, materials & our families

In Maths this week, we have been looking at less than and greater than. I’ve got to say, I was amazed at how quick the whole class were and getting to grips with this. They amazed me! We then looked at ordering numbers smallest to biggest! In Literacy, we have been looking at information texts, we have been labelling a family member and created some beautiful simple poems about them. In History, we looked at The Great Fire of London and talked about what we might of heard, saw, smelt and felt! In Science, we carried on with materials but we made our own floating boats, we experimented on how changing our flag size might change the buoyancy. We also predicted and tested different materials for my little Lego house roof.

What a lovely week we’ve had! 🙂



Can you believe we’re in October already?

This week, we really changed things up. I’ve noticed that Year 1 are really needing a lot of active time still. So we are keeping busy with busy jobs in the environment and having time to play and explore. The children really thrived from this, however we do need to work on our tiding skills. Have a look at what we’ve been up to this week..

In Maths, we have been looking at one more and one less than a number and then identifying odd and even numbers! In Literacy, we have started to look at information texts, so if Year 1 come home letting you all about Miss Jones’ life.. you know why! In Topic we used the laptops, we learnt how to turn them on, sign in and navigate our way to the internet to research all about London.

The children have had lots of jobs to complete independently in the class room this week such as, counting bears in the water tray, finger gym on the play dough, writing tricky words in sand, playing on the laptops, drawing our own pictures of London Skyline and sorting Science materials!



It seems Miss Jones forgets to take pictures in any other lesson than Maths, so that’s my goal for next week!

As always, we’ve been so busy. Year 1 have really impressed me with the amount of different manipulatives they can use to show place value, we learnt what an abacus is this week! We then started to move on to one less and one more than a number. We have also been practising writing numbers as words.

In Literacy, the children wrote the beginning of their own stories that they innovated from Baby Mouse, we had little lost rabbits, frightened frogs and horses going missing!

In Topic, we looked at why Guy Fawkes is famous and ordered the story behind him. We also get very messy creating fire work and big bang paintings.

In Science, we searched the classrooms for different materials and discussed why certain objects are certain materials.. we realised a radiator couldn’t be made from chocolate!


Please keep up with the daily reading and practising spelling. As of next week children will get house points for using Spelling Shed and get between 8-10 out of 10 for their spellings.

18.9.20 Getting into the swing of things.. 

This week we have been busy continuing to look at place value in Maths. We explored different manipulative to represent numbers and looked at ordering numbers from the smallest to the biggest. As you can tell from their gorgeous happy faces, they really enjoyed this!

In Literacy, we carried on looking at Baby Mouse and the children have been discussing what we like and dislike about the story. We talked about how its okay to not always like stories. We also started using adjectives and conjunctions in sentences to describe our characters!

Our Topic lessons this week have been very busy labelling the UK, looking at the similarities and differences between London and Cogenhoe and also creating our own birds eye view of the classroom.


New spellings and phonics books have been sent home. Please read daily at home and make time to practise spellings. The children have their own log ins for Spelling Shed which is an amazing resource for practising spellings.

Year 1’s first full week 

What a busy week we have had, we have been trying to get into our new Year 1 routine this week.

Monday we started the week with an amazing Art workshop. We made our own 2D metal shoes, this is for our project ‘Conquer Cogenhoe’.

In Maths, we have been looking at counting, representing numbers and using 10 frames. The children really enjoyed our carousel approach and keeping it practical. The children get a chance to work on 4 tables/activities in 2 days. Two of those activities are with an adult in a small group and 2 are working independently at another table.

In Literacy, we have started to look at our first TalkForWriting topic – Baby Mouse. We learnt the text with actions, story mapped it and then learnt some tricky words from the text. The children have been sent home with the text map. Please practise over the weekend 🙂

We started our first unit with PenPals, our new handwriting scheme. At the beginning of each lesson we have special warm ups to do, the children love it!

In our first Topic lessons, we had an introduction to London. We shared facts we already knew (I was very impressed) and talked about the famous landmarks we know. In our carousel we had a chance to sort then and now pictures of London, and discuss how we know this), practise typing key vocabulary relating to our topic and recognising capital letters, labelling London pictures and having a chance to access the classroom for choosing time. We also sat and listened to the London Symphony Orchestra!

In Science, we started our new topic ‘Materials’. We looked at naming materials and different ways we can group them. The children then had a chance to search the classroom to see what materials we could find!


Parent notices:

In Year 1, we are really trying to push independence and taking care of our own things. Please support at home and encourage children to help out with their own jobs! 🙂

When you have read with your child, please write this in their reading diaries. Reading diaries are needed every day in school, so please ensure they are kept in your child’s book bag. Children have been sent home with a separate phonics book (written in red pen in their reading diary). These books are related to the sound they are learning this week. Please take care of these new books, keep them in their book bags and bring them in every Thursday to be changed after Year 1’s spelling test.



Our first 2 days in Year 1..

Year 1 have spent their first 2 days exploring their new Year 1 classroom. We have been getting messy with paint, creative in the construction area, technical in the ICT area and calm in the book corner.

Next week, Year 1 will start their new routine of Maths, Literacy, Handwriting, Phonics and Topic lessons! 🙂

Parent information from Miss Jones:

Children have been sent home with their new reading diaries today (Friday 4th). Inside these diaries are a stage book that we feel you child should start on. Your children can change their own books after they have read the book twice, this helps with fluency and recognition.

Inside the diaries are passwords for Spelling Shed and TimesTables Rockstars. I am not expecting Year 1 to be accessing TimesTable Rockstars, but once we are are learning our 10, 5 and 2 times table it is there for them to access. However, NumBots is also on TTR website, and Year 1 can use this.

Spelling Shed is a resource we brought in last year, this is set up for your child’s own spellings that they have been set that week, and is just a  fun and engaging way to practise spellings. Their weekly spellings can be found on the current week in their diaries. Spelling tests are on Thursday – the first one will be on the 10th, we will bear in mind that this is their first test and that they haven’t had a full week, but we want to get straight into a routine. Their spellings are related to the sound they are learning in their small phonics group that week.

There are also some reading prompts, this is so you are aware of what we are looking for when reading with your child.

We have also started this year with our tricky word reading in the front of their diaries, the children will be put into groups depending on what spellings they are able to read e.g. leaf, butterfly etc.

Any questions, please ask Miss Jones 🙂


Year 1 September 2020-2021 Information

Newsletter for Autumn:

Year 1 Newsletter 2020 Sept

Home Learning Grid for Autumn 1:

London – Homework Home learning

Year 1 Spellings:

Common Exception words – Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum statements:

Band 1 Poster – Maths

Band 1 Poster – Reading & Spoken Language

Band 1 Poster – Science Band 1 Poster – Writing

Transition PowerPoint – Meet the teacher:

Meet the teacher Class presentation Year 1