At Cogenhoe, we hold and process personal information on each pupil, and limited information on parents, in order to provide a rounded education and a safe environment for each child.

The school complies with the General Data Protection Regulations May 2018 and this is demonstarted by our DP policyand other linked documents below. We commit to train our staff and volunteers to understand the importance of handling data securely and fully understand that privacy is important to you and your child.


The school asks all parents, carers and visitors to our school to ask permission before taking photos and video and agree such files are to be used for personal use only and are not shared with social media sites or other agencies. The school will only publish images on this website if parental permission has been provided.


Where the data stored and processed is to enhance the educational provision, but is not a key element of providing an education, we will seek consent from a parent. This includes: Photos, images and videos to be displayed ins chool, on twitter and on the school website. These images will be removed and deleted 1 year after Year 6, unless specific consent is obtained for marketting purposes. Images are stored on the school’s secure network and are appropriate. If a child objects to a photo, it will be removed.

As a school within the Nene Valley Partnership, the following Privacy Notices apply to pupils, parents (regarding their own and their child’s data), staff, governors, visitors and job applicants.

Privacy Notice – pupils

Privacy Notice – parents (own data)

Privacy Notice – parents (child’s data)

Privacy Notice – staff

Privacy Notice – governors and volunteers

Privacy Notice – visitors

Privacy Notice – job applicants


Parents and pupils have the right to access the information we hold about them; this is known as Subject Access Request and should be made in writing.

The school must supply the information requested within one school month or provide a reason for an extension of up to two months.

When you are unhappy with how your data has been handled by the school , you can make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer or if this does not provide satisfaction direct to the information Commissioner at

Separate from the GDPR, the DFE regulations provide a pupil’s parents with the right to view, or to have a copy of their child’s educational record at the school.