A Visit From a Dragon and Constellation Art

We have had a very exciting week. Firstly, had a visit from a Manchester Ridge-back dragon who left us special objects around the school. Luckily, he was a vegetarian! Even though he is a shy species of dragon, we managed to catch his visit at Cogenhoe Primary School on camera.  We used what we learnt about him to produce wanted posters to help find him. They were so good that he was found the following day and taken to a Dragon Sanctuary.

Next, we painted constellations onto cling film to explore our topic, Space, further. They looked amazing!

Number Day Fun!

This week, we celebrated Number Day. We had a visit from a Magical Mathematician who ran workshops with all year groups, held a very exciting assembly and even ran a parent workshop. We also did lots of cross curricular Maths activities with our teachers.

A Visit from the Big Friendly Giant

An actor, who has performed the BFG on stage at the West End, visited us at school this week. He retold the story of the Big Friendly Giant through the use of drama and some amazing props! We are going to use this as a stimulus to write a letter from the BFG to the Queen, thanking her for all of her help. We have also written a Spine Poem based on the BFG, focusing on our choice of adjectives – even independently using thesauruses to support us!

Composing Our Own Music and the BFG Drama Workshop

In Music, the children wrote a gripping story about a chase. Shortly after this, they composed music to go alongside their stories. They were inspired by Mozart’s Horn Concerto. Additionally, we were incredibly lucky to have a visit from the Derngate Theatre. They ran a drama workshop centered around the story of the BFG.

A Fantastic Start to 2018

We have begun the new year with a new form of reading, Book Talk. The children work in small groups and answer questions based on a text they are reading. Each child will have the opportunity to take on an exciting role in that group. We are loving it already!

We have also been starting our new topics. In Science we have started to explore ‘Materials and their Properties’. Our new ‘Explorers’ topic started with a bang where we traveled into space and imagined we were exploring the moon like Neil Armstrong. Our optional Home Learning tasks which go alongside this topic are listed below. How many can you complete?

A VERY Special Visit, Christmas Maths Board Games, Whole School Reading and Card Making

What a busy last few days we have had. Year 3 made Christmas Maths Board Games and came into Year 2 to test them out. We were also very lucky to be donated lots of card making resources which we then used to make festive cards. We also had a whole school reading morning where each member of staff read a Christmas related book to children up and down the school. It was the children’s choice which story they went and listened to.

The most exciting thing of all was the mysterious, snowy footprints that appeared overnight in Year 2’s classroom. They lead from the outside door, into the classroom and right up to a Christmas Tree. On the tree were candy canes attached to a poem. There was only one person that could have done it… SANTA.

Mrs Pritchard and Miss Latham would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents from Year 2 for all their continued support, kindness and generosity.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Pantomime and Christmas Party

To get us into the festive spirit, we watched our Christmas Pantomime, Beauty and the Beast. If that wasn’t exciting enough, we then had our class Christmas Party.

Christmas Craft Day

Today, we split off into groups with the children from all of the other classes. We had a fantastic time creating lots of Christmas themed crafts. In Year 2’s classroom the children made reindeer hats and snowman Christmas countdown calendars.

A Very Wriggly Christmas Nativity

We have now completed the last of our two Christmas nativity performances. The children worked so hard and Mrs Pritchard and Miss Latham were incredibly proud of all of their performances. Thank you to all of the adults who came and watched our performances. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Rainforest Smoothies with Tesco

Today we were visited by a representative from Tesco who helped us make smoothies. With her, she brought some fruits which are known to grow in rainforests around the world and she told us some very interesting facts about them. We had an amazing time making our rainforest fruit smoothies and they tasted good too!

Christmas Songs CD

We are now officially recording artists in Year 2 as we recorded our songs for the Christmas CD this week. We were even lucky enough to have local ukulele players to record the songs with us, as well as a guitarist and Mrs Partridge-Underwood on the piano.

A Book and Biscuit

Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend our first ‘Book and a Biscuit’ morning. We had a lovely time listening to our adults reading and we are looking forward to next week already!

ZooLab Visit and Hunting for Minibeasts in Microhabitats

We have had a very exciting week in Year 2. We are all incredibly lucky to have a visit from some rainforest creatures; an enormous snail, a very friendly snake called Milkshake, a gecko, a lively scorpion and even a dragon.

We also went outside to investigate the difference between Microhabitats around the school. We found that certain Minibeasts are suited to particular Microhabitats.

Remembrance Day Art and our Multiskills Festivals

In Art we created our own giant poppies, whilst exploring different textures. We used dyed sand and rice, felt and even glitter.

Some of the children were chosen at random to attend a Multiskills Festival, run by Sports Leaders from Wollaston Secondary School. Meanwhile, the children who weren’t picked to attend the trip were lucky enough to attend Miss Latham’s Multiskills Festival. We all had lots of fun!

Diwali, Dissections, Disco and Much More…

Wow.. What a busy end to the term we have had in Year 2! We started the week by directing our own weather forecasts for rainforests around the world. Next, we created giant ‘more than, less than and equal to symbols with our bodies in order to consolidate our understanding of Place Value. We also dissected flowers in Science, labelled them and explained why they were important to the plant. Our school disco was a huge success. We had lots of fun dancing and playing musical games. On the subject of music, we have been using musical instruments to explore ‘pulse’. Finally, we celebrated Diwali. We learnt the story of Diwali from one of our peers who had learnt the story, with the use of puppets, at home. We then created our own Diwali dances and Rangoli inspired artwork.

Number Line Fun and Meeting the Police

We have all been working hard this week. As part of learning how to add and subtract numbers, we created our own number lines from shaving foam, glitter and chalk. We also had a visit from the police who spoke to us about ‘The Butterfly Effect’.


Drama Workshops, Baking for MacMillan and Street Dance Sessions

What a busy week we have had! Our week started off with a follow up workshop from the Derngate Theatre Company, where we brought The Tiger Who Came to Tea in our classroom to life through drama based activities. Next, we were lucky enough to take part in a Street Dance workshop where we learnt and performed a dance to a Bruno Mars song. We all helped make some plain and sultana flapjacks to sell on Friday’s MacMillan coffee morning.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea – The Royal and Derngate Theatre

This week we had a very exciting trip to the theatre to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We had a fantastic time watching the performance and can’t wait for our follow-up workshop from the Derngate at school on Monday. We are also very eager to use the story as a stimulus for our writing, where we plan to invite our own special guests to tea… watch this space!



A Busy Start to Year 2

In Year 2 this week we have been delving into our new topics. In English, we have been looking at instructions and have used a set of instructions to make George’s Marvellous Medicine which was inspired by Roald Dahl. We have begun to explore place value in Maths, where we have been writing numbers in letters and words both in and outside of the classroom. Atomic Tom visited the school which gave us a very exciting start to our Science lessons. And if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we got our passports at the ready for our trip to the rainforest. When we arrived at our destination we completed various drama activities to help immerse ourselves into our new topic.



Explorers Home Learning 1

Curriculum Overview Spring – Explorers


We are launching our new weekly Maths Challenges. We would love all children to take part and they will be rewarded for effort and achievement.

Weekly Challenges 

Children are invited to try the challenges which begin with  Ks1 as these are appropriate for their age and ability .The other challenges are marked Ks2 as these are more challenging tasks for our Key Stage 2 children.

Recommended Books for Year 2

In Year 2 we try to encourage children to read as much as possible at home. If your child would like to read books from home, alongside ones which are provided by school, they may like to try the texts listed on the link above.