Inspiring a life-long commitment to learning

                                                                                                                                            “Inspire, Aspire, Achieve”


Primary education is about laying the foundations for each individual, so that they may flourish both socially and academically. It’s about Inspiring a life-long commitment to learning. These values are central to Cogenhoe Primary and therefore we fundamentally uphold the following aims to ensure this is secured for each child.

  • The staff and Governors are committed to providing a safe, stimulating and positive learning environment in which pupils can develop as individuals. Through our core values, we ensure that all members of our school community show courtesy, compassion and pride. In addition, they ensure that our pupils consistently show exemplary behaviour and are an asset to the school.
  • As a school, we are committed to providing a rich and varied curriculum, which inspires and challenges pupils to demonstrate exceptional outcomes. Through high quality teaching and learning, we support all our children to achieve the highest standards of attainment and rates of progress whilst instilling a love of learning.
  • The contributions of all our pupils are valued; we believe in equality and inclusion. Through celebrating individual achievements and fostering a positive attitude in a wide range of areas, we endeavour to motivate and build self-belief in all children. We aim to provide rich and varied opportunities in Dance, Sport, Drama and Music, which enable all our pupils the chance to shine.
  • We believe in working collaboratively with families to secure the best outcomes for all pupils and will strive to ensure this is successful at every opportunity. As part of the local community, we embrace all those individuals and organisations who are supportive of and interested in our school.