w/c 05.06.2021

Welcome back after half-term, it was lovely to hear the children had been enjoying the glorious sunshine, much like this week!

In literacy, the children have been introduced to a new story; “On the Way Home”. They have been making predictions, collecting ideas and role playing parts of the text to secure a fantastic understanding of the story.

In maths the children have been doubling! They have really wowed me with their number knowledge and quick recall!

This week the children had an assembly about people and families less fortunate than ourselves, we discussed how to help and our school’s ‘Silver Lining’ mission to raise money for the Hope Centre in Northampton which helps support people and families with hot meals, food parcels and information to find somewhere warm and safe to live.  Thank-you for all of your generous donations, the children are looking forward to seeing how long our silver coin line will be, hopefully with even more generous donations Reception will have the longest line!

On Friday, the children enjoyed ‘break the rules day’, they loved being dressed in their clothes, having funky hair-doo’s, temporary tattoos and having sweet treats for snack! How fun! Many thanks to the PTA for organising a lovely day for our children.

What a wonderful first week back, super work reception! 🌟


w/c  24.05.2021

The children have been busy creating their own subtraction stories, they have really wowed me with their enthusiasm and independence!

In literacy, the children voted for a story to focus on, they chose “Pete the Cat: I love my new white shoes”. The children enjoyed writing about what Pete the cat could step in next and what colour it would then turn his shoes.

Thank-You for a fabulous school term and I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday and half term! ⭐️😊




w/c 17.05.2021

This week has been assessment week, we have been discretely assessing the children’s progress. As a reception team we couldn’t be more proud of how much progress the children have made, (despite of lockdown) and would like to thank-you for all your hard work when home learning.

The children have enjoyed using our marble run to explore cause and effect, they worked together to create some fantastic runs! The children showed great competitive spirit when playing our number game as well as using their hand eye coordination skills.

What superstars! 🤩

w/c 10.05.2021

This week the children have been working hard writing their story innovations, they have really  wowed me with their imaginations and storytelling skills.

The children enjoyed building a water obstacle course; they experimented with length, trajectory and the impact it had on objects going down a slide, creating fabulous junk models and exploring different materials and design.

The children have also used their spatial reasoning skills to describe, create and compare models.

A wonderful week of learning reception, great work! ⭐️😊



w/c 04.05.2021

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday. The children fit so much in over the last 4 days, they never cease to amaze me!

The children used their reasoning skills in maths to decide which objects, numbers and shapes belong and didn’t belong, then using their literacy skills wrote about their ideas.

The children have also been exploring shapes and patterns and completing tangram puzzles too. They have looked at rhymes and created their own rhyming strings.

What superstars! ⭐️


w/c 26.04.2021

In reception this week the children have been immersed in learning about storytelling  and what language a writer uses to create an exciting story. They have been exploring settings and characters and what impact it has on a story. With this knowledge in mind the children have innovated our class story, they have come up with some truly brilliant ideas!

In maths, the children have been mastering counting on and back to be able solve sums. They have really wowed me with their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.

What a busy week of wonderful learning, superb work reception! 🤩


w/c 19.04.2021

This week the children have been learing all about the wood mouse, we even had a zoom call from Maisy Mouse! After learning so many facts, the children created their own non-chronological reports. In maths, the children have been counting on and counting in 10’s; they have really enjoyed exploring number patterns with the numicon.

Another fabulous week of learning; super work reception! 😃⭐️



w/c 12.04.2021

Welcome back! The children have been so eager to learn and have settled back into routine brilliantly.

This week we have been learning a new story “Maisy Mouse”. To start the week Maisy left the children a video message to go on a cheese hunt in our classroom and name one more or less of a given number. The children also wrote predictions about the story, learned new vocabulary and reflected on their likes and dislikes.

Super week of learning reception! ⭐️😊

w/c 22.03.2021

This week the children have been exploring senses. The children have been experimenting with texture and discussing what they could see, hear, smell and feel in our wild area. They also wrote about what is precious to them. In maths the children have enjoyed solving addition and subtraction sums and independently creating their own maps.

I would like to say enormous thank-you for what was a challenging start to the term. The children have come back to school eager to learn and never cease to amaze me, I am so proud of the positivity and resilience that they have shown. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and I look forward to seeing you and the children when we return to school in April!


w/c 15.03.2021

This week the children have learned about the the lifecycle of a chicken and debated what came first, the chicken or the egg? They also enjoyed the opportunity to hold the chicks, they followed and listened to instructions about handling the chicks. All of the children were able to discuss how the chicks have grown and how to care for the chicks. 🐣

We have been learning about adjectives and verbs this week, the children amaze with their marvellous use of vocabulary and how quickly they start use new language. The children created a shared story map inspired by our focus story “What the Ladybird Heard”. They negotiated amongst themselves sharing resources and ideas. The children have also wowed me in maths with their number bond knowledge.

Another wonderful week of learning; well done reception! 😊

w/c 08.03.2021

It has been absolute joy having the whole class back together again, the children have settled back so well and as a reception team we are so proud of the children’s enthusiasm to learn.

In Literacy, our new focus story is “What the ladybird heard”  the child have impressed me with their writing surrounding our new story, including a wanted poster and sounds the ladybird could hear.

In maths the children have been exploring numbers; ordering, recognition and number facts.

The children were ecstatic to welcome chicks to the classroom. It has been fascinating watching them hatch and grow. The children created signs about how to behave around the chicks. What stars! 🐥


w/c 01.03.2021

On our final week of remote learning the children have been continuing to learn about 2d and 3d shapes. Inspired by the work of Henri Matisse the children have been using shapes to create their own artwork and designing and making bug hotels using 3d shapes.

In literacy, the children wrote clues, used positional language and labelled their bug hotels.
As part of National Book week the children have been sharing their favourite stories, learning about the job of an author and even had the opportunity to ask questions to an author on a zoom session! Inspired the children created their own book  covers inspired by their costume.


w/c 22.02.2021

The children returned to school raring to go! We started the week by having a Zoom call with our families that are currently working from home, the children enjoyed seeing each other and we can’t wait to be back together as a whole class on the 8th of March.

In maths, we have been exploring 2d and 3d shapes. The children went on shape hunts and learnt about how to identify shapes by their properties.

In literacy, the children  have been learning our new story “Sidney the Spider”, they reflected on their likes and dislikes and asked questions about the story. The children have also identified the characters and “who said what?” and have been wowing me with their actions and singing to incy wincy spider.

The children at school found a spider, we therefore created a habitat and discussed care for living things. Some children overcome their fear of spiders, what superstars! ⭐️

w/c  08.02.2021

The children have had a fabulous week learning all about Chinese New Year!

In maths, the Chinese zodiac story linked to learning about ordinal numbers and how it relates to time. The children also explored money by creating their own fortune trees and because Miss Hare is born in the year of the snake, the children had fun playing snakes and ladders. The children also experimented writing numbers in mandarin.

In literacy, the children wrote about their Chinese zodiac animal, created kind messages in fortune cookies and wrote about noodles, they also completed a quiz about Chinese New Year.

The children also enjoyed trying noodles, making lanterns, fans and  dragons. They also made lots of noise making Chinese music!

We finished the week by creating Valentine’s Day cards.

What a busy week our reception superstars have had, have a love half term!

w/c  01.02.2021

This week the children continued halving and then moved on to sharing beyond two. What a tricky job; I have been very impressed how well the children have taken on this challenge! The children have also enjoyed matching amount to actions as well as exploring number bonds to 10.

In literacy, the children enjoyed creating their own tea party invitations, writing a shopping list for a tea party and decided which food is a healthy choice. The children also had fun exploring verbs and creating silly sentences!uu

This was Children’s Mental Health Week, it shines a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Now more than ever we need to promote metal health and well being for our children; their curious minds are so precious! The children in school created their own feelings monsters together to share and explore talking about their feelings and the children working from home had a range of activities based on the story of the Worryasaurus.

Another fabulous week of learning in reception!

w/c 25.01.2021

A snowy start to the week, I hope you all enjoyed playing in the snow! I have loved seeing all your snowmen / lady and snow angels! ⛄️

The children have wowed me this week with their addition and subtraction sums at the beginning of the week and then doubling and halving to round the week off! You are such superstars!

In literacy, the children  researched different animals and wrote their amazing facts up in a non-chronological report, as well as drawing and labelling their chosen animal. They also wrote about their favourite food .

What a brilliant week! ⭐️


w/c 18.01.2021

This week all the children have been working remotly. In maths we went on number hunts and used a part-part whole model to explore different ways of making a whole number.  All this number work helped the children deepen their understanding about  the value of a number.

In literacy, we have been learning a new story “The Tiger who came for Tea”. The children sequenced the story, wrote about how they would feel if a tiger knocked on their door and showed off their vocabulary by  using adjectives in their writing.

A super week of home learning! 🌟

w/c 11.01.2021

We have had a busy week investigating space, shape and measure by making magical potions, creating patterns, role playing and creating our own loo roll own Mavis (from our new story) to hide on top of, underneath and inside all sorts of different places; the children showed a fabulous understanding of positional language. In literacy, we explored all the different settings in our new story, used time connectives, created magical recipes and we even designed our own wands!

Fantastic work reception! 😊

w/c  4.01.2021

A Happy New Year to all our reception children and their families. I was ecstatic to be starting in Reception, as you can imagine it is definitely a different start to what I had anticipated!

The returning children and children working remotely have been learning our new focus story “Mavis the Magical Cat”.  In literacy, we have starting learning the story, explored key vocabulary and the past tense. Furthermore, in maths we delved into estimating, explored weight and length. Wow, we sure fitted a lot in!

Thank-You for your support as we adapt to home learning. Stay safe and keep posting your fabulous work via Tapestry! 😁⭐️


Rainbow fish and Rembrance day.

This week we have started our first full Talk 4 Writing unit of ‘The Rainbow Fish’. The children learned the text map, spoke about what they like and dislike about the story, have worked on looking at numbers and discovering what’s one more and one less and also seeing which numbers are more and fewer than each other. They’ve also had a celebration for Remebrance day. We listened to poems, stories and music about this event. The children then drew their own poppies to decorate the classroom. Great work and a great week! ⭐️👏🏼 We ended the week by dressing up in fancy dress for Maths week. The children looked amazing in their Maths theme outfits.




Talk for Writing

Now we have started full time, our Reception children have started their Talk4Writing units. We have completed 4 stories in 4 weeks. The children have learned the text maps, vocabulary and completed activities linked to our new stories! They have been so amazing at learning so many new things! ⭐️👏🏼

Welcome to Reception

First of all, a huge welcome to all the new and existing families that have started their journey with Cogenhoe! This week was our first full week after 7 days of half days! We have settled really well and have made lots of new friends. We have looked at our new classroom and starting discovering the school rules. The children have been self-registering, writing their names and also been nominated to be snack and milk helpers to establish routines for this. It’s like they’ve been here forever! We are feeling very lucky to have such a lovely class! We also started our first story map for T4W and the children have been amazing!