What a perfect way to end this year! Mr Perry and Mrs Oldham have worked so hard in order to ensure that our children have experienced a wide range of different sports throughout the week including: tennis, cricket, zumba and rugby. All of the children have enjoyed their sessions; the feedback has been wonderful! In addition to all of these, we have been very fortunate to have welcomed lots of visitors into our school this week. The children learnt all about healthy lifestyles from members of the Northamptonshire Healthy Child Initiative and were able to take part in a workshop with Victoria Leitner in order to gain further information about career opportunities open to them. A famous paralympian ( Laura Sugar) and local GB boxer (Chantelle Cameron) also came to visit the children and share their experiences with them. Overall it really has been a week to remember; we will most certainly be doing it again next year.

We need to give a huge thanks to the Northampton Tennis Club who have worked with every class this week and we are extremely pleased to announce that they will be joining our teaching team in September t deliver all children in Key Stage 2 a weekly tennis session. Please check out their website www.ntc.tennis for fantastic summer opportunities and information about private tennis lessons; don’t forget to use the discount code which was emailed out to you.

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