Autumn 2 

I hope everyone had an enjoyable half term and is feeling refreshed and ready for lots of fun and hard work in the lead up to Christmas.

Year 6 are continuing to learn about Space and have been working hard to use literacy and maths skills during theme lessons.

The children have also been working hard in Science. Ask your child what they have learnt about electricity.

Look out for a letter explaining the new homework system for Year 6. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to come and see me.



Good Evening 17.10.19

Today, two groups went on the epic adventure that is the waterfalls walk… this was an incredible day with the highlight being walking behind an actual waterfall. This was a real moment of achieving something the children thought was impossible. (In their words). The other group have been canoeing and having a great time on or in the canal.

All groups have spend the evening together, after a chicken or vegetable curry, sitting around a campfire. Everyone reflected on the week and all the many, many achievements they are proud of. We also did a bit of stargazing and some people managed to see a shooting star.

Once back in the warm, we shared something we were really proud of about each individual person. This was lovely. Everyone really listened and reflected.





Hi all! 16.10.19

Another great day here in Longtown and we have been so fortunate with the weather. Last night it absolutely poured with rain, but today the sun has shone all day. We were right about breakfast, today it was sausages – and they were seriously tasty.

My group have been canoeing in a canal and it was wonderful. The children worked so well as a team. We raced, we sang and we laughed. Mrs Lymn’s group have tackled the high and low ropes today and Mrs Murphy’s group have been on an epic waterfall walk.

Our evening meal today was an interesting one… fish fingers and mashed potato. For afters, bananas and custard. Some children said they had never tried this before and were a bit unsure, after trying it, some were still a bit unsure, others had seconds!






Good Evening! 15.10.19

Hello again from Longtown. Today has been another super day. The day started with a filling breakfast. Everyone had the choice of a variety of cereals, toast or a proper, cooked breakfast. This morning this included: bacon, hash browns, beans and a poached egg. As it was bacon today, we are guessing it will be sausages tomorrow.

After breakfast, Mrs Lymn’s group went off on their little journey to a canal to go canoeing. Some children were a little apprehensive about doing this, but showed real perseverance and everyone had a go anyway. They worked incredibly well as a team and had a great time.

My group (Mrs Hales’) and Mrs Murphy’s group stayed onsite to face the low and high rope challenges, the climbing tower and the leap of faith. The children really had to work as a team to ensure everyone was safe and felt confident enough to have a go. Their encouragement and support for one another absolutely blew me away. Parents, thank you!

This evening’s meal was spaghetti bolognese (meat or veggie option) followed by lemon cake with custard. YUM. The evening’s activities involved all the groups working together on various puzzles and challenges onsite. We all really had to use our brains.




Hello from Longtown! 14.10.19

Good evening all! We have had the most amazing day. We arrived at the centre at approximately 1:30pm, slightly later than scheduled, as our coach driver needed a little rest. Once we arrived, the children had their packed lunches (which the adults were slightly jealous of). After that, it was a quick making of beds and tidying rooms before a fire drill.

We then spent the afternoon doing a mountain walk. The children all said how much they enjoyed this especially walking into the clouds. Lauren actually said that, “being engulfed by cloud was just amazing.”  At some points, the cloud was clear enough for us to take in some breathtaking views of the local scenery and see lots of sheep.

After climbing up the mountain, we obviously had to get back down. Some of us found this really challenging so we had to use our team skills to support each other. Once safely down the mountain, we made our way back to the centre for tea time/dinner time (there has been lots of discussion about what evening meals should be called). Tonight it was chicken in breadcrumbs or veggie burgers with DELICIOUS crispy chips and beans AND salad. For dessert/pudding/afters, it was homemade apply crumble and custard, or fruit or a yoghurt.

I am writing this at 11:20 – all children are now fast asleep and it has taken this long to find a location where the internet works.

Bring on tomorrow!

It has taken 20 minutes to upload one picture… I will add more tomorrow of all the children. 

Welcome Back! 

What a fantastic first few weeks we have had! I have been so impressed with the Year 6’s attitudes to completing homework tasks including learning spellings and daily reading at home. These attitudes are fantastic and show me what a great year we will have this year. Photos of these amazing homework efforts will be uploaded soon, we are having some technical issues trying to put photos onto our website.

The children have experienced a variety of sports taster sessions including gymnastics and football. Letters regarding these sports clubs should have made their way home to you for further information.

It was so good to meet so many of you at the Meet the Teacher evening. If you were unable to attend, please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me before or after school if you have any questions.

Thank you to everyone for returning the paperwork regarding this year’s residential. It really won’t be long until we are on our way for an action-packed week of exciting activities.