This week is the annual Road Safety Week, and some volunteers from our School Council, helped us to remember the dangers of the roads and how we can stay safe. They discussed the importance of the Green Cross Code too. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers.

We also announced our amazing Road Safety Poster competition. A winner will be chosen from each year group by the School Council on Friday 1st December. They will then be displayed at important locations around the village, with the permission of the Parish Council.

Remember to include:

Bright colours

Safety rules

Warning symbols or drawings

In addition to the competition, we announced the launch of our Road Safety Heroes for 2017-18. If your child is interested in applying to become a Road Safety Hero, they will need to complete an application form. The School Council members for each class will distribute the application forms and job descriptions. Good luck everyone.

RSH application form rsh_job_descrip_1402416754