Homework grid and other materials:

Home Learning Inventors and Inventions

Other Year 2 materials: Year 2 common exception words

Year 3 and 4 common exception words

project conquer leaflet Ks1

Timestable quizzes:

2 5 10 timestables quiz

Challenge – 2 3 4 5 10 timestable quiz

Super Challenge –  2 3 4 5 6 10 timestable quiz

*Rocket Challenge* – 2 3 4 5 10 division quiz

To help with most areas of maths: 100 square grid

Interactive 100 grid: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/paint-the-squares

Interactive manipulatives resources which can help with maths understanding: https://toytheater.com/category/teacher-tools/virtual-manipulatives/?fbclid=IwAR25uGg8cxxtsH94shqE6zfgH7dPc6APngLbnk3QCtFy0H99vsSwDpIqAZU


To help with handwriting: Handwriting lines sheet

Reading and Phonics:



Well-being and outdoor activities, some of Mrs Reeve’s favourites:



National Trust 50-things-activity-list

For more resources and support for children in Year 2, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Week 3 – 18/01/21

Our first full week of remote learning has been a huge success. The children (and grown-ups) have all worked incredibly hard, which is evident in their contributions in live lessons and the work they have completed. Thank you to everyone for adapting so well and for putting in such an amazing effort.

In Maths this week, we will be finishing our money unit. The end lesson will recap on all their learning from the unit – perhaps to end the week, the children may even make a home shop where they can test out their newly acquired money skills. In Literacy, we will be continuing with our non-fiction writing unit, which has seen the children researching and writing about subjects which interest them. These have ranged from footballers to Vikings, from Lego to horses, just as examples. Wonderful writing skills have been used from their previous learning too. In Science, we will continue to explore different habitats, looking at how we know if something is living or has never been alive. Hopefully, we will be able to explore more outside…In addition to our normal Science lesson, on Friday there are a selection of rainbow experiments, which can be tried at home (a lovely link to the children’s writing unit). In Topic (History) this week, the sky is the limit – as we will focus on the incredible achievements of the Wright Brothers. There will also be an opportunity for the children to be creative linked to flight. I wonder, has anyone joined in with Joe Wicks this week? Or have you seen Oti’s dance workouts on CBeebies? Make sure to have a go at one of the well-being activities – they’re my favourite activities!

Thank you for another week of super learning Year 2.

Take care, Mrs R x

Timetable and daily plans

Remote learning timeable – Week 3

Tasks for Monday 18th January 2021

Tasks for Tuesday 19th January 2021

Tasks for Wednesday 20th January 2021

Tasks for Thursday 21st January 2021

Tasks for Friday 22nd January 2021



Find-The-Total lesson 7

Find-The-Difference lesson 8

Find-Change lesson 9

Mini Assessment Money lesson 10


PPT-Find-The-Total lesson 7

PPT-Find-The-Difference-final lesson 8P

PT-Find-Change lesson 9


Extra comprehension and writing task if required: Thestampede

Minibeasts Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Year 2 Term 2A Week 3 PowerPoint

Word Search

Topic – History


Activity Sheet A History of Flight Timeline

Aircraft Designs


Lesson Presentation Living, Dead or Never Alive

observation activity

Lesson Presentation Microhabitats

Survey Activity Sheet– tally chart sheet from last week – let’s hope the weather is kinder this week.

Microhabitats Enquiry Pictogram Activity Sheet

Extra tasks including maths and well-being

Daily Challenges and wellbeing wc 1801


Week 2 – 11/01/21

Thank you to the children and grown-ups for a fantastic start to our Home Learning. We’re all adjusting to the new set-up each day, and hopefully, like I have said to the children, we are another step closer to be being back altogether. This week we will continue with our maths work on money. To help the children they can use items around the home to help them with their calculating. If you haven’t got the coins or notes needed, you can always use everyday items like pasta, Lego or even left over Christmas chocolates to help. Making coins from paper may also help. In Literacy, Science and Topic, we will carry on with our different units of work. I will always put on additional maths, reading and well-being challenges, which you can use to supplement your child’s learning. I would like to draw your attention to the wildlife and wellbeing activities at the top pf the page, as these are wonderful to do as a whole family.

In our last Literacy lesson, we mentioned optical illusions. I have found a fun website for your child to explore them more: https://www.optics4kids.org/illusions

Thank you for all your emails and pictures, as you will see I’m creating a gallery of the children’s home learning activities, as I would do if we were in school.

Take care and remember those Joe Wicks’ workouts start again today 😉

Mrs R

Timetable and daily plans

Remote Learning Timetable – Week 2

Tasks for Monday 11th January 2021

Tasks for Tuesday 12th January 2021

Tasks for Wednesday 13th January 2021

Tasks for Thursday 14th January 2021

Tasks for Friday 15th January 2021



Count-Money-Notes-And-Coins lesson 3


Make-The-Same-Amounts lesson 5

Compare-Money lesson 6


Count-Money-Pounds-and-Pence lesson 3

Select-Money lesson 4

Make-The-Same-Amounts lesson 5

Compare-Money lesson 6


Extra comprehension and writing task if required ( do not complete the section which mentions metaphor ): TheFox

Emperor Penguin Life Cycle Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Year 2 Term 2A Week 2 Presentation

Word Search

Topic – History

POP Task – what do the children already know about inventions?



william-caxton printing press powerpoint


Powerpoint:Living, Dead or Never Alive

habitat word grid -vocabulary check

Survey Activity Sheet tally chart activity

Additional activity if required: British Habitats Word Search

Extra tasks including maths and well-being

Daily Challenges and wellbeing wc 1101


Week 1 

We have so much to look forward to learning this year, but for the time being we are back to teaching and learning remotely. As you can imagine, the speed in which this has all happened has meant that we have had to move quickly and plans which we had for learning in school have changed. The children will be learning about different inventors and inventions in their History based Topic lessons (which has an accompanying homework grid). In Literacy, we will be using a Talk for Writing unit booklet, which we will discuss and go through activities on a daily basis. The unit is linked to rainbows and explanation texts. In Maths, we will begin the term by looking at money, as this is something that everyone at home can join in. Each lesson has a Powerpoint to accompany with worksheets available to use on the class page. In Science, we will be exploring habitats, with the children having the opportunity to get outside and explore their local habitats. I have put additional websites and support for Maths and extra reading resources if needed. In regards to handwriting, there will be a task set from our unit of work each week, with the handwriting paper template available on the class page. If you would like more work or challenges, I have included timestable quizzes at the top of the page and if you scroll to the bottom of the class page there are lots of different websites for all the different curriculum areas.

As we move to Home Learning again, it will take time for us to adapt, which may mean that things might change on a daily or weekly basis, but I know we will learn and have fun along the way.

Thank you to everyone for their time, support and encouragement at this difficult time. Most of all stay safe and I can’t wait to see you all again in person very soon.

Mrs Reeve x

If you need to contact me, or send work: mrs.reeve@cogenhoeprimary.org

Week 1

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Remote learning timetable – week 1

Tasks for Wednesday 6th January 2021

Tasks for Thursday 7th January 2021

Tasks for Friday 8th January 2021


Worksheets – Count-Money-Pence lesson 1

Powerpoint – Count-Money-Pence lesson 1

Worksheets – Count-Money-Pounds lesson 2

Powerpoint – Count-Money-Pounds lesson 2

Additional money resources and activities if needed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zp8dmp3 


Extra Maths challenges if needed:




Additional reading comprehension activities if needed: linked to our Science topic of habitats



Handwriting lines sheet


Year 2 Term 2A Week 1 – Presentation

Year 2 Term 2A Week 1 – Word Search


Additional resources if needed and if the weather prevents you for going outside: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zx882hv

Extra Science activity for Thursday or Friday if needed: scavenger-hunt_

Home and School Learning Gallery


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!


What a wonderful end to the year we’ve had this week! We started the week with a walk around Cogenhoe, where we discovered different human and physical features. We saw a lovely lady who used to go the old school. We also spotted road signs and even a map! At the end of the walk we went to the playing fields and used a compass to navigate ourselves around it. When we returned to school, we wrote a recount about our adventures. In Maths, we completed lots of fun Christmas themed activities. Throughout December, we have been completing acts of kindness, one of these was making Christmas cards for our local communities.

In addition to our walk, we read the end of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, and tried Edmund’s Turkish Delight. Although we couldn’t go to the panto, the pantomime came to us. We watched Cinderella and joined in all the fun jokes and callouts. To end the week, we had a fabulous time at our Christmas Craft Morning and our Christmas Party.

Even more out of this world…we heard back from retired NASA astronaut, Clayton Anderson! He answered a few of the children’s questions about space – we were over the moon!

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you all for a wonderful two terms, under very strange circumstances. The children have been amazing and we are incredibly proud of them. We say a goodbye to Miss Hare, who will now be working in Reception, and welcome Miss Fraser to our team in the New Year.

Thank you for your kind words and gifts – we wish you all a very Merry Christmas x

Spellings Week 1: week 1

Christmas activity pack for those who would like some fun activities to do: Christmas-Activity-Pack-FINAL-VERSION-2020

Around the Solar System


We were zooming around the Solar System this week, as we completed multiplication and division facts. More exciting than this, we actually managed to get in touch with a real astronaut, and asked them some questions about space…watch this SPACE next week for the replies!

We continued to learn more about our story, Pirate Tom, in Literacy and have loved talking about the story too. We created a 3D map, which we programmed the Beebot around in our Topic lessons and managed to even complete some Christmas activities.

Next Monday we are going on our walk around Cogenhoe, so be sure to wear waterproof, warm clothing and wellies. It’s also Christmas craft and party day on Thursday.

There are new spellings next week, as we are giving the children their new speed spellings, which are completed in school. They will be given their spellings for the first week back after Christmas, next week.

A very special message from Year 2:


Treasure Hunters


What an amazing week we have had! The children have been very busy doing lots of quizzes, but in addition to this we have managed to cram lots of fun activities in too. We started our new Talk For Writing unit, called Pirate Tom. We were taken on a treasure hunt, and had to solve riddles – thankfully we found the treasure in the end…which we ate back in the classroom! In Topic we looked at Ordinance Survey symbols, and created our own symbols for things you can find in Cogenhoe. Incredibly, we managed to learn about grid references, which involved finding different places on a pirate map. To finish the week, we completed a really fun activity linked to the phases of the Moon…don’t tell Mrs Oldham, but we actually ate Oreos and did our learning at the same time!

At this time of year, it is lovely to complete acts of kindness as a part of Advent. Year 2 have already been wonderful this week, they have: feed the birds, paid someone a compliment and made an older relative a card to make them smile. We can’t wait to see what next week’s will be.

This week’s spellings are linked to our new model text, Pirate Tom. In the last week of term there will be no spelling test, as we will be doing our Speed Spellings.

Spellings Week 6: Pirate Tom

In a spin.


We were spinning around this week in Year 2, as we continued to learn about the Solar System and how we orbit the Sun – we even tried orbiting the Sun in the playground. In our Geography lessons, we created our own treasure maps, by using our ICT skills and compared different types of maps.

If your child is interested in following the International Space Station as it orbits Earth this month you can visit: https://www.meteorwatch.org/  to see the times of the passes.

Our Hot Write on Narwhals is now complete, with the children writing some fascinating non-chronological reports based on these amazing creatures. In Maths, we continued to investigate multiplication and division through the use of arrays. We continued to develop our gymnastic skills, by experimenting with balance.

Spellings week 5: week 5

Out of this world!


Another busy week in Year 2, with the children learning about the magnificent creatures, Narwhals, in preparation for their Hot Writes. The children began to explore multiplication and division in Maths. In Science the children continued their space theme, with a focus on how day and night occur – they even completed some beautiful Solar System art! Watch the skies in the coming weeks as the International Space Station will be zooming across our skies.

Spellings Week 4: week 4

Marvellous Maths Week


The week began with lots of activity in Year 2. To begin Maths week, we completed an Active Maths lesson, which involved us needing to use the whole playground. It was so good to see the amazing teamwork and collaboration being used to solve the various problems. We continued with our addition and subtraction strategies and ending the week with our timestables quiz. Throughout the week, like every week, we had the chance to use Timestable Rockstars. In Literacy we nearly finished our Warm Write about Sea Turtles, and we discovered many fascinating facts about them. I wonder what their Hot Write will be about?

In Topic, we used out new-found compass skills to follow directions around the MUGA and then used those skills to navigate around a map. In Science, we mapped out the Solar System, and even completed a space quiz. Most memorable of all was our Remembrance Day, the children produced some truly wonderful watercolours of poppies and learnt how and why the poppies are made.

Spellings week 3 – week 3

Mapping out our new term.


We’ve had a fantastic start to our first week back. In Maths, we have been using different strategies to work out addition questions and by the end of the week we had started to add 3 digit numbers together! In Literacy we continued to look at non-chronological reports, focusing on the different sentence types. The children have become experts at identifying: statement, command, exclamation and question sentences.

We began our new Geography theme, by looking at compasses and navigating each other around the playground. In Science, we blasted off into our Space unit of work, which the children were very excited about. As this week was also Parliament Week, we learnt about the Houses of Parliament, how a Government works and we even had our own debate in the House of Commons. The class voted on whether we should wear school uniform. They voted 13 for and 12 against – so we’re still wearing school uniform!

Please ensure if your child wears earrings that they are able to either take them out themselves, or they have tape or plasters to cover them up during PE lessons – thank you

Spelling Shed is now live! Hopefully you’ll be able to see this week’s spelling rule. Remember the login details are at the front of the Reading Diaries.

Spellings for week 2 – week 2

Home Learning Term 2 maps

Autumn 2 curriculum news


What an end to the term!


As you know by now, Year 2 are always busy, but this week was definitely our busiest! We began the week by visiting Gabby the Leopard Gecko. Having visited her, we wrote an information text about her for our Cold Write. Later in the week, we visited Antarctica with Andy from CBeebies and  began to learn our new model text about Emperor Penguins. We looked at the features of non-chronological reports and became experts on Emperor Penguins.

In Maths, we continued with our addition and subtraction unit, focusing on adding and subtracting 10s. In Topic, we finished our Coach Trip around the UK, by looking at the different foods found around the country and we recapped on all the things we had learnt about Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh. In Science, we finished our investigations linked to Materials. We devised an experiment to see which material would be best to make an umbrella…as you can see from the results our investigation was a huge success. We used some amazing scientific vocabulary to explain what might happen and why it happened. Budding designers and scientists of the future!

It was wonderful to see so many pumpkins in school too…there must have been lots of pumpkin soup and pies being cooked around Cogenhoe!

Year 2 should be immensely proud of themselves for achieving so much in the first term, of a very different school year.

Spellings for the first week back after Half Term

week 1


Listen to the music


Half Term is fast approaching, but this doesn’t mean that Year 2 have been putting on the bakes just yet! This week, we completed our Hot Write based on a journey story. The children did so well, as this is the most writing they have completed since starting primary school. In Maths, we continued to look at the relationship between numbers and began to investigate the operations of addition and subtraction.

Our Topic lessons were packed full of information this week, we listened and compared the national anthems of Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The children did amazingly well to hear the different instruments used. We also left Cogenhoe again and visited the cathedrals of Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff. We studied the stained glass windows and understood that they often tell a story. We then designed our own beautiful windows.

In Science, we had a mini-materials quiz and devised an experiment to see which material is best for making an umbrella…what this space to read about the results next week!

Remember, next week’s spelling test will be an assessment, so it will not follow the same format as previous weeks.

Year 2 common exception words

Raising the flag


Another busy, busy week in Year 2! We managed to complete two amazing topic lessons: one looked at comparing Northampton to the capital cities of Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh, and the other looked at the different flags which make up the UK – we even completed a flag quiz and looked in the atlases too! In Maths, we began to focus on addition and subtraction. Don’t tell Mrs Oldham, but we completed some graffiti maths! We also completed our weekly timestables quiz.  It’s so important to use Timestable Rockstars, and the results each week keep improving – keep the great work up Year 2.

In Literacy, we are preparing for our Hot Write next week, when we will be writing our own journey stories. In Science, we investigated the changing shape of materials, and even looked at toilets in Japan that are transparent and opaque!

The children now have logins for Spelling Shed, where they will be able to play spelling games. This week’s spellings are based on the Year 2 common exception words (words that do not necessarily follow a set spelling rule). The following week there will be no spelling list/test, as we will be completing a spelling assessment on the children, which will inform us of any support needed.

Spellings: week 6

Year 2 common exception words

We have had some wonderful Book Talk and Guided Reading sessions, and the children are progressing well with their reading. We encourage the children to read with you 5 times a week. The children love to show how well they are doing. Here is a leaflet, which can help to support the reading at home.

Reading with your child in Year 2

Taking a day trip


This week we quickly took a trip to Edinburgh to take in all the sights. We visited Edinburgh Castle, Zoo and Arthur’s Seat to name just a few. We then wrote a postcard to Mrs Oldham to explained where we visited and some things which unfortunately went wrong. Fortunately though we still had a great time.

In Maths we finished exploring place value, which means we’re moving onto addition and subtraction in the coming weeks. In Science, we continued to look at materials, and how suitable they are for the jobs that they do. We learned new vocabulary, such as: opaque, transparent and absorbent.

In PE, we moved our feet to the music of Wales, when we began to learn the Nantgarw dance, which is quite similar to Morris Dancing. We also helped to sort the hand sanitiser Mrs Reeve received into groups of 10, so that it could be distributed to the other classes.

Spellings: week 5

Material World


Another busy week in Year 2, which saw us venture outside to discover the different materials around us and the different uses they have. Luckily, we were able to dodge the freak storm we had had earlier in the day, which as you can imagine caused much excitement!

The children became internet investigators, when they researched the different capital cities of Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland. Their fact finding was so successful that they taught Mrs Reeve and Miss Hare some new facts about the different cities.

In Maths, the children continued to explore place value, by ordering numbers and determining which numbers were greater than or less than each other. They continued to dance the Highland Fling in PE, with a ‘copycat’ activity. In Literacy, we gave our opinions on the model text and learned about the different word classes. The children have an amazing bank of adjectives now and are hungry to use them in their writing!

Spellings: week 4


Ready, steady, action


This week Year 2 have been very active. We began the week by exploring place value and nature together, by using the things around us to understand number. Those things included: twigs, leaves, cones and stones. Throughout the week we explored numbers in different ways.

We were treated to a Freestyle session of Dodgeball, as well as our normal PE lessons. Continuing our journey around the UK, we began to learn the Highland Fling, which we needed to do in the shade of the tree, as the weather was so hot!

There was plenty of action in our Literacy lessons too, as we ventured on our journey with Little Charlie and learnt about the use of verbs and tenses. In Topic, we located the different nations of the UK and their capital cities. We also identified different materials and their different uses in Science.

Just in case any spelling sheets are lost, I will put them on here every week.

Spellings: week 3

All aboard!

Year 2 have been on their travels this week! We had a whistle-stop coach trip to Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, as the children began to learn about the nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Thankfully, we did not get stuck in traffic and were able to make it back to Cogenhoe in time for the end of school – phew!

In Literacy, the children have quickly learnt their new model text, Little Charlie and have told us how much they have enjoyed sharing it with you at home. When they share their model text it can be written in their Reading Diaries, as it counts towards their reading (5 times a week). In Maths, we have started to look at place value, particularly numerals and words. The start of our Science unit, has seen the children become material detectives, when they discovered what materials could possibly be in the science bag. An amazing first full week back – keep the good work up Year 2!

We also had a visit from artist, Darcy, who showed us how to make shoes from wire and metal tape. It was quite tricky, but we were determined to do it. Year 2 are now true cobblers!



What a wonderful start!

We couldn’t be more proud of Year 2 – they have had the most wonderful start to the new school year. They have already displayed our value of the term: Courage. Very quickly, they have adapted to our new school routines, which will adapting and improving all the time. This week, we have already completed our first piece of writing linked to our new Talk for Writing unit, explored the value of courage and learnt some interesting facts abut Northampton linked to our new Project Conquer. Please ask the children to share a fact they’ve learnt about their hometown. As you can imagine, we have a very busy two days back, so photos were a little limited this week…more to follow in the future. Next week we’ll settle into our normal school week, with PE on Mondays and Fridays, so remember to be in PE kit for those days.

Well done to everyone for a super start – we’re going to have a fantastic year.


Welcome to Year 2 2020-21

The new school year starts in September; Mrs Reeve and Miss Hare are looking forward to seeing all of their new children and parents. Here is some information to help with the transition into Year 2. To accompany this, I have also included at the bottom of the page, an extensive list of online resources, which may help your child and you.

Have a wonderful Summer.

Mrs Reeve

Meet the teacher Class presentation

An overview of the Year 2 objectives:


Creative learning tasks for home linked to the term’s theme:

year 2 Home Learning Term 1 UK cities


Year 2 common exception words

Help with timestables and maths, in addition to Timestable Rockstars and Numbots:


We quiz on our 2, 5 and 10 timestables termly, here is an idea of the format we will use. They will have 2 mins 30 secs to complete the quiz each time.

sample timestable quiz


Handwriting skills in Year 2 are taught regularly and systematically through the use of the PENPALS Handwriting scheme (Cambridge University Press).

Five stages are identified and these form the basic organisation of the scheme:

 1.Readiness for writing: gross and fine motor skills leading to letter formation(Pre-school and Reception)

 2.Beginning to join (Upper KS1)

 3.Securing joins (Lower KS2)

 4. Practising speed and fluency (KS2)

 5.Presentation skills (KS2)


Wellbeing activities 

Different creative and academic Lego activities, which also involve maths and sceince: https://thestemlaboratory.com/lego-stem-activities/

For more creative ideas, you could use:




Additional Useful Websites

I have also compiled a list of free teaching resources. These websites will help to engage your children while they are absent from school. I hope you find this useful.

BBC Supermovers
Hit the Button – maths game
Math Salamanders
Education pages
The Kids Should See This
National Geographic Kids

To help with spellings:

Phonics Play   https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/PicnicOnPluto.html




Small Town Superhero game – help with phonics and spelling rules on BBC Bitesize:


To help with reading: lots of authors and celebrities reading different stories, very similar to CBeebies.

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities

Reading Eggs is a fantastic resource, which is currently offering a free 30 day trial for parents:


Extra online books are available at: https://readon.myon.co.uk/library/browse.html

To help with Maths:

Amazing videos to show step by step approaches, also worksheets and activities available. The children are also familiar with the format as we use them in class.


In addition to White Rose the following website is also offering a similar thing:


Active Maths is a great resource, many of the activities can be used at home and will help your child to be active and use maths skills at the same time. The children love their Active Maths sessions…give it a go.



To help with PE:

Premier League activities: https://plprimarystars.com/news/home-learning-activities-school-closures?utm_campaign=1867544_homelearning_19.03.20&utm_medium=email&utm_source=edcoms&dm_i=3VTU,14108,1IIAVQ,3WJHS,1

Yoga – https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga?safe=true

Body Coach fitness routines: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ?safe=true


To help with Science: