Can you conquer Cogenhoe?

In the 2019-2020 academic year, teachers, parents, Governors and pupils at Cogenhoe Primary all worked together to design and develop 100 non-academic skills, attributes and activities that all pupils will achieve by the time they leave in Year 6. Each year group will have 15 steps to achieve and these will be interwoven and celebrated alongside our whole school curriculum.

We understand that our pupils sometimes lack confidence, resilience  and the understanding of certain skills which really will help to prepare them for the wider world. Our steps in ecah year group will help and give children the opportunity to work independently and in partnership with their parents and teachers to become well-rounded, informed and confident citizens, ready to contribute positively to the world around them.

Some of the steps are purely and simply just for fun! They are things that we are all guilty of taking for granted at times and we must still place importance on them and acknowledge them in this world and in our lives.

All of our pupils will be able to clearly demonstrate each step at least three times before a skill can be completed. All pupils will be presented with a special book which they will use to record all of their notes, pictures, photos, drawings and comments in.

Please see our steps below:



1. Put on my own coat

2. Help to make a snack

3. Climb or balance at the park

4. Play a throw and catch game with a friend

5. Help to tidy up

6. Play hide and seek with a group of friends

7. Splash in a puddle

8. use cutlery appropriately

9. Say please and thank you at the right time

10. Take turns in a game and share



1. Cut up own food using a knife and fork

2.  Tidy my things away when I have finished with them

3.  Collect something (conkers, leaves, stamps, magazines etc)

4.  Get changed by themselves and do up buttons

5. Zip up your coat

6. Fold your clothes in a neat pile

7. Put your shoes on the right feet

8. Go to the toilet by myself, flush and wash my hands properly

9. Grow something from a seed

10. Pay for something in a shop using money

11. Do something that scares you (crawl through a tunnel)

12. Sing or say at least 3 of nursery rhymes

13. Build a den

14. Clear my own things away from the table after a meal

15.  Talk to adults using full sentences


 Year 1

1. Make my bed

2. Have a technology free day

3. Know and write my own address and full name

4. Visit a farm and feed an animal

5. Apply sun cream when needed

6. Sing and dance in the rain

7. Make a sandwich

8. Play eye spy

9. Brush and style own hair

10. Have a night away from home with family or friends

11. Say hello in three languages

12. Go star gazing

13. Blow my nose with a tissue and put it in the bin

14. Hold the door open for somebody

15. Try a new food


Year 2

1. Tie my shoe laces

2. Ride a bike without stabilisers

3. Use scissors

4. Make a hot drink with an adult

5. Climb a tree (with adult supervision)

6. Make a phone call

7. Write a shopping list and buy some items

8. Plan and have a picnic

9. Walk or run a mile

10. Cross the road safely

11. Help with the washing up/dishwasher

12. Share a traditional board game with a friend or adult

13.  Visit and take a book out of your local library

14. Become an Eco Warrior at home and at school (turning lights off when you leave a room, turning the water tap off when you are brushing your teeth etc)

15. Visit a museum


Year 3 

1. Swim a length confidently

2. Know how to and what happens if you dial 999

3. Lay the table for a meal

4. Make my own packed lunch or one for somebody else

5. Get muddy and jump in puddles

6. Watch a sun set

7. Tell someone the way to school or to a local shop

8. Go outside and find 5 different trees and name them

9. Design and make a game for you and your friends to play

10. Skip with a rope

11. Play a card game with family

12. Make a home for some wildlife

13. Help with the recycling

14. Get your own bag ready for school or an event

15. Change my own bed covers


Year 4

1. Grow something that you can eat

2. Make something following a recipe

3. Help with the laundry (pegging washing out, or hanging on airer or putting away)

4. Go on public transport (train or bus)

5. Wrap a present

6. Learn and know my parents’ mobile number

7. Tie 3 different knots

8. Play pooh sticks

9. Support a charity and raise at least £30

10. Help with the housework (vacuum, mopping, dusting)

11. Have a water fight

12. Fly a kite

13. Polish a pair of shoes

14. Have an adult read me a whole story

15. Order my own food at a restaurant


Year 5 

1. Roll down a hill

2. Use a tin opener

3. Set my own alarm clock each day

4. Recite a poem off by heart

5. Have a tug of war

6. Have a walk around a country park

7. Find and enter a competition

8. Read a magazine

9. Plan something an assembly or something to share in an assembly

10. Help in the school office for a lunch time

11. Water plants

12. Sew a button on

13. Bake a cake

14. Wash and dry my own hair

15. Help an older relative/person with a task


Year 6 

1. Cook a simple lunch

2. Have responsibility for my own hygiene

3. Ride a bike safely on the road

4. Organise my own equipment for the day (pack my own bag)

5. Take a walk in the woods (with an adult)

6. Write and post a letter

7. Write and send an e-mail

8. Plan and cook a meal for the family

9. Find out about your family history

10. Go camping or spend the night in a tent

11. Go a whole week without technology

12. Read a timetable

13. Use the washing machine and help sort the washing

14. Use the iron and iron my uniform

15. Build your own assault course and complete – can you beat your score