Facts, stats and habitats

It’s been a week of firsts – we took our first look at navigating the Internet by using a child-friendly search engine to find out facts about Florence Nightingale. The children found some amazing facts and taught Mrs Reeve, Miss Humphries and Miss Walker a few facts too. Throughout the activity, the children demonstrated a good understanding of Internet Safety, by checking when a ‘pop-up’ message appeared on their screen – a super job done by all. We completed our first lessons on Statistics, which will coincide with our involvement with the RSPB’s Birdwatch (a letter and survey sheet will be coming home next week). Having introduced the Birdwatch event to the children, we then searched the school grounds for bird habitats. The children are so excited to be involved and have already discussed what birds they have spotted on the way to school!

Welcome back

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, which now seems like a distant memory. We’ve already learnt so much this week. In Literacy we have begun to write warning stories and in Maths we have doubled, halved and divided. Moving on to Topic, we launched our History Hero unit of work by learning what to do in different emergencies. We even tried our hands at some basic First Aid. As you will see from the photos, we have some budding nurses in our class. We also had a taster session of tennis and Martyna ( a School Nurse ) came in to talk to the children about Healthy Eating. One of the activities Martyna completed was about sugary drinks, and we were shocked at how much sugar was in a milkshake! Year 2 also explored our new value of Curiosity, which led them to ask some very interesting questions – hopefully we can find the answers to all of them!

We also welcomed Miss Walker, who will be working in the class for the next 8 weeks.

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Merry Christmas from Year 2

Every week is busy in Year 2, but this week in particular has been especially busy. We’ve tasted Turkish Delight having finished The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – most of us loved the treat! In addition to that treat, we also had great fun during our Christmas Party afternoon. Many thanks to all of those parents who helped to contribute to the party food, it was very much appreciated – the children loved it.

Spellings have been given out, with extra time to learn them, as there was no test this week – well it is Christmas.

Finally, a message from Year 2…


Year 2’s favourite moments in the Nativity play.

Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown has truly started. The children have made the finishing touches to their Nativity performance, which they will be performing next week. Also, they have had fun making gingerbread reindeers for the Christmas Fayre and making various different Christmas themed crafts during our whole school arts and crafts morning.

Numbots has already proven to be a hit with Year 2, with over half of them using it – they’re doing so well too! In Maths, the children have been exploring multiplication and division. Using Timestable Rockstars and Numbots will also help them so much. They’ve also been learning different techniques to answer different styles of questions during a reading focus.

Thank you to everyone for providing such wonderful costumes for the children’s performance.

Active Maths and Active voices

The children have been extremely busy this week testing their maths and reading skills. In addition to this, they have completed some Active Maths lessons, one was even linked to the literacy pirate theme! We’re also really excited about the launch of Numbots too – all you need to do is use the same login details as Timestable Rock Stars. Mrs Reeve has had a go and she loves it!

Even though, there have been many croaky voices this week the children have still been able to practise their songs and lines in readiness for the Nativity performances.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the wonderful Miss Kilborn, who has been a great addition to our class. Although she was only with us for a short time, we loved the lessons she taught and the help she gave us.

Setting sail with Pirate Tom

This week we began our new Literacy unit linked to Pirate Tom. The children went on a riddle treasure hunt and discovered some chocolate coins at the end of it! They improved their understanding of the different word classes and identified more complex vocabulary. In Maths, the children used the expanded method to add and subtract, which they are showing great confidence in. They learnt about Road Safety in PSHE and in Topic the children used pastels to produce rainforest scenes.

The children are continuing to practice their Nativity, and they are doing so well. A letter went home today (Thursday 21st) about the allocation of tickets.

Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our Parents’ Meetings – it was so wonderful to meet to many of you. All of the conversations we had were so valuable and your time and support are very much appreciated.

Apologies, as I am still having difficulties uploading photos to this page, but for those of your who attended the later appointments, I hope enjoyed the slideshow of photos  on the ‘big’ screen.

The children have continued to learn their lines in their play, which they are improving upon each time. Please can the children always have their scripts in their book bags. Reading through their lines at home can also be recorded as reading in their diaries.

We had time to reflect and remember this week, with the children showing respect during our Two Minute Silence and through our discussions about the two World Wars – incredible for their age. Also this week, we have discussed bullying, to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week. The children had lots of deep discussions about this and took time to consider why it’s good to be them and why it is so important to be kind to one another.

I mentioned at a few of the parents’ meeting about a website which I use in class. Here is the link to Hit the Button:



Budding Stars

We’ve had an exciting and fun-packed week back to school. In literacy we find out lots of facts about Narwhals, which we used to write a non-chronological report. The children loved sharing all the facts they’d learnt to parents visiting our Reception Intake morning. Their confidence and enthusiasm was infectious, with our visitors complimenting them – perhaps we have the future David Attenborough in our midst?

They investigated relationships with different numbers in Maths and looked out how materials can change shape in our Science lessons. This term’s value is confidence – we discussed that it’s ok not to be good at everything, but also long as we try, we can achieve so much more. We celebrated all the things we’re good at doing. Leading on from this, we began to learn our Christmas production. Exciting times! The children’s growing confidence was evident when we began reading through the script and learning some of our songs. We can’t wait for you to see it.


One giant leap for Year 2

Our WOW week all about space has been simply out of this world! The class have created Kennings poems about the Sun, completed code-breaking maths questions, created questions for astronauts and even completed some constellation artwork. A very busy, but hugely rewarding week!

We hope you all have a wonderful Half Term and we can’t wait to hear about your adventures – to infinity and beyond!


Pick up a penguin

This week we have begun to look at non-chronological reports, focusing on Emperor Penguins. The children have loved learning facts about these amazing creatures. In maths, they’ve looked at different patterns in addition and subtraction activities. Looking to the future, we also have some budding architects, as the children have been designing their own rainforest home.

Mrs Reeve is so proud of the children’s performance in last week’s Harvest Service – we will miss singing Caulifowers Fluffy!

Weather or not!

Year 2 became amateur meteorologists this week when they created weather forecasts for Madagascar and its rainforests. We quickly established that it is currently a lot warmer and drier in Madagascar! We finished our current Talk for Writing unit of work and have moved onto looking at non-chronological reports. In addition to this, we have moved from place value to addition and subtraction in our maths lessons. In ICT and handwriting sessions, we looked at William Blake’s poem The Tyger.

As mentioned in this week’s Book and a Biscuit, there will be no spellings in the last week of term, instead there will be an assessment of the Common Exception words, which are available to look at on the webpage.

Material World

This week we have been exploring the world around us. Firstly, we returned to the rainforests of Madagascar to look at the type of weather they have there, then we compared it to the weather this week in Cogenhoe – you’ve guessed it, both had rain! In ICT, we studied the work of Henri Rousseau and produced images inspired by his work by using Paint. We also investigated the school grounds to find the different materials around us; we then looked at their uses.

In Literacy we began our Hot Task, which has already seen a huge improvement in structure and handwriting – great work Year 2. We have completed our unit of work on Place Value, with some super challenges along the way – including working out odd and even numbers, into the thousands!

The children have begun to complete timestables quizzes, which they love. We have already seen an increase in their scores – marvellous maths! They have also started to do SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) quizzes, which they enjoyed too.

Thank you for your donations to the class food bank collection.


Level up!

We continued to explore the rainforest by looking at the different levels of a rainforest and what different animals live there. Some of us, including Mrs Reeve and Miss Humphries, were not very keen on the creepy crawlies! Our investigations in to the different materials around us have also continued, and we are in agreement that metal books and glass umbrellas would not be good inventions!

Many thanks to all the children and parents for the wonderful homework projects we have received, which are on display in the classroom.

Journey Stories

Year 2 have been on some long journeys this week. Journey stories have been our focus in Book Talk, Literacy and even our Topic lessons linked to the rainforest. The children have completed a shared writing piece about their trip to Brazil, and have continued to use Little Charlie in their Literacy lessons. Their understanding of place value has been very impressive; as they have continued to explore numbers.

We have begun to practice our song and poem in preparation for Harvest Service on Friday 11th September. As a class, we are collecting donations for our hamper to help the Hope Centre and Weston Favell Food Bank.

The children’s enjoyment of reading has been very evident in our Book Talk sessions – every opportunity they have we really encourage them to D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read). All the extra reading they do at home really helps too, so thank you for supporting your child at home.

Lastly, apologies for the lack of photos, as we are still experiencing some difficulties with our website.

Up, up, and away!

It’s already been a busy start to the year for Year 2, as they took a trip on an airplane to Rio De Janeiro and visited the Amazon rainforest. The children loved their journey, but perhaps not as much as Mrs Reeve and Miss Humphries, who dressed up as cabin crew.

Also the children have been learning their new model text, Little Charlie, and have enjoyed reading and performing it in class. We hope you’ve enjoyed it too. They’ve already begun to develop an understanding of place value and the properties of materials, in Science.


First Day Smiles

What a wonderful start to the new school year! We talked about what we did over the holidays, and listened to each other very carefully. There was also a chance to read with an adult and begin our reading records for the year. Later on, we had a football taster session and worked on our 2, 5 and 10 timestables!

Welcome to Year 2 2019-20!

It’s a new school year and Mrs Reeve and Miss Humphries are looking forward to seeing all of their new children and parents. There will be the opportunity to ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Thursday 5th September. For those parents who are unable to attend, the following documents are available here:

Explorers Home Learning Term 1 Rainforest

Meet the teacher Class presentation year 2

autumn curriculum news rainforest

Year 2 common exception words



  Thank you and goodbye

We’re sad to say goodbye our Year 2 class of 2018-19, but we are so immensely proud of their achievements. Thank you to all the parents and children for their wonderful gifts and kind messages in their cards. we are so grateful. Have a wonderful Summer everyone form Mrs Reeve, Miss Humphries and Miss Scott.