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A Creative Week In Year Two 

Owls and Australia

We have had an incredibly exciting week this week in Year 2. Firstly, we were visited by 3 owls who we learnt lots of facts about, sketched and even held. We are now learning all about non-chronological reports so that we can write down all the amazing things we now know about owls.

Later on in the week, we celebrated Australia Day. We spent the day completing Australian activities such as Australian football, making Aboriginal jewellery, cooking Anzac biscuits and even tasting Vegemite. After that we invited all of our adults from home in to see what we had been getting up to.

Anti Bullying, Futsal, Lego Printing & The Gingerbread Man 

As always, a very busy and exciting week in Year 2. To start off the week we made some fantastic bread and were so pleased that so many parents and carers could come, so thank you.

This week is anti-bullying week. We looked at ways we can help other children or stop it. We also looked at how we are all very unique and embraced.

Year 1 also had an afternoon being taught about Futsal, which they very much enjoyed.

We also had a video sent from child in Bali, teaching us about their life and asking questions about ours. They showed us where some of their fruit is grown and we even got to try some!

The Iron Man, Diva Lamps and Jam Sandwiches!

Our last week of this half term has been fun packed. We had a fantastic Diwali themed afternoon on Monday making delicious sweets and salt dough Diva Lamps. We also made our very own jam sandwiches as a stimulus to help us write some instructions. We were lucky enough to have the Iron Man visit us again! This time we had to put him together again and help him on his way home.

The Great Fire of London 

This week in Year 2 we have been very, very busy! First, we created our very own Iron Man art. We then built Tudor and Stuart style houses to replicate the buildings that were in the Great Fire of London. In English, we began to unpick instructions and helped Miss Latham put hers back together again, after cheeky Charlie cut them up!

A big highlight of our week was a visit from our fantastic local Fire Brigade. They created the ‘Great Fire of Cogenhoe’ with our model houses and then helped us put it out. We then talked about fire safety now and compared it to what it was like in the 17th century.

The Fire of London

This week in Year 2, we delved further into our topic; The Great Fire of London. We travelled back in time, to the 17th century, and used what we found out to recreate Pudding Lane, compare London now to what it was like then and even designed our own houses (which we are going to create next week). We also helped Miss Latham with a BIG problem in Maths, involving sweets. Year 2 were very eager to help her find a solution!


Humpty Dumpty & The Iron Man – What a week!

This week Humpty Dumpty asked Year 2 for some help. He asked us to design a protective coat, so that if he falls off of a wall again, he won’t break. We looked carefully at the properties of different materials to help us make the best choice. As you can see from the pictures, some materials were much more suitable than others!

The Iron Man also visited us in school this week! We have learnt all about him and have used this to produce some super writing.

In topic, we looked at the 4 countries and capital cities of the UK and labelled these on giant maps in the playground. We continued to look at place value in Maths – we’ve ordered numbers, looked at odd and even numbers and lots lots more! A very busy week!

Another Lovely Week in Year Two 

In Year 2 this week, our very own Charlie the Chimp went on an exciting adventure. He sent a video diary of his journey to Miss Latham’s house where he met some enormous, colourful fish, swung from huge trees in her garden and even drove her car.  We wrote all about Charlie’s adventure and learnt the ‘Chimp Check’ song to make sure we included everything we needed to make our sentences super.  We also started to explore the uses of different materials and sorted them into groups according to their properties. The children continued to develop their understanding of place value outside of the classroom.

Investigating in Year Two 

It has been another busy week in Year Two with lots of Science experiments and Art work.

Our First Week in Year Two


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