And so the adventure begins!

Welcome to Cogenhoe’s Reception & Pre-School provision

At Cogenhoe Primary School we intend for all of our pupils to be independent, well-rounded, curious individuals who embrace risk taking. Within our exceptional Early Years setting, we prioritise children’s social and emotional well-being above all else, as without this, the intention of instilling a life-long love of learning and endless amounts of courage and confidence would not be possible.

Our staff hold the same shared belief that all children have their preferred way of learning. Therefore, we do not believe that every child should fit the curriculum; the curriculum should fit every child. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our themed curriculum captures every child’s imagination and brings it to life the way they see it; engaging with their personal interests effortlessly inspires and motivates every child to achieve their true potential.

Our wonderful Pre-School is an educational setting within our Primary school, offering high quality learning opportunities for children. Our Pre-School enables a smooth transition into your child’s first few years of school life. We believe that high quality learning and teaching is the entitlement of all children and should meet all children’s identified needs and interests to ensure that they learn and develop in all of the prime areas. We acknowledge that all children learn at different rates and are each at their individual stage of development. Children learn best when they are happy, secure and actively involved in their own learning. At Cogenhoe, we have a number of  ‘Curricular Goals’ which we will strive for the children to understand and secure by the end of the year.

Please see the ‘Prospective Parent’ page for our open days, where we invite you to come and see the magic for yourselves. Individual tours can be arranged, please speak to office on 01604 890380 or email us at

Preschool Pricing Policy from September 2023

Please visit ‘The Early Years Curriculum’ page on our website to find out more about our school vision for Early Years.