As part of our wider curriculum, we believe that it is vital for children to have the opportunity to learn about, discuss and reflect on many different religions found across the world.

Our focus for this term has been Sikhism. We were extremely fortunate to have Mr Singh visit us for the entire day to deliver us a whole school assembly and work with every year group in Key Stage 2. Each year group had the opportunity to look at real artefacts, ask lots of questions and take part in a wide range of exciting activities. Year 6 were able to discuss the symbolism of particular beliefs within the religion and how these can impact on all of our lives; Year 4 enjoyed learning how to tie and wear a turban correctly; Year 5 learnt all about the five k’s and Year 3 are now experts on the different Guru’s.

All in all, the entire school learned so much about Sikhism throughout the day and really enjoyed the practical sessions too. We also received such wonderful feedback from our visitor about how fantastic our children are and how fab all of the staff are, which was really lovely to hear. Thank you Mr Singh.