Tuesday 26.06.2018

Here are the last Residential pictures from our final day. Lots of fun on the sensory trail, survival activity and Jacob’s ladder. Sad goodbyes were said to Baillie (our  wonderful instructor/buddy) and rooms were ‘tidied!’ It was a great week where fears were conquered, independence grew and lifelong memories were made.

Friday 22.06.2018
Well we made it! Thank you PGL for a fabulous week. The final night included a fantastic disco with several other schools. Our children looked lovely and really enjoyed the evening. Packing this morning was interesting, I have never known so many clothes to turn up in a room (worn and on the floor) that apparently don’t belong to anyone! These lovely items are coming home with us today and will be available for you to examine and claim, should you wish. We plan to leave at 2 and will contact School regularly to update them on our progress. We hope to be home around 4:30 and will let you all know when we are about 30 minutes away.
We are sure you children will sleep well tonight and we will too!

Thursday 21.06.2018

Day 3 in the residential mansion! Good morning!

This morning I think the children have realised how hard it is to function on minimal sleep, which explains why they were all completely zonked last night. In fact the boys were all still fast asleep at 7:15 this morning and it took quite a while to wake them all. Last night the children also had one of those golden moments where they all decide they finally miss their ‘irritating’ siblings and start feeling so grateful for their parents for all they do.

Yesterday was another action packed day with children canoeing, problem solving and playing Aeroball as well as raft building, They especially enjoyed having the chance to get drenched in the pond water – the smell was almost as bad as the boys’ room! In the evening was the Robot-Wars challenge with 4 children being dressed as Robots. Mia, Daisy, Amber and Lily H had to negotiate an obstacle course, guided by their team and collect water to ‘attack’ the opposite teams.

Dinner was was a success with lasagne, a vegetable cannelloni and chicken nuggets – an old time classic. Not to mention the cake, one from dinner and also some from the amazing, lovely Joshua’s birthday which went down beautifully. All the children are eating well, keeping their energy up.

This morning Mr Evans’ group packed their things and headed off for a wet activity, whilst Miss Noble’s group had some great fun fencing and playing archery. We played a lovely game of who what where when,which gave the children stories based on the colours they hit. Some of our children are apparently rolling to Cadbury’s world with a celebrity to go fishing! Mrs Lymn’s group have been up early learning fencing 🤺 EN GUARD followed by some competitive games of Aeroball!

Tonight is the disco which all the children are frantically planning for. The girls have chosen their outfits, and most importantly their best dancing shoes. How will we copy without Mrs Oldham’s hairdressing skills? Step up Mr Evans you need to get some practise in. Meanwhile, the boys have selected their best aftershave and have got gallons of hair gel on standby. Watch out for their glam looks on tomorrow’s post.

Wednesday 20.06.2018

Good morning campers!

Our apologies for not posting last night; we were having too much fun and the WiFi connection isn’t great here- it takes very long to upload our photos.

We all had another delicious dinner last night including sweet and sour pork and a good old spag bol- my goodness these children can eat! They’ve already quickly realised how hungry you get in between activities and have been stocking up on snacks to keep their energy levels up! They have brought enough sweets and treats between them to open up their own shop I think!

Last nights activity was a very fun photo challenge task that took place in the whole grounds of the house. Children worked in teams to beat each other; the competitive nature definitely came into play. When a child says to you “ I’ve had the best day of my life today”, it really does make the stress, worry and lack of sleep all worth it ;)!

We had time last night to take a nice hot shower and to chill in our rooms with games, cards and snacks. We really are so proud of our children and how they have behaved, how polite they are and how determined they have been to attempt every single activity so far!

Some children are realising that when there isn’t someone clearing up after you or reminding you to look after your things that things can get lost and forgotten- by the end of the week their organisation skills will be much improved!

On the whole, most of us were able to get some sleep last night, however I think all of the boys are very tired this morning! Again, they are quickly realising that if you choose to stay up and chat, whilst it’s fun at the time, you will definitely pay for it the next day.

We’ve all had a scrumptious breakfast and the children are now preparing their wet and dry bags for the water activities today; canoeing and raft building! They are going to have so much fun!

I promise to get loads more photos on tonight.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week of peace and quiet and not missing your babies too much; they are in very safe hands. Just think of the lovely cuddles you’re going to get on Friday!

Speak to you all very soon,

Mrs O


Residential 19.06.18

Well, we all arrived here safe and sound and we have successfully got through the first night! Aside from a couple of missing home sobs ( and that’s just the teachers) all were fast asleep by the early hours (as reported by Miss Noble and Mr Evans).

The campfire went down a tray last night, as did the giant marshmallows!

The scenery and surrounding countryside here is simply stunning. Almost all of the boys and half of the girls set off this morning before breakfast for a run with Miss Noble and Mr Evans whilst the rest stayed to get their hair plaited by Mrs O!

There weren’t any complaints at breakfast this morning whatsoever, we all tucked in to hash browns, bacon, spaghetti hoops and vegetarian sausages. All was absolutely delicious! It’s amazing how many children clearly enjoy a nice brew in the morning.

So far this morning, we have all been rock climbing, quad biking and enjoyed archery. Lots of children have already conquered their fears of heights and every single child has attempted every activity so far- which is fantastic.

We hope that you’re not missing us all too much – I don’t think the children have had long enough to think about missing home yet!

We are all off for lunch now!

Catch you all soon,








We did it!

That’s it for another year – our amazing Year 6 have finished their SATs. They’re now busy making Prom Poms, which will be going on sale after Half Term. We’re so very, very proud of them.



Going the extra mile.

Joshua is embarking on a charity fundraiser beginning on 21st May. He is going to walk a mile a day to raise money for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice. His Mum has setup a page where you can donate (follow the link below). We are so proud of Joshua’s kind and thoughtful approach to this charity, which is very dear to his family’s heart. We hope you can support him too.


We’re nearly there!

We couldn’t be more proud of the way in which our Year 6’s have conducted themselves this week. They have already completed five of their assessments (SATs) and have one more remaining. Breakfast Club has been a huge hit, and today we received a wonderful gift of energy balls made by Sheena, who helped us in our Well-Being sessions – they we a real hit! Such a thoughtful gift for our fabulous Year 6.

Breakfast Club

It was so wonderful to see all our Year 6’s this morning, as we prepared for the beginning of our SATs week. It was great to see so many smiling faces  while they ate their breakfast and listened to some carefully selected music! Before they started their first assessment, they listened to some relaxing music and practised the breathing technique they had learnt with Sheena during our Well-Being sessions. We are so very proud of them and know that they have worked so hard.

Year 6 Breakfast Club

Week beginning 14th May we will be running at Year 6 Breakfast Club from Monday – Thursday. Please can children be dropped off between 8:15-8:30 am. We’re looking forward to seeing them all, especially as we have some delicious treats for them. Check on our page again soon to see pictures of a Breakfast Club week.

Feeling relaxed.

We had our final session with Sheena this afternoon and everyone left feeling thoroughly relaxed and calm. The sessions have been so beneficial to us, and we know that we will use the life skill we learnt for the rest of our lives. Thank you Sheena.

May the 4th be with you!

We are still working incredibly hard towards our SATs in a couple of weeks, but today Mrs Reeve helped us to celebrate Star Wars day, by completing a variety of different reading tasks related to the famous sci-fi franchise.


On our bikes – Bikeability

Congratulations to our children who achieved their Level 1 & 2 Bikeability this week. After weeks of terrible weather and problems with bikes, we finally got there! Well done everyone.

Well-being in mind

We’ve been extremely lucky in Year 6 to have Sheena visiting us. With her help, we have been able to focus our thoughts on things that make us happy and we also learnt how to control our breathing. Fabulous techniques, which will help us through tricky times – whatever time in our lives they may happen.


Year 6 is a busy year, with lots of different experiences to encounter. This term’s value of perseverance is extremely important to all of us in Year 6. We discussed how there will always be times in life when we will need to display determination and perseverance. In addition to watching a video of Derek Redmond’s iconic 400m at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, we looked at inspirational quotes too.

After considering things that we find difficult or sometimes think we can’t do, we then wrote those thoughts onto paper. Those thoughts and feelings were then placed in the ground and we planted new shrubs and plants on top of them. Our playground now has some wonderful new additions, which we look forward to seeing flower.


New additions in class?

We returned to school to see that we have had some visitors in our class; they’re linked to our new Science topic of Living Things and Classification. Watch this space to find out what happens next…

Exploring all things Dinosaur and More in London!

We really kicked off the last day of term in style yesterday! All of the children were so excited to head for London extremely early in the morning. We arrived in good time and had the opportunity to take part in two fascinting workshops, in addition to having some free time to explore other parts of this amazing place. The way home was definitely a highlight for all I think – coach karaoke made us all smile even though we were stuck in horrendous traffic. Thank you to all of the staff for giving up your time to make this trip an extra special one!



April showers came early when a group of Year 6 completed their Bikeability course. Unfortunately the day was cut short due to the awful weather. The children didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits though – they were amazing and didn’t grumble at all. Great determination shown by all. Hopefully the weather will be ready for next time!


Crazy Hair Day

We had a collection of different bouffants, barnets and dos in Year 6 on Crazy Hair Day, when we raised money for the fabulous CLIC Sargent charity. Take a look at some of our creations!

Pick a Picasso!

A whole school Art Day, saw Year 6 produce some super eye-catching pieces, inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso. The children learnt about his life and the techniques he used in his Cubism artwork. After initially sketching their portraits in their sketch books, they went on to sketch again, finally using oil pastels in the finished pieces. They explored the concept of emotions and the differences between young and old; this is reflected in their final pieces – we hope you can see them.

We did the Maths!

A fantastic day for some of our Year 6’s today, when they attended a Maths Challenge Day at Great teamwork, problem solving & challenges throughout the day – we’re very proud of what they achieved. The children completed tasks linked to fractions, algebra and lots of other problem solving activities too. They were split off into groups and worked with children from other schools, many of whom will be attending the same secondary school as them. Their effort and behaviour was outstanding throughout the day; especially as they were working alongside secondary school teachers and Sixth Form students! Thanks to all involved.





Please find the powerpoint from our SATS evening below:

SATS Powerpoint

Here is the link for a very useful video from Michael Tidd:



The Big Bang (Theory) Event

Braving the weather, we attended the Big Bang STEAM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Art and Mathematics) event at Silverstone. There were thousands of school children experiencing some great workshops and exhibits. Our children were interviewed, filmed and photographed doing lots of different activities – from using trebuchets, to progamming a robot, to building Lego cars, to understanding how a 3D printer works. The big highlights were obviously seeing some of the fast cars, which use the circuits at Silverstone and attending our Atomic Science workshop!

Graffiti Maths!

During one of our problem solving lessons we tried something a bit different! Our task was to create a ‘Magic Square’ and to find the ‘Magic Number’. We had great fun doing it, and felt happy when we discovered the Magic Number  – and other ones too. The children would love to show you their magic!

Litter Pick Tuesday

We all donned our high visibility jackets, armed with our pickers and black sacks today to tidy up our playground and surrounding community areas today. All of us were really surprised to see how much rubbish we managed to collect. It has most definitely made us think twice about dropping any. A great afternoon had by all in the sunshine!



Anglian Water came to visit us today and what a great, messy day we have had. The children have been applying their Maths and Science skills throughout the morning by having to plan and resource a water network, ensuring that all of their customers (hospital, school, etc) recieved adequate water supplies and that they kept their budgets as low as possible. In addition, they were able to trade spare parts with other groups to raise funds if they had over ordered.

Thank you once again for coming to visit us.



Happy New Year Everyone!

We are all loving being back at school. What a busy first week back we have had. So far the NSPCC has been in to visit us and talked to us about some very important messages and we are really looking forward to our visits from Anglian Water and an author at the end of this week.

Our new topic for this term is Dinosaurs and Fossils! Our class display is taking shape and we have already had some absolutely amazing homework projects in – I want to say a huge well done to Maison in aprticular for his.


Christmas Week So Far……

We kicked off our festive-fulled week with an amazing performance of the loved story, “Beauty and the Beast”. All of the children really enjoyed our annual oanto and truly were a fantastic audience, booing in all of the right places!

Our christmas party this afternoon has well and truly worn us all out. We have played musical bumps, musical statues, sleeping santas, pass the parcel and musical chairs and thankfully, not one single person got hurt along the way or cried because they didn’t win! Some great prizes were won and lots of delicious food was eating. Thank you to the year 6team for helping to organise a great day.




Clarinet Performance

The children have been working really hard during their clarinet sessions each week during this term. Many have also given up their lunchtimes to stay in and practise which really does show their committment. We are extremely grateful to the staff from the music school, it would not have been possible without them. We hope that all of the parents and visitors enjoyed the performance as much as the rest of the school did – including the staff. I wonder if any of our children will continue with their newly found talent?


Junk Food Project

After a fantastic whole school assembly, we are delighted to announce that we have strated to work in partnership with Elsie’s cafe. The cafe is run by volunteers and works on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. The children were amazed to elarn all about food wastage in Northampton and how certain items and parts of food can be used. Year 6 will now be running their own stall throughout the week, where you can make a donation in exchange for some amazing projects. We hope to see you all at the end of the school day.


Bikeability Workshop

We all loved getting out on our bikes this morning. The weather wasn’t great at all but that didn’t put us off. We have all successfully completed our level 1 training and are excited to get going with our level 2 very soon. We will let you all know as soon as we have a date.

Remembrance Assembly and Museum

We were all delighted to lead the whole school assembly today. We were able to perform ‘Flanders Field’ and shared some of our own emotional war poetry. It was so wonderful to see so many vistitors. Our Remembrance Museum was a huge success too and we were so proud of our poppy artwork.


Hindu Mandir Visit

A huge thank you to the volunteers at the Hindu Mandir in Wellingborough who welcomed us all this morning. The children were all amazed at how beautiful it was and how much there was to see there. They were given a lot of information about the different gods in particular; we will be continuing to explore Hinduism in more detail at school.


Tennis Tournament

A huge thank you to Simon and Tom from the Northampton County Tennis Club for organising a fantastic tennis tournament this morning for Year 5 and Year 6. Although it was a tad cold and drizzly, we all managed to keep our spirits up and thoroughly enjoyed it!

A huge well done to all of the children who showed great sportsmen ship and cheered on their team mates. Congratulations to those boys and girls who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the final rounds – they are very pleased with their medals.

Apologies to Mr Evans for beating him!

Until next year, thank you once again.


A Franktastic Feast!

What a treat we all had today! Thanks to Franks Burger House in Billing, we were all able to enjoy a delicious, home made burger for lunch – follwed by ice-cream. The manager (Paul) talked to us all about how the business started, what’s involved with running it on a day to day basis and how many burgers they sell each week. The children asked so many great questions – we definitely have some entrepenuers in the making in our class. A huge congratulations to Amalie who won a voucher with her cod burger design. We will now be putting our experience to great use as we write persuasive leaflets all about Franks. Thank you again to all of the staff for enabling us to come and visit. We will hopefully see you again very soon.


Murder Mystery at Cogenhoe!!

The children were shocked to find that the school was in fact a crime scene this morning….thank goodness they were able to put on their police hats to investigate what had really happened. We were able to put our journalistic skills to good use and wrote our own newspaper reports about this shocking crime. There were many very interesting theories!


Bake Off Fun!

We had the best morning in Year 6 today! It was so much fun to be working with some of the Year 5 children to bake something wonderful together. The entire classroom smelt like sweet cinnamon all day long. The children were able to work as a team and share the roles of weighing ingredients, chopping, peeling, stiring and pouring. Our apple and cinnamon cake was a huge success at the coffee morning. There will still be some available after school, so please do pop in and see us.



Music Mayhem!

We are so lucky to have such fantastic opportunities in our class. Mrs Phillips has arranged for us to all learn to play the clarinet and we had our first lesson today which proved to be a huge success. All of the children learnt lots and finally managed to have a go towards the end. They will all be ready and raring to go next week. Hopefully we will be seeing you all soon to show case our work at some point in the not too distant future.


Science Fun!

We are extremely lucky to have such an amazing Science teacher! Every single one of Mrs Lymn’s lessons are full, memorable and practical. The children have started off with learning all about light. I think they now know that they cannot see in the dark!



A huge welcome to our lovely, new Year 6 class. We are having a blast already! All have settled in well and are eager to learn.

The highlight of our week so far has been celebrating ‘World Roald Dahl Day’. We all let our imaginations run wild as we designed our own land of candy, including doughnut rapid rides and marshmallow ball pits. The descriptions the children wrote were also amazing and really persuaded our readers to come and visit. For Maths, we had to solve lots of problems at the Dahl Dinner Party – who will sit next to who?


We are launching our new weekly Maths Challenges. We would love all children to take part and they will be rewarded for effort and achievement.

Weekly Maths

Dinosaur homework grid

Termly overview (updated) for parents autumn 2017