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The Rationale Behind Cogenhoe’s Reading Curriculum

Reading Intention:

At Cogenhoe Primary School reading for pleasure and cultivating the love of reading is actively encouraged throughout the school. Great emphasis is placed on developing pupil’s skills in reading from Reception, so that they are able to explore and discuss challenging texts confidently through our daily “Book Talk” session. Both shared, modelled and independent reading has a specific focus and is a fundamental part of a child’s reading journey.  Teacher’s use a range of rich texts, so that pupils use of vocabulary and enjoyment of reading is heightened. The breadth of our curriculum ensures that pupils have access to a wide range of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

We actively promote and celebrate our love of reading through our vibrant environment, reading for pleasure areas, focussed whole school assemblies and celebration days. In addition to this, our parent community are actively involved and regularly attend our workshops, open mornings and demonstration lessons.

Reading Implementation:


As children journey though the school, we use a variety of reading strategies to ensure that all our pupils are confident and competent in their reading.

In Key Stage One, we recognise that all learners are individual in their approach when securing their skills. Therefore, teachers use a variety of decoding skills such as phonics and picture cues.

Our expert Phonic teaching happens on a daily basis and is taught in small, fluid groups which are based on frequent assessment so that they are reactive to the changing needs of learners. We use the Essential Letters & Sounds programme to ensure the progressive development of skills, so that pupils can decode effectively. In their Literacy learning; pupils are provided with the opportunity to develop and embed these key skills.

Independent reading books support children at an individual level and are carefully chosen by teachers to aid and challenge our pupils with their phonic learning. We use a variety of different texts from our Cogenhoe Whole School Reading Spine to enable our children to develop a love of reading and enjoy sharing these with our parents and carers on a weekly basis.

Please click the link below to view our whole school Phonics rationale:

The Phonics Rationale behind Cogenhoe

Please click the link below for more information.

Please see our list of suggested texts below for your children to enjoy at home:

Suggested Reading Texts – Whole School

In Key Stage 2, we use a programme called ‘Accelerated Reader’ to continue to track and monitor our children’s progress and motivate them to continue to keep reading in order to reach the Millionaires’ Club. Parents also have access to this on-line system so that they too are able to see how their children are progressing. Please click on the video below to learn more about  how the programme works:

Children’s reading abilities and levels are consistently assessed throughout Key Stage Two.  To support our children who have a weakness in decoding or inferring, we use and follow a rigorous,  structured reading intervention programme on an individual and group basis which ensures that rapid and sustained progress is made.

What makes Reading at Cogenhoe so special?

We have our very own school librarian- Mrs Gillet! She is extremely passionate about all things books and reading!

Throughout the school year we hold a number of “Big Book Swaps” in the school hall.

Our reading trolley is available for all members of our school community to access at any time; on the playground, before school and after school.

We take part in exciting competitions and reading challenges throughout the year, to earn house points for our team.

We celebrate “World Book Day” annually in a BIG way!

Our wonderful reading dog comes to visit us every week and loves listening to our childre read.

For our more gifted readers, we work in partnership with our feeder Secondary Schools to take part in, “The County Big Book Quiz”.

Our classroom doors are bright and colourful book covers that our children have chosen – how many can you spot?

We have “Mystery Readers” who sign up to come and share a book with a class- who will it be this week?

When our Reception children start school, they are paired with a Year 5 and Year 6 reading buddy to enjoy different reading experiences throughout the year.

Key Stage 2 children are entered into a reading raffle every half term if they have been successfull on their “Accelerated Reader quizzing”.

Throughout the year, we invite the wider community into our school to take part in Reading workshops, demonstrations and events.

Our love of reading is further established by our frequent visits from real life authors who motivate and inspire our children even further.

Children are encouraged to complete larger, meatier texts to develop their vocabularly in order to become part of our “Millionaire Club”.

 If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to speak to our reading leader, Mrs Blackwell or

our school librarian, Mrs Gillett, who is always available to meet with parents to ensure that your child is reading the correct book for their reading level and interest. You can email her directly with any Accelerated Reader queries on

Reading Impact:

Every child at our school is a reader, who through exceptional experiences and opportunities are confident to select their own texts to enjoy and gain information from. Our children understand the importance of reading and consistently strive to gain high outcomes.

Key Stage Two attainment of the high standard (110+) in Reading (50%) was significantly above national and in the highest 20% of all schools in 2019.

Key Stage Two attainment of the expected standard (80%) was also significantly above national.

Key Stage One attainment of the expected standard in reading (77%) was above national and the higher standard was also above national at 27%.

Our Phonics data, for the last three years has been significantly above national and in the highest 20% of all schools.

Early Years Foundation Stage attainment of the expected standard in reading (88%) was also significantly above national and in the highest 20% of all schools in 2019.