Science Week Fun



Medieval Day

On Tuesday, Year 1 and 2 came together to dress up and engage ourselves in some exciting activities. We spent the morning playing Cannon back and Jousting, cooking a medieval cake, creating our own crowns and goblets! We then spent the afternoon learning a medieval dance and enjoying our banquet.



Ukulele, compasses, maps and castle building!

This week, we have been very creative. We sat in the sunshine with Mrs Philips and had a go at playing the Ukulele. We also looked at a map of Cogenhoe to see what we have in the village. We then built our own castles and painted them with lots of detail.


The Way Back Home Art

This week in Year 1 we have been looking at the book ‘The way back home’. We have described the characters and designed our own art work around this. We have also carried on looking at castles and spent the afternoon drawing them on the playground, ensuring we have every detail possible. We were lucky enough for a brass band to also come and pay us a visit! In science we experimented with our balloon rockets and looked at why that happened!


Science Fun!




Health Week 2017





All things Kings, Queens and Castles!

In Literacy we have written our own non-chronological reports on Kings and Queens and on Castles! We have learnt so many little facts. We have also looked at Monarchs and when they ruled, we put them in chronological order. We have also been learning a medieval dance. In Maths, we are looking at directional language and have wowed Miss Jones at how quickly we remembered our lefts and rights!!

Eddie comes to visit

In Year 1 this week, we were lucky enough to have Revenant Eddie pay us a visit to talk about the Bible and why it is special. In Maths we were looking at directions, we used the ‘Beebots’ online to navigate around a map, and of course we had to do the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ to practise our lefts and rights! In Literacy, we have been looking at poems, the children then changed and performed their poems. In PHSE we talked about money, how we use it, where we can save it and what we would do if we had £10, £100 or 1 Million!





In Year 1 this week we have carried on looking at shapes, naming and sorting them. We have also started to look at non-chronological reports and we will be preparing to write our own on castles. Year 1 have also looked at what defences they used in the medieval times. We then made our own catapults, experimenting with materials to knock down a castle. We then made our own shields!


Our new topic for this term….

Welly Work Art

In Year 1 this week we have created our own art of the animals we could find in The Great Barrier reef, we also made our own leaflets about Hammer Head Sharks and octopuses. We celebrated Pancake Day by tasting pancakes and learned about why we have this day. In Welly Work this week we created some leaf art, while looking at the different trees and leaves.

Creative Art, Relaxing Yoga and Nature Walks

This week, as always we’ve been getting creative! After we learnt about famous landmarks in Australia, we made some amazing Art. We also had the opportunity to do Yoga and talked about having a healthy mind and having time to relax and be quiet.

Year 1 also went on a muddy walk looking for Spring animals and plants!

A Trip to the Seaside!

Year 1’s classroom was turned into the seaside on Wednesday, and they absolutely loved it. From having a sea breeze, ice poles to playing beach games. We also looked at Australian animals and which animal group they are from. We carried on with measuring in Maths and measured out string to the length of some Australian animals.

Ga’ Day mate!

This week, Year 1 and 2 had the opportunity to be fully immersed in everything Australia! From Vegemite sandwiches, to aboriginal jewellery and rain sticks. We have also started to write our own postcards to Australia.

Gardening and Star Art

This week in Year 1, we started to get ready for our Big Writes about a star, so we created some star art ready to display. We also started to look at plants in Science, and we have created our own small planting plot. Thank you for all the donations!


It has been a fantastic week back, Miss Jones has found herself asking the children what they’ve had for breakfast most days because she really has been WOWed! We had an amazing time at the theatre last Friday and it was clear the children did too. Year 1 have been learning about fractions of shapes, poems and all about Australia. We had lots of fun exploring Australian art and learning about the different animals that live there.

Year One & Reception Visit to Second Star to the Right

Once upon a time…

There was a class that worked very, very hard. This week in Year one we have been carrying on looking at Fairytales and are preparing to write our very own stories.

In Maths we have been wowing Miss Jones with our doubling, halving AND multiplication!

We have also been artists, creating our own amazing leaf art and designing our own hats, which we will be making very soon!

A Trip to Bali, Baking and Futsal!

As always, a very busy and exciting week in Year 1. To start off the week we made some fantastic bread and were so pleased that so many parents and carers could come, so thank you.

This week is anti-bullying week. We looked at ways we can help other children or stop it. We also looked at how we are all very unique and embraced.

Year 1 also had an afternoon being taught about Futsal, which they very much enjoyed.

We also had a video sent from child in Bali, teaching us about their life and asking questions about ours. They showed us where some of their fruit is grown and we even got to try some!

Art, Leaves & Humpty Dumpty!

 Year 1 have been busy saving Humpty Dumpty this week. We experimented by finding out the materials that would protect Humpty Dumpty when he falls. One groups worked so well that it bounced back up! We have also been looking at Philip Tracy a hat artist, hoping to create our own very soon. We have also been carrying on our leaf theme with our Welly Work and have been weaving.

A Messy Week In Year One

This week has been very messy, because we’ve been making clay hedgehogs, Diwali sweets with Year 2, and have created some wonderful Iron Man masterpieces. Not only that, but we have been learning about number bonds and writing our own instructions using time connectives, bossy verbs and adverbs!


The Great Fire of London

What a fantastic week in Year 1 it has been!

As most of you know, we have been looking at ‘The Great Fire of London.’ On Monday, we built our own Tudor houses (thank you parents for the boxes!!) then on Tuesday, we were lucky enough for the Fire Service to come in and set our houses on fire. This was to show the children why the fire spread so quickly  and all of the children LOVED this. Afterwards the Fire Service came into our classroom and talked about fire safety, we learnt lots!

We also had a wonderful time in Welly Work getting very messy making a huge piece of Art.

The Iron Man.

This week in Year 1, we have been looking into a character… a big cold metal shiny character! We have also been looking at describing the Iron Man! (If you hadn’t noticed!)

Year 1 have also been looking at odd and even numbers and placing the countries, surrounding seas and capital cities in the United Kingdom. Miss Jones was very impressed with how much we know about our country.

This week in Year 1, we have been looking at our topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. We looked at what houses were like then, and what materials they were made out of and compared them to what they are like now.

In Science, we have also been looking at materials and their properties. We made our own houses and tested them against the wind! Logan, Holly, Jade and James T’s group won!

We also created some art inspired by our topic and Paul Klee.

In Maths, we have been looking at ordering numbers. What a busy week!

Finding the Missing Penguin!

We have been very busy in Year 1 this week. Not only have we learnt how to represent a number and all about place value, we have also had a few class visitors! We have lost our Penguin who came to visit and so we have been using our writing skills to find him. During the week, we also had a rabbit visit us from Pets At Home, which we really enjoyed.

Another Busy Week!

It’s been another really busy week in Year One. we’ve been cooking, writing, exploring and working on our numbers. We’re looking forward to another fun filled week next week!

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