January 2022

Happy New Year!

We hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and were able to meet up with family and friends.

Mrs Bailey and myself would like to thank you all for your generous Christmas gifts – they are very much appreciated.

We will be starting a new topic on our return – Roaming Romans – I hope we can be as creative as we were for our Deadly Disasters topic. Included below is the newsletter, homework grid and spellings sheet. We will continue with our weekly spellings that the children need to practise at home, plus some extra words that we will learn in class together. P.E. will be on a Monday morning and alternate Wednesday afternoons, so please ensure your child has their P.E. kit in school.

We look forward to welcoming your children back on Wednesday, 5th January 🙂

Mrs Jacobs & Mrs Bailey

Spring 1 Newsletter Year 4 – 2022

Spring 1 homework grid Year 4 – Roaming Romans

Y4 Spelling Term Spring 1 Overview


December 2021

Our final few weeks of term were a mixture of assessment and excitement!

We did many practical activities including a melting experiment in science, making our own volcanoes and getting them to ‘erupt’, competing against each other to construct a marshmallow building that was ‘earthquake’ proof and learning how to balance during gymnastics.

We finished with some amazing Christmas art – which I hope you enjoyed as decorations in your own homes – alongside a noisy Christmas party and a wonderful pantomime at The Derngate Theatre – oh, yes we did!

Below are some pictures of these events




Thursday 11th November 2021

We are almost at the end of our second week and we have had a creative time since returning.

Last week saw us celebrate Diwali, making colourful Rangoli and receiving some lovely treats from Amiya, Isla and Noah – what a delight.

This week, we started by making and decorating gingerbread men. The children used this activity to consider what they felt was essential to make a member of our Cogenhoe Community – showing those values of Courage, Curiosity, Confidence, Compassion and Pride that drive our curriculum and everything that we do.

Next, we had our first Christmas activity! They created their own designs which could be used on Christmas cards or wrapping paper. These will be printed and parents will have an opportunity to purchase different items with their child’s design on – an activity organised by the PTA.

Wednesday afternoon saw a team of 8 children from KS2 – including Amber, John and David from Year4 – represent the school in a badminton competition at Wollaston Secondary School. All the children were amazing, coming a close second place – see this weeks newsletter for a full report.

Today was a day of reflection and respect. We stood silently at 11am and held discussions about poems linked to Remembrance. The children wrote their own poems in a style of their choosing and analysed vocabulary and verse in the poems ‘In Flanders Field’, ‘The Soldier’ and ‘Perhaps’. These poems, along with poppies we had made earlier in the week, are displayed in the classroom and around the door.

Below are some photos of the activities described above.

Next week are the parent meetings and I look forward to speaking to you all.


Mrs Jacobs



Monday, 1st November

Welcome back Year 4 – I hope you had a spooktastic half term!

I would like to say how much the children enjoyed our art day during the final week of last half term. We looked at tone and shade, and how our colour choices could match our mood when we are painting. Our focus was the artist Marc Chagall and his painting ‘I and the Village’. After a class discussion, each child chose their own 5 positive experiences. They wrote a simple sentence then selected the noun in the sentence to draw. By rotating our paper as we drew, it gave a floating dimension – as Chagall painted in a way as to avoid perspective. You can see some of the images below.

During the week, we also made musical instruments in science and finished the week with a Halloween quiz – treats supplied generously by the PTA.

This term we will be having a new set of spellings added to the reading diaries. Each week, a further 5 words will be practised in class. These are in addition to the 10 which the children need to practise at home. A spelling test will be given every Friday.

P.E. will continue to be on a Wednesday & Friday, so please ensure the children have their P.E. kits in school and have joggers or jumpers as the weather gets colder.

Please ensure your child brings a coat and a water battle to school every day.

Mrs Jacobs

Autumn 2 Newsletter Year 4 – 2021

Autumn 2 homework grid Year 4 – Deadly Disasters

Y4 Spelling Term Autumn 2 Overview



Monday, 11th October

We have had a busy term and I am pleased to say that the children are remembering the class rules that we wrote together at the beginning of September. Accelerated reader books are being quizzed on regularly, spellings improving and times tables are being practised – along with our throwing and catching (ask your child!).

As so many of us had limited time away over the holidays, we wrote our own alternative Holiday Poems. Read a selection of them below and see if you can work out how we got our ideas.

Some children had an opportunity to take part in the Bikeability Level 1 training, a valuable experience. During this time, the remaining class looked at the work of the artist Mondrian, creating our own interpretation of his famous works.

A new skill that the children are learning this term is orienteering, with a slight difference. Our aim is to improve our map reading skills while enhancing the knowledge we are learning in the classroom. Below, you can see a few examples of our initial sessions. Starting with assembling funny faces, then progressing to matching symbols with environmental features, we are getting out into the playground, using up some of our excess energy in the process.

Year 4 are also doing an amazing job in developing their presentation skills. Each morning, our Book Talk groups are challenged to discuss aspects of their text and the Book Talk leader must feedback these thoughts to the class. This can be a daunting prospect, however, the leaders are creating some fantastic answers together and learning to deliver those answers to the rest of the class. We have also had some group presentations on different animals that are endangered – allowing the children to select important pieces of information from written texts and the internet to support their opinions.

Please continue to support your child with their reading, spelling and times tables. It really is invaluable in improving their ability across the curriculum.

If you need to speak to myself or Mrs Bailey, please make an appointment via the school office or you can see us at the class door at the end of the day.

Mrs Jacobs

Welcome to Year 4!

I hope you are all as excited as we are to start our new school year. Mrs Bailey and I are looking forward to welcoming you all and completing a whole year face-to-face.

Below is some information you may find useful. If you need to speak to me I will be available most days before school or, if required,  you can make an appointment via the school office.

Keep safe and keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Jacobs

Timetable Autumn 2021

Autumn 1 Newsletter Year 4 – 2021

Y4 Spelling Term Autumn 1 Overview

Statutory spellings year 3 & 4

Autumn homework grid Year 4 – Climate Change & Transport

Meet The Teacher 2021