Sports Funding

The government initially committed to £150 million worth of funding for primary school PE each year until 2020 through their Sports Premium fund; however this was more than doubled to £320 million for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years. This money is ring fenced for spending on developing physical education, healthy living and school sport.

It is the belief of the School and Governors that this money should provide a sustainable legacy, rather than a short term fix. It is being spent on improving the skills of all of our staff, improving our facilities and equipment and embedding a culture of healthy eating and physical activity in our pupils, staff and parents. By linking with external agencies, such as the Wellingborough and East Northants School Sports Partnership (WAEN), Northampton Sport and local clubs, we aim to affect long term change in our school, our pupils and our community.

The school spends part of the Sports Premium to join the School Sports Partnership (WAEN). For this sign up the school receives the help of a Sports Premium Officer. He helps in the training and development of PE throughout the school, training teachers and the PE Coordinator in any areas we require. Also, all of the entry fees to all Level 2 competitions are included in this package.

Another large expenditure of the Sports Premium is on training and development of the teaching staff in the school. Strengths and weaknesses of the staff have been identified and training allocated to match up against the weaknesses.

Money was also spent on playground equipment, this was to ensure that children have access to resources in order to stay active during all break times – including the gym equipment.

Below, you can find the action plans for Physical Education at Cogenhoe Primary School – including our allocation of money, how we plan to spend the money, how the money was spent and impact and sustainability of the actions.


2023 Cogenhoe Sports Funding Document

2022 Cogenhoe Sports Funding Document