Goodbye and thank you

It’s a year which none of us could have comprehended, but our children showed us how resilient, creative and caring they are. Thank you to everyone who played a part in this 2019-20’s Year 2 class. This will be a year which we will never forget, but for all the right reasons: from performances at the Harvest Festival to Little Star’s journey; to our trip to Brazil to our A&E casualty treatment in our Nurses role play. The children demonstrated what stars they truly are.

Thank you for your support, kind words, cards and gifts. We certainly have lots of wonderful memories to put in our Happy Pots.

Mrs Reeve x

Welcome to Year 2 2020-21

The new school year starts in September; Mrs Reeve and Miss Hare are looking forward to seeing all of their new children and parents. Here is some information to help with the transition into Year 2. To accompany this, I have also included at the bottom of the page, an extensive list of online resources, which may help your child and you.

Have a wonderful Summer.

Mrs Reeve

Meet the teacher Class presentation

An overview of the Year 2 objectives:


Creative learning tasks for home linked to the term’s theme:

year 2 Home Learning Term 1 UK cities


Year 2 common exception words

Help with timestables and maths, in addition to Timestable Rockstars and Numbots:

We quiz on our 2, 5 and 10 timestables termly, here is an idea of the format we will use. They will have 2 mins 30 secs to complete the quiz each time.

sample timestable quiz


Handwriting skills in Year 2 are taught regularly and systematically through the use of the PENPALS Handwriting scheme (Cambridge University Press).

Five stages are identified and these form the basic organisation of the scheme:

 1.Readiness for writing: gross and fine motor skills leading to letter formation(Pre-school and Reception)

 2.Beginning to join (Upper KS1)

 3.Securing joins (Lower KS2)

 4. Practising speed and fluency (KS2)

 5.Presentation skills (KS2)

Wellbeing activities for the Summer

Different creative and academic Lego activities, which also involve maths and sceince:

For more creative ideas, you could use:



Home Learning Photo Gallery


Additional Useful Websites

I have also compiled a list of free teaching resources. These websites will help to engage your children while they are absent from school. I hope you find this useful.
BBC Supermovers
Hit the Button – maths game
Math Salamanders
Education pages
The Kids Should See This
National Geographic Kids

To help with spellings:

Phonics Play




Small Town Superhero game – help with phonics and spelling rules on BBC Bitesize:

To help with reading: lots of authors and celebrities reading different stories, very similar to CBeebies.

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities

Reading Eggs is a fantastic resource, which is currently offering a free 30 day trial for parents:

Extra online books are available at:

To help with Maths:

Amazing videos to show step by step approaches, also worksheets and activities available. The children are also familiar with the format as we use them in class.

In addition to White Rose the following website is also offering a similar thing:

Active Maths is a great resource, many of the activities can be used at home and will help your child to be active and use maths skills at the same time. The children love their Active Maths sessions…give it a go.


To help with PE:

Premier League activities:,14108,1IIAVQ,3WJHS,1

Yoga –

Body Coach fitness routines:

To help with Science: