Welcome to Year 5

Class update 30th September 2022

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for embracing the accelerated reading scheme. The class are off to a fantastic start and have read more than one million words collectively (I checked this morning!). Many of the children have now quizzed on several books and individual word counts are growing. I feel very confident that we will be celebrating our first word millionaires from year five in due course, which is very exciting. A small number of children have not yet quizzed on a book and are being encouraged to read at home more.

The class have continued to learn about place value in maths and have moved onto multiplication in our weekly mathematics lessons, learning about square and cubed numbers and answering short multiplication and long multiplication calculations. Long multiplication is proving to be tricky, so we will revisit this next week.

Science lessons are proving popular and the class are clearly enjoying learning about space and the solar system. We have investigated the orbit of the planets around the sun, have ordered a range of fruits to represent the planets, understanding the order of the planets and their relative sizes, and the children have researched the planets which interest them the most, becoming “Space experts” and presenting their findings to the class.

Literacy lessons have included a revision of direct speech and how to punctuate this, the writing of descriptive poems and the planning out of our warm write. We have also been learning about the power of vocabulary and the effective use of  imagery in our writing.

It has been a busy two weeks with much accomplished.

Class update. 16.09.22

It has been a pleasure getting to know the class and I can not believe that we have already completed two full weeks of the term. Thank you for the support which you have shown to me and to your children as we settle back into school routines. The class are really impressing me with their engagement with the year five homework and spellings and are doing well. Log in details for TT Rock Stars and for accelerated reader have now been stuck into the reading diaries for easy access. Please let me know if  any difficulties arise with using these.

We have started our explorers topic, have learned about some of the new goods, particularly foods, which Christopher Columbus introduced to Europe and have ordered some key explorations chronologically on a timeline, including space exploration .  In science lessons the children have begun to study the solar system. Today the class have played ‘solar system top trumps’ to discover lots of facts about each planet and to identify the rocky planets and the gas giants.

In maths lessons the children have been furthering their knowledge about place value and our number system and have revised column addition and subtraction calculations, including decimals.

In English lessons, the class have begun to study a warning story, ‘The Caravan’, by Pie Corbett, have text mapped and acted out the story, examined its powerful vocabulary and grammatical structure and have constructed a toolkit for writing their own warning tales.

Sports crew positions have been filled, class monitor jobs have been applied for and allocated and our new class representatives to the school council have been democratically elected. The vote was extremely close. Well done to Maximillian and to Amiyah, who are our year five school councilors.

I wish you all a peaceful and reflective bank holiday weekend and look forward to welcoming the class back to school next Tuesday.

Hello Year 5 pupils and parents! I am already looking forward to welcoming you back to school in September and have been busy preparing some exciting lessons.

Homework Grid Autumn 1:

Homework grid

Year 5 Spellings:

Term 1 A spelling shed lists 1 to 7




On this page you will find a variety of resources to support your child’s learning journey as well as a regular blog of the Year 5 experiences.

I’m sure everyone will enjoy our exciting, new curriculum topics.  Our first theme is ‘Explorers’. This is a history focused topic where children will be developing their understanding of the chronology of key events. Children will explore why explorations happened, the impact this had on British society in the 16th and 17th centuries as well as learning about famous explorers throughout history.

I will look forward to seeing you all after the break. For now, please click on the links below for more information.


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Newsletter Autumn 1:

Autumn 1 Newsletter Year 5 – 2022

Homework Grid Autumn 1:

Homework grid

Year 5 Spellings:

Term 1 A spelling shed lists 1 to 7