Welcome to Year 5 



It has been a busy start to the new term and It is wonderful to be back at Cogenhoe school. The class have given me a warm welcome and I hope that they are beginning to feel comfortable and settled with me – I know that having a new teacher during the school year is a big change for your children and I will do all that I can to establish good routines and to help the class with this transition.

We have started a new geography topic – Biomes – and have been learning about what a biome is. The class have all chosen a biome to research and have listed some of the animals which live in that biome, thinking about how they are adapted to thrive there.

In English lessons we have started a new unit of work – Warning Tales – and have started to learn a new text, answering comprehension questions from it. The class have also had a go at writing their own warning tale. Many of the children have impressed me with their imaginative ideas. Spellings have resumed in class this week. The children have been learning their spelling list each day after lunch and have a spelling test today.

We have started a new science topic – forces- and have had fun learning about equal and unequal forces and gravity. Ask your child/children to show you the amazing water ‘trick’ at home! We have many more practical science investigations coming up, which I hope the class will enjoy.

In maths lessons, the class are studying fractions and Mr Evans has told me that he is pleased with their progress. I also teach the class a weekly arithmetic lesson, to help with fluency in numeracy and to revise the calculation methods.  At the moment we are revising column addition and subtraction, including decimal numbers, and the short formal method of multiplication. Please keep brushing up on times tables at home, as in year five a thorough knowledge of the times tables is so important in maths.

We have also been learning a song to perform to Mrs McCarlie today, on her last day with us, and have discovered that some of your children have a great sense of rhythm and good singing voices.

Homework books have been given out this week. Inside each homework book is the homework grid for this half term and the spelling lists for this half term. Please can you help and encourage  your child/children to complete at least one piece of homework from the grid each week . All completed homework earns a house point.  Homework books should be given in on Thursday, please, so that I can mark completed homework and give the homework books back to the children on Friday. Thank you so much for your support with this.

Please could you also help you child/children to learn the weekly spellings. Your support with this would greatly benefit the children. Next Friday there will be a test on the week two list. There will be house points for both full scores and for improved scores each week.

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Mrs. PrescottHomework grid Biomes



Happy Easter and Goodbye

Well, I can’t really believe that the time has come for me to say goodbye before embarking on a new chapter in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. I have had the privilege of getting to know your families over the last few years and teaching your wonderful children.

I will always look back on my time at Cogenhoe Primary with a smile on my face – thank you!

This half-term the children have completed their hot writes for the unit “alien landing” and they have written some truly creative pieces that made me want to read even more. Next term the topic is a geography based topic all about “Biomes” – watch this space for more information from the wonderful Mrs Prescott next term.

Our unit of Ancient Benin has now come to an end and the children have learnt so much about this ancient civilisation; they have made me incredibly proud.

Today the class had their final session with the Saints – we were lucky enough that the snow stopped whilst they played rugby outside.

Thank you again and I wish you all a wonderful Easter,

Mrs Hales.


I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful, sunny weather. Spring has certainly sprung!

This week the class have had their Saints workshop where they enjoyed a practical lesson and then some class-based activities where they used shape knowledge to design a new rugby stadium, there were some interesting designs.

We have now finished our warm writes in literacy and are preparing for our hot writes where the children will apply all of their learning in an independent version of the story.

In RE the children have been learning about Sikhism and considering the big question: “Why is Sewa such an important aspect of human life?” The children have also discussed how Sikhs can show their commitment to God.

In our theme lesson the class have taken on the role of museum curators and designed a display to showcase artefacts from Ancient Benin. This involved design skills as well as reasoning to justify their choices as they could only choose three items (each) for the museum.

In PSHE the class have been learning about money… see if your child can explain these terms: loan. credit, debt and interest.


Spring 2

I hope you all had a wonderful half term and are feeling rested and ready for more learning. This term our value of the term is COURTESY please discuss what this means with your child and how they can show courtesy in school and out of school.

In Talk for Writing we are learning how to write a meeting tale and we are focusing on use of dialogue. The children have read and internalised the model text, Alien Landing. The children have read the story, created a text map, boxed-up the structure and created a toolkit for effective dialogue within a story. I am really looking forward to seeing their HOT WRITES where they will showcase all of their skills and learning.

Our topic this term is Ancient Benin. The class will be developing their questioning skills in order to learn more about the past and will be analysing a range of historical sources. Your child has been given their homework but you can also find it by clicking the link below.

Please also find the spellings for this term.

In music the class are learning and appraising the song The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This will also form the basis of many games, improvisation and composition. We apologise now if this is being sung around your homes at every opportunity! It’s a bit of an earworm.

Homework grid Ancient Benin spring 2

term 2B spellings (1)


The children have worked so hard this half-term and have had so many amazing opportunities. The children have maintained the value of the term CURIOSITY and applied this is so many ways.

In Talk for Writing we have written some fantastic Defeat the Monster stories and have used their imaginations to plot and seek revenge on a broad range of mythical creatures, some of which they have invented themselves. I hope I won’t be too scared after reading them all!

We have completed our topic on Ancient Greece and have been developing historical enquiry skills by analysing sources of evidence to consider what they teach us, don’t teach us and share what wonderings we have after studying them. We also learnt about what school would have been like and the children compared Athens and Sparta.

Our new topic in Talk for Writing is called Alien Landing – have a look at the pictures which show the children completing a drama activity in the wild area, where they completed some improvisation, freeze frame and thought-tracking to really imagine they had seen a mysterious UFO sighting.

Year 5 have also had some fantastic wellbeing sessions delivered Victoria Leith from NMPAT, these are set to continue after half-term.

In Music we have been learning “Make you feel my love” by Adele – the children have learnt to sing the song, clap rhythms and play instruments to the music.

The class have made so much progress with swimming; they have blown me away and made me so incredibly proud! Certificates to be handed out soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful half-term!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and wish you all a Happy New Year!

We launched our new value of the term which is, “Curiosity” by looking at inkblots and sharing our curiosity in terms of what we could see when we looked at them. The children then had a go at making their own inkblots and wondered what they had managed to create. What can you see? Can you spot the hippo?

As always, there are lots of exciting things happening this half-term. On Mondays children are participating in some Strictly dance lessons where they will be learning to Jive and Waltz. Watch out for the children dancing around your homes!

This half-term the class are also having some musical, wellbeing sessions every Tuesday.

In Literacy, the children are writing a “Defeat the Monster” style story as a sequel to The Cyclops model text. We are reading a variety of Ancient Greek myths before writing their own. We will be focusing on how to create suspense and write an effective character/monster description.

Our theme this half term is Ancient Greece. The class have really shown an interest in this topic already and their imaginations have well and truly been captured. This topic will allow the children to learn about how Britain has been influenced by the wider world, develop an understanding of everyday life in Ancient Greece and develop their historical enquiry skills.

Our topic in Science involves looking at life cycles and this week, the children dissected flowers to see the different parts involved in pollination.

Don’t forget your swimming kits every Thursday!

Homework grid Anient Greece

Newsletter Spring 1


What an amazing end to the term. The children have had two days of dressing up this week and there has been a real buzz of excitement, this has been wonderful to see.

This week we experienced a whole school art day. In Year 5 we learnt about Monet and studied his Water-Lilies series. The children were fascinated to learn that this is not one famous painting, but a series of approximately 250 oil paintings. The class worked hard on creating their own version of Water-Lilies and experimented  with hue, tint, tone, shades and mood – we explored the use of texture in colour  and using colour for different purposes.


Wow! Year 5 have been working so hard (as always) on their learning.

In Talk for Writing, the children have now completed their “hot writes” for the explanation text unit. Look at the photographs to see how much progress your children have made. They have definitely listened carefully and chosen the most appropriate tools from the toolkit to produce their writing. We are now reading a new model text called The Nightmare Man. The children will then be learning about how to add suspense into their writing to effectively scare the reader. I am so looking forward to reading their stories.

In Science the children have continued to learn about space. The children have continued to develop their understanding of day and night and are getting more confident at explaining how day and night happen.

Your children have also been working on their football skills.

During theme work, the children have been researching about famous explorers throughout history. They have been learning about the achievements, discoveries and impact the explorers have had on society. So many children have continued to research for their homework. What a great learning choice!


It’s been another busy week here in Year 5.

In Talk for Writing the children have continued learning about explanation texts. This week the children have learnt more about how to write this style of text and have created their toolkits, ready to use next week. We will be completing some shared writing on about a bedroom tidying machine – I can only apologize about not being able to create this marvellous contraption in real life.

In Science the class have been learning about day and night and the phases of the moon. We also got to have some fun with shadows whilst exploring when the sun is the highest in the sky. Ask your child what they can tell you about this topic. Maybe you could try some moon-spotting and ask your child if they know what moon phase they can see.

During our theme lessons, we have been learning about time zones and the importance of the Greenwich Meridian. We have also been developing our art skills. The children have created some beautiful paintings in the style of aboriginal art.

It was wonderful to see how many children had conquered Cogenhoe (as part of Project Conquer) We had a celebration assembly to congratulate these children and they had a tasty afternoon tea.

I am continuing to see so much homework, well done Year 5!

Week 1

Well, what a fantastic first week we have had! Everyone has been working hard and showing how truly ready for Year 5 they are.

In Talk for Writing the children have started to learn about explanation texts. Our unit of work is called The Teacher Pleaser Machine. The children will learn about how to write this sort of text before innovating and writing their own version. Part of the Talk for Writing approach, encourages children to understand new vocabulary, look at the picture of the key vocabulary poster. Ask your child if they can tell you the model text using the photo of the text map. They should also be able to add in the actions!

Year 5 have also started their history topic Explorers; I have been really impressed to see lots of homework starting to come into school, lots of which is to do with the topic. The children have been carrying out research about famous explorers and they really know a lot!

Our classroom is really taking shape with your children’s beautiful art work – it really looks amazing! The children completed some drawings to complement their learning about space in Science. I am so proud.

Welcome to Year 5


Hello Year 5 pupils and parents! I can’t wait for us to start an amazing journey of learning together. Your new classroom is ready to welcome you in September. Everything feels shiny and new, the only thing missing is you!

On this page you will find a variety of resources to support your child’s learning journey as well as a weekly blog of the Year 5 experiences.

I’m sure everyone will enjoy our exciting, new curriculum topics. This half-term our theme is ‘Explorers’. This is a history focused topic where children will be developing their understanding of the chronology of key events. Children will explore why explorations happened, the impact this had on British society in the 16th and 17th centuries as well as learning about famous explorers throughout history.

I will look forward to seeing you all very soon. For now, please click on the links below for more information.

Reminder: Meet the Teacher is on Thursday 2nd September at 5pm – Here we will discuss everything you need to know ready for Year 5.

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