Catapults and Castles

What a very creative week we have had! In Science, we made and experimented with our own catapults. The aim was to attack a castle with a powerful launch of a marble, well done to the groups that managed to do that. We also made our own 3D Castles!


Timings, Caste cakes and typing up sentences about how our bodies work

On Friday, Zayn very kindly brought in some lovely cakes for us all to have! In Maths, we went outside to time each other doing different activities, we spoke about hours, minutes and seconds. In ICT, we typed up our sentences that we had written in Science, about our bodies! We then showed off our ICT skills by editing the sentence with colour, size and font.

Turns, direction’s and position in Maths, Poem writing and shields

This week we carried on with our Maths topic, but we directed our own Bee-bots and danced around with the Cha Cha slide (practising our left and rights). In Literacy, we’ve been practising making our sentences even better by making sure our sentences about Mr Gumpy had an adjective, conjunction and some even had an adverb in. We also made our own shields, each with a different meaning.


Our bodies, a new Literacy topic and position

For our first week back, we started off by learning our new Literacy story, Mr Gumpy. We acted it out and then told the story again to story map it. In Science, we have started to learn about our body and learning what each part is called and what it is attached too. In Maths, we are looking at positional words such as – beside, on top of, behind. We have also been learning directional words such as forward, behind, left and right!


This week the school have been looking at the topic – Up, up and away. We’ve been looking at things like hot air balloons, clouds, rockets and the film Up! We have been creative making our own balloons,  sky scrapers, our own 2D rockets, writing cloud poems and giving our film reviews.

Year 1 Spellings common exc

Science experiments, writing our own versions of Never Tickle a Tiger and shape!

Year 1 started off an observational experiment, they put celery into pots of coloured water. They are then going to observe the changes that we see..

Year 1 have also been story mapping and writing their own stories this week, they really did WOW Miss Jones. Check out our Talk4Writing display board to see some amazing Hot Writes.

In Maths, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shape. We have been identifying them, finding them and naming the properties. We also had a relaxing Yoga lesson, stretching out our muscles and naming them as we go.

Happy week, time and story making!

This week at Cogenhoe it was ‘happy week’,  so we spent a lot of time talking about what makes us happy and how we can make others happy. We were kindness detectives, writing all the things people had done this week to be kind. We also spent an afternoon with all of KS1 doing Just Dance! In our Maths lessons we have been learning time, and how amazing we were. In Literacy, we played lots of different games to help memorise our own innovation of ‘Never Tickle a Tiger’.


Rockstar day and Miss Scotts last day!

Friday was very busy for Year 1, not only were we all dressed up as rockstars, playing maths games and competing against each other on Times Table Rockstar but it was Miss Scotts last day, we are really sad to see her go but so thankful for everything she has done for Year 1!


Science Week

A very exciting start to the week, while a whole day of Science, on Monday. We started the day with an exciting assembly from Science Boffins. The children looked at optical illusions and were amazed! We then had a workshop with Jack and he had the class doing all kinds of strange tests which amazed our senses. We then carried on the day with lots of different experiments with Miss Scott.

Gymnastics workshop

Year 1 started Monday with a very exciting workshop! They had the chance to work with an acrobat! Mathew was in the circus in America for 3 years, Year 1 really enjoyed working with him.

Sunny February afternoon

Year 1 spent Tuesday afternoon in the beautiful sunshine. The class used leaves, sticks and anything they could find from outside to paint a picture of the Great Barrier Reef!


Week2Wow – Super heros!

Year 1 have been busy being super heros this week. We made our own hero’s, put them into comics and then did a test to see what material is best for a super hero cape! We also had a letter from the Evil Pea, he had stolen Gabby! So Year 1 had to write a persuasive letter to get her back.. luckily it worked!



Continuing measuring..

This week we carried on with measurement in Maths, but we have now moved on to capacity and volume. The class have really enjoyed Miss Scott’s fun lessons with rice and water! We also had a football taster session!


All things measuring!

In Year 1, we have moved on to measuring length! We started off by measuring objects in cubes and today we started using rulers to measure objects around us in CM. We even measured Miss Jones’ feet and some children’s noses.

Australia Day with Year 2!

We had such an amazing day with Year 2 on Tuesday! The day revolved around Australia and DT. We got very creative, very messy and very excited!


Year 1 started off the week by looking into measurement. We started with weight!

Aboriginal Art and The Great Barrier Reef art

The children have enjoyed creating aboriginal dot art and making their own animals you might find in the Great Barrier Reef!

Growing our beans!

On Monday we planted our own broad bean plants. We chose what to plant them in and where to keep them! We will be watching them very carefully over the next few weeks to see what happens to them.


We’ve had so many lovely pieces of Australia home work and show and tell this week. The children are very excited about this topic and we can’t wait to explore!


Northampton University students 

We’d like to introduce Miss Scott and Miss Tanswell. These lovely ladies are from the University of Northampton and will be working along side Miss Jones in Year 1 and Mr Evans in Year 5. They are completing their final teaching placement and will be with us until the middle of March.


Home learning – Austraila Spring 1 19

Year 1 Newsletter 2019 Jan

Bush tucker trials!

Year 1 and 2 started off our new topic.. Australia. We hosted our own bush tucker trials where brave Year 1 and 2 children got to try some (pretend) Australian foods like mealworms!

It’s Christmas! And what a lovely week we’ve had..


Week2Wow in India..

This week has been another whole school Week2Wow! And what fun we have had, Year 1 took an imaginary trip to India. We have explored animals, facts and foods! Thank you to Sheena who brought in an Indian Buffet for us to try.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Enterprise afternoon

Year 1 spent Wednesday afternoon making Christmas decorations to sell to raise money for Gabby Gecko. We decided what things to make and talked lots about why we need to raise this money. Year 1 will have a stall selling these items on Friday at the Christmas Fayre!

Material experiment

This week in Science, Year 1 have carried on our topic of materials. Miss Jones gave the children a range of materials and the children had to experiment with water to see if they were waterproof.

Welly work and Science!

On Monday, Year 1 got their wellies and went outside to make their own nature boats. They then tested the boats to see if they floated or sank.

Talk4Art, parents in for BookTalk and Diwali!

Year 1 are always getting creative, but the last 2 weeks we have been trying ‘Talk4Art’. They took a piece of art work and imitated it, they then innovated it with their own ideas, once they had learnt the techniques! Take a look in the KS1 hall way, outside the classroom to see their wonderful art on display. We also had lots of lovely parents in to join us with Booktalk! (Which the children loved!). We also learnt about Diwali, Amiya brought in some lovely cakes for us all to try! Sheena and Piyus also kindly came in to teach Reception and Year 1 an Indian dance!


Parent lunch!

Week to WOW

What a lovely way to end the term, by finishing with a week to wow. This week, we solely focused on Animal Kingdom. The children chose what they wanted to explore on this week, so we researched.. African animals, Arctic animals, our pets and a day dedicated to Gabby the Gecko! We even had Wellingborough Fire service in, who specialise in animal rescue!

Mounts Fire Brigade 

On Monday, Miss Jones invited in Mounts Fire Brigade to help show the class how quickly the fire would have spread in the Great Fire of London. We did this by placing our model houses just as close together as they would have been in 1666. The Fire Brigade then set the houses of fire. We slowly watched the fire spread across the line of houses, the wind helped it along. The Fire Brigade then put the fire out! After this.. Adam, Tom, Leon and Mark spoke to the children about fire safety, showed us their kit that they wear and even let us on the Fire Engine!

Science and welly work!

In this week Science lesson, we carried on looking at properties of materials. We were testing to see which material would catch fire quickly and linked it to our topic – The Great Fire of London! We spoke lots about what materials houses were made out of then and what they’re made out of now. The weather was so lovely on Thursday, we took our artwork outside. They went on a nature hunt for materials and made pictures of themselves.

Mosaic Art Day!

This week the school had a whole school art day, on the theme Mosaics. We were lucky enough for Andrew to come and work with Years 1, 2 and 3 to make our own Cogenhoe Mosaic!

The Great Fire of London art work 

Year 1 spent a whole day  with Mrs Partridge-Underwood and Mrs Nairn focusing on Art, they were building their houses from recycling or drawing their pictures of the fire!

Harvest festival and a visit from a little Red Hen..

Our Class Pet!

On Monday, Year 1 came into school with a BIG (or should I say, small) surprise! Miss Jones had a busy weekend buying Gabby the Leopard Gecko. She is only 14 weeks old and at the moment, a little shy. On Tuesday, we came in to ANOTHER surprise. Gabby had hatched 2 eggs! The class were brilliant at keeping calm and quiet around her while this was happening and Mrs McCarlie took the eggs to Bruno’s Pet Store for them to incubate them for us! How exciting..

Year 1’s first full week

What a busy week we have had! We started off our week making our own bread like the Little Red Hen. We had an amazing day with the ‘History Off The Wall’ team! We learnt what it would have been like in the Great Fire of London! In Science, we look at materials and were able to identify what different items were made from. Thursday morning we even had a Yoga session!!

Our first week in Year 1!

In Year 1 this week, the class have been getting use to their new class room and everyone in it. We had PE work shops, playing dodgeball, netball and dancing! We have been learning to write in cursive, which they all did fantastically and we even wrote our first independent story. We ended the week with some calming Yoga!