Monday 19.10.20

Some children have paper copies of these already.


Teaching Slides



True or False-Squares-and-cubes


Commas and their uses presentation




Locate important historic cities in the Islamic world (in class we would add these to our map in our books). Explore where these places are in relation to Baghdad: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Damascus, Karbala and Istanbul. Why were they important? Were they different to Baghdad in any way?

The week that was….

This week, we played preposition Pictionary. The children were given a preposition and they had to draw a representation of it for their group to guess. A win for girls this week.

Also, we explored square, cube and prime numbers using multi-link cubes to show our understanding. We looked at arrays to find out factors and identify which numbers have just 2 factors and thus are prime numbers.


Rounding in the Rain (and other Maths)

In Maths this week, we have taken our learning outdoors. We were given answers to the rounding, clues and questions. Then we had to match the question, clues and answers together as a group. Also, we practised our short division outdoors. We got into pairs, set our partner a question, raced over to our partner’s board and raced them to answer the question.


Working Hard


The children have been working hard in all areas since returning. Below you can see a few snaps of the children exploring and trying out their own repeating patterns which we looked at for Art in Topic for Early Islamic Civilisations. Also, we investigated different sources of evidence and discussed what makes them reliable or unreliable. Maths has been busy, busy, busy looking at place value and addition problems.


Please note, the children have been given a homework exercise book for any homework they do. We will be setting a peice (possibly two) per week which need to go into the book. As preparation for secondary school, the children are expected to take and return the book as well as complete the homework by Friday each week.


Welcome back!

All letters, spellings, ‘Meet the Teacher’, homework grids and termly curriculum outlines can be found on the Year 6 correspondence area of the this website. This idea, from several parents, was so that the letters/communication was easier to find. 

Welcome back to all of the children and parents in Year 6. We have been busy getting ready for the new year ahead. Below you can see some children exploring circuits and then drawing those circuits as accurately as they could in Science. We have also had two PE lessons on Athletics and Hockey. In Maths, we have started our carousel of activities which include TimesTable Rockstars, Arithmetic and problem solving games. Needless to say the new play equipment on the playground has also had a lot of use at break and lunchtimes. Great start by all!