Festive fun.

Year 2 have been very busy preparing for their Nativity play, but they have also been doing lots of learning too. We have started to round off our Topic, Science and Literacy units of work and the children have now moved onto developing their multiplication skills in Maths. In addition to this, they have created their own personalised Christmas bauble, which will soon be on sale for £1.50, to help raise funds for the school. We think you’ll agree, their efforts are amazing.

A list has been put up about the Christmas Party – if you have not seen the list or would like to know what your children can bring in, please ask one of the Year 2 team. Many thanks.

Message in a bottle!

What a surprise we had this week, when we found a message in a bottle in the classroom! We discovered that it had been written 9 years ago by a girl called Polly, who was looking for her friend. The children we then inspired to write a story about Polly finding her long, lost friend. Fantastic use of adjectives and verbs were used to describe their stories in detail. Great work Year 2!

We’ve also been busy rehearsing our lines and songs ready for the Nativity play. Children should have brought a letter home (a copy is also available in our Year 2 letters section), about ticket allocations. The tickets will be the returned slips, once they have been processed by the office. If you have any queries about the play, please ask a member of our team.

KS1 Calculations

For those parents who could not attend the Maths Evening, I have converted the presentation, which was used into a PDF file so that you can take a look. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Many thanks, Mrs Reeve.

KS1 calculations

The Great Cogenhoe Bake Off

Paul and Prue would be very impressed by Year 2’s baking this week. We definitely had more success than Thomas Farriner (the Great Fire of London baker)! The children had to follow the recipe, make the bread and then evaluate it by looking at the appearance, taste and texture. Mrs Reeve had to give lots of Star Baker handshakes – their baking was fantastic!

The children also completed activities linked to Road Safety week and they have started to learn their Nativity songs. Letters have been sent home about their costumes, which need to be in by Friday 7th December in a bag labelled with their name. We can’t wait to sparkle and shine!

Celebrating our similarities and differences

Linked to Anti-Bullying Week, we have discussed who we are, we even created our own washing line of odd socks with words to describe us. We completed activities about cyber-bullying and talked about what we can do if someone is upsetting us. Very sensible comments and thoughts have been shared throughout the week. The children have loved listening to Andy and the Odd Socks (I’ve popped the link on here). Come and see our washing line at the next Book and a Biscuit.


Parents’ Evening

Many thanks to all of the parents and carers who have attended our Parents’ Evening. I mentioned to some parents about the spellings, which the children are expected to know by the end of Year 2 – these are called Common Exception words.

Here is a list of those spellings, with a section to tick if they can read the word and another for if they can spell the word. I hope this is useful for you.

Year 2 common exception words

Happy Diwali

This week the children learnt about the festival of Diwali and its links to light. We looked at and created our own Rangoli pictures and watched video clips about the celebration. We used our imaginations to create poems about fire and the Great Fire of London – they are amazing. The children imagined that the fire was like many different animals, including: a tiger, phoenix and dragon! In Science, we continued to investigate the properties of materials by testing if they were flexible. We have been continuing to develop our understanding of addition methods by developing our partition addition strategy. Year 2 welcomed parents and grandparents to our Book Talk session on Wednesday, which was a huge success. We are very proud of the children’s progress in their reading, which all could see during the session. Thank you to all the adults who attended.


Yo, ho, ho me hearties!

We’ve had a busy start to our new term! Linked to our theme of the Great Fire of London, we walked around Cogenhoe looking at the different types of houses and then compared them to the style of housing in 1666 London. We even used Google Earth to complete a virtual walk in parts of Cogenhoe we didn’t visit. To our surprise, we were visited by Long Lee Silver, who took us on a treasure hunt to discover the story we will be using in Literacy this term. The children had to solve the riddles and discover that the pirate in the story is called Tom! We were rewarded with a story and some gold coins! We have started our tennis lessons in PE and the children have already started improving their techniques. In science, we discussed  what materials would not be good for a fire officer’s uniform and a parachute (our scientists helped with the investigation in the ‘lab coats’). We hope the parents and grandparents, who came in to have lunch with their children enjoyed their meal.

Wild Wow Week

This week has seen Year 2 walking on the wild side. We’ve completed lots of different activities linked to our week theme of Animal Kingdom. In ICT, we used paint to create sea creatures, and we learnt about how plastic is affecting the sea animals and endangering many of them. We have been creating a sculpture of an endangered sea turtle, by using recycled items (mainly plastic and paper). We even have had an animal theme in PE, as we played Monkey Ball, which was a huge hit, and we moved with Bridget the Lioness – learning our 2 times tables at the same time! We have been developing our creative writing skills by writing about a phoenix and have used birds as a focus in art, as we improved our sketching skills by drawing a bird’s eye. In PSHE, we discussed how we can make the world a better place for animals, and we even involved animals in our maths! What a busy week!

A huge thank you for the wonderful donations to our class hamper for the Hope Centre – your generosity means so much.


Our mini Great Fire of London

We were visited by some of the crew from The Mounts Fire Station this week, who helped us to recreate the Great Fire of London. The fire was started at Thomas Farriner’s bakery and spread rapidly over 4 days (about 4 minutes) until it was extinguished. Tom, Adam. Leon and Mark then talked to us about fire safety, their uniform and the different jobs they do. As a real treat, we had a guided tour of the fire engine inside and out. To end the visit, we were treated further, by all having a chance of using the hose – we think the adults enjoyed it too! We will be revisiting fire safety on the run up to Bonfire Night.


Teamwork and Mosaics

A great PE lesson on Monday, (which will be our last on a Monday, as from next week PE will be on Tuesdays and Fridays) as we had to use lots of teamwork to be successful. As well as developing our throwing skills, we also used our maths skills by counting up in 10s and 20s to score.

We were very lucky to have a visiting artist help us to make a new school mosaic with our motto: Inspire. Aspire. Achieve. Later in the day, we made mosaics back in class to represent our value of the term: Respect

Thank you for your donations to our Harvest hamper for the Hope Centre.

Material World

Although this week has been short, we’ve managed to fit a lot in. In Science we have started to look at the everyday materials we use. We have explored the school to find different materials, described different materials to the class and made suggestions for their uses.

We have been improving our handwriting and fine motor skills by weaving paper and using our new handwriting books.

Mrs Reeve brought in some Roman pottery for the class to look at, which the children all had chance to look at and touch.

To end the week, we made our Tudor/Stuart houses linked to our Great Fire of London theme – look at our amazing creations! We will be having a very special visit from the Fire Service in a couple of weeks, when we will be re-enacting the Great Fire of London.

Science, Safety and Super Movers

Another busy week for Year 2 – we have been learning about Place Value in Maths, by using number lines to help us, and in Literacy we have continued to learn and talk about our story ‘Little Charlie’ – ask the children to tell the story with the actions too!

After Mrs Reeve’s whole school assembly on gaming, we discussed and designed ‘Game Safety’ posters. Year 2 were incredibly sensible when it came to discussing playing online and playing ‘computer’ games, and they were able to identify the dos and don’ts.

Linked to our Maths learning the children had their first go at Super Movers – Maths with Movement! We had great fun learning and dancing to number patterns.

We had three scientists visit us too, and they conducted an experiment with raisins. They children had a super scientific discussion about milk being thicker than water, and that the bubbles in the sparkling water made the raising dance. We even learnt that the gas in the bubbles is Carbon Dioxide. Watch this space for more visits from other scientists…

Look out for our class scarecrow at the weekend’s fete – Where’s Wally?

And relax!

We had a lovely morning experiencing a yoga taster session with Heather, who is hoping to start a Yoga Club at school. The children loved it, they were very relaxed by the end of it.

The children also voted for who will be representing the class on the School Council this year. All the children who wanted to be voted for, told the class why they wanted to be on the School Council and what they would do for the class and school. They were absolutely amazing; so many thoughtful speeches –  they made Mrs Reeve and Mrs Scott incredibly proud. The class all displayed the school value of respect, by listening to each other. A huge well done Year 2!



The day the ‘Great Fire’ came to Cogenhoe.

What a truly fabulous day we had when Patrick from History off the Page came to visit us! We learnt so much about how the fire started and what life was like in 1666 London. The children ,and adults, learnt some incredible facts about the fire, which involved us all participating in different activities and workshops. Later in the day, we were treated to a fascinating story told by Patrick. We do hope the children tell you lots about their day in Stuart London – they may have even seen some rats!

What a great start!

We had our first Book Talk session today, which was absolutely wonderful. The children quickly got used to their groups and new books, with some very detailed answers and responses given. Keep the great work up Year 2!

To introduce the children to their new literacy unit of work, we all went outside and listened to some volunteers, who read out their journey stories, which they had written last week – they were so brave. Mrs Reeve then went on to read them ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, which the children listened to brilliantly and were able to respond with some super answers about the text.

An exciting day ahead, when History off the Page will be visiting us to help with our ‘Great Fire of London’ Day – photos to follow.

The children will be coming home in the next few days with their Curriculum News and Home Learning Grid. They are on here to help, just in case anyone loses theirs.

Explorers Home Learning Term 1

Autumn Curriculum News

Meet the Teacher

It was so lovely to meet so many of you at our Meet the Teacher event. A great opportunity to talk and listen to one another. Thank you so much to those who attended. For those who couldn’t attend and for everyone who would like the evening’s information, I have added them to our class page. I look forward to seeing you all at our Parents’ Evening and our SATs meeting in the future.

Meet the teacher Class presentation year 2

Learning-Times-Tables – I strongly recommend ‘Hit the Button’ as it is available on Android and Apple. Children really enjoy it.


Welcome back!

Mrs Reeve, Miss Humphries and Mrs Scott welcome you all to Year 2! We will keep you up-to-date with the class’ learning and the different activities and events they are involved in. Here’s to a fabulous year ahead!

We had a wonderful first day back – packed full of different activities, including taster sessions for: dodgeball, dance and netball. The class also discussed our first school value: Respect, with some incredibly mature comments and opinions. Earlier in the day, we discussed expectations and consequences, which the children listened to brilliantly. All the children read to an adult and were given two books to start them off.

Thank you for a great day Year 2.





Recommended Books for Year 2

In Year 2 we try to encourage children to read as much as possible at home. If your child would like to read books from home, alongside ones which are provided by school, they may like to try the texts listed on the link above.