Measuring Trees to Find their Carbon Value

Today we took our Science learning outside and enjoyed the sunshine!

African Rainsticks

As part of our Africa topic, we all made our own rainsticks using cardboard tubes, string, wool, paper and tape. We then filled them with rice and decorated them. The children had so much fun making these and making lots of noise with them afterwards. We hope you think they are as good as we do 🙂

Assessment Week Fun

The Year 6 children were welcomed in to school this morning to enjoy a fresh, healthy breakfast served by their teachers. They loved having time to chat and listen to music before they attempted their Reading test this morning. We are extremely proud of how calm, determined and happy they all were – let’s hope this positive attitude continues throughout the week.

Invertebrate Hunt

Year 5 and 6 Cross Country at Wellingborough Park

15 of our children from each class took part in this fantastic event yesterday. Over 800 children took part in total! The races varied from an 800m sprint to a 3KM cross country which were both tricky in the strong wind. Every single child did their absolute best and made us all very proud. Evie Woolley came 8th out of 75 children and Liam Morrissey came 3rd out of 110 children. Well done to everyone involved and a special thank you to Mr Perry for organising it all.

Year 6 STEAM Event

Twelve of our children had the opportunity to take part in an event hosted by the Northampton University this week. The children were able to take part in a range of exciting workshops including: Photography, Engineering and Design Technology.  As always, our children really did do us proud and behaved impecabbly throught the entire day. Lots of our children said that they now feel inspired to learn more about Science and Engineering.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Our Head of Music arranged for both years 5 and 6 to attend a very special performace at the Derngate theatre in Northampton. It was the first time for many of our children that they have visited the theatre or even seen a live orchestra play. The theme of the show was ‘How to Train our Ochestra’ and the event played some very famous pieces that all of our children could relate to. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day had by all and we are extremely grateful to Mrs Phillips for organising the event. We are looking forward to hopefully going again next year!


We are absolutely loving learning all about World War Two this term. During Art, we used different materials to create silhouettes of the London during The Blitz. We are sure that you will agree how striking they look on our display.

Well-being Week

We have all loved this week. We have been doing meditation every today which has taught us how to relax and calm our mind and to help with our focus too. The best bit was our yoga lesson with a professional teacher.

WW2 Artwork

As part of our current topic, today we have learnt all about the famous Dunkirk rescue. The children all really enjoyed learning about how the people all worked together as a united team to resuce nearly 400,000 soldiers. The story ‘The Little Ships’, beautifully illustrated with amazing watercolours inspired us to produce our own pieces. Winston Churchill was an avid painter also. We can’t wait to post a picture of our final display.


The children were so excited to start their training this morning. Bikes and helmets at the ready as they set off onto the school playground to complete their level 1 assessment. The children all had so much fun whilst learning how to signal correctly; have full control of their bicycles and how to slow down when approaching junctions. Tomorrow, those who have passed will move onto level 2 and will venture out of the school gates and into Cogenhoe village.

Chinese New Year

The entire school celebrated The Chinese New Year last Monday. We had so much fun in Year 6 making our own dragons and learning about our animal. The children explored the traditions and researched in order to find out lots of interesting facts.

Year Six Market Franks!

Today, we had the best lunch ever! We were extremely lucky to visit our local restaurant, Franks and were completely spoilt with delicious beef burgers followed by ice-cream sundaes. The manager, Paul was extremely inviting and really taught us a lot about how the business was started and how it is currently ran on a day to day basis. Not only that, the children were able to look at the venue, menu and other stationary items in order to learn about advertising and marketing. Two children were very happy to find out that their burger design had won them vouchers to return and eat again. All in all, we had the best day, even if we did have to walk in the pouring rain- it was totally worth it. The children are now very much looking forward to producing their own leaflets to advertise the restaurant.

Tennis Tournament

After six weeks worth of tennis lessons at school, we were all ready to put our skills to the test at the tennis tournament today. All of the children really enjoyed playing on professional courts and loved the experience of competing in a proper tournament. The teachers even got involved too and thoroughly enjoyed their hot drinks. We will most definitely be back again at some point!

There was such a buzz in the year 5 and 6 classrooms today as we celebrated the Diwali festival. The children were able to create amazing Rangoli patterns outside the front of the school and designed their own beautiful Diwali cards using plenty of glitter and sequins. I would imagine that their favourite part of the afternoon was being able to taste: spicy samosas; cardamom chocolate truffles; mango jellies and other creamy sweet treats. Their clay diva lamps are drying nicely and will be ready for decoration very soon. In addition to all of this, they also learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. What a fantastic afternoon had by all!

Hindu Mandir

On Friday 7th October, Year 6 visited the Hindu Mandir in Wellingborough. This was fantastic enrichment to our learning about the religion already. We traveled by coach and the children were amazed at what thay saw when we arrived. The children were able to witness and take part in some Hindu rituals and watched a fantastic film and presentation to learn even more. We are now even more excited about our up and coming Diwali day.

Year Six Chinampas

As part of our current Aztec topic, the children have had so much fun re-creating the floating gardens. The Aztecs used these in order to live on and produce crops. The children have been learning all about them and cannot wait to see if their cress will grow! We have also written instructions today for the Year 5 children to use, to help them to make them next week.

Cogenhoe Catastrophe!!!

It couldn’t have been more perfect timing for our recent journalistic writing topic, when a tragic event occurred at our school today. The Year 6 inspectors were called in to the crime scene first thing this morning- they were horrified to see that a potential murder had taken place. After a thorough investigation of the area, they found numerous clues which are helping them to piece all of the information together in order to find out what really happened. We are in the middle of writing some amazing newspaper reports to give you an up to date report on the incident. Many thanks to Mr Bygraves (The hero) and Mrs Stewart for their valuable video evidence.

I think we definitely have some budding reports and forensic potentials in Year 6!

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