Science Week Fun


Health Week 2017

We have absolutely loved this week. So far we have all ran a mile, taken part in a yoga session and completed a whole school Joe Wickes workout. Tomorrow we are going to be looking at sugar and the effect it can have on our bodies.

Bar Model

This week have been learning how to use the bar model to solve fractions – it was so much fun and makes it so much easier too!


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KODAK Digital Still Camera

 KODAK Digital Still Camera

Ukulele Lessons


To complete our work on dragons, we had an Art day. The children worked on a collaborative piece, each taking a small section of a picture and using a specially chosen medium to recreate it. At the end the pieces were put together to make the final picture. Each child also made a scale in the design of the dragon they wrote about last week. We then put all of the scales together to create a multi-scaled dragon with a little bit of each child’s work in display.

Investigating Plants 

Amazing Mathematicians 

This week in Maths we have been looking at place value of two, three and four digit numbers. Trying to understand what the value of each digit is and then comparing and ordering the numbers. The week culminated in two different place value investigations. One where a hundred square had been replaced by symbols and the children had work out which symbols represented the numbers and digits. The other investigation involved six numbers being written in five different ways. The children needed to work what the symbols represented in the numbers to place the same value numbers together.

Sulgrave Manor

This week we went to Sulgrave Manor as part of our Tudor topic. We all dressed up as a variety of Tudors and had a wonderfully interesting day.

We had a tour of the Manor house, which was full of items and clues that it belonged to a rich person, such as having a chimney and meat in the kitchen. We learnt where some of our words we use now came from, for example, cupboard is from Tudor times as a shelf to store your cups. Also we learnt the difference between a table and a board and that the board had games on the underside, so that is where board games come from.

After lunch, we looked at the lives of children in Tudor times. Studying a school day of a child and practising writing with a quill and ink using the Tudor alphabet. Then we explored children’s leisure times and tried playing some of the games children did back then.

Maths Learning in Year Three

A Busy Week 

Year Three have had a very busy week! They joined Year Four to celebrate Diwali and then on Thursday they joined Year Four again for a tennis tournament.

The Iron Man 

This week we have been practising writing informal letters in different formats.

We have looked at informal language and the layout of letters.  In the pictures, you can see the children analysing other children’s work. All of this writing took place after some excellent drama, with the children in role, exploring the feelings of the Iron Man and Hogarth after the Iron Man had been trapped and buried, which we then used to write a letter to each other.

Exploring Roman Numerals in Maths

Tudors & Maths in Year Three

The children in Year Three have been very busy this week. We played the snail place value game to practise their knowledge of place value and their skills were very impressive. In our topic learning, we placed important Tudor events into chronological order and then dramatized an event for the rest of the class.

Our First Week in Year Three



Friday 14th July 2017 Homework