Capacity, animals VS humans and gymnastics

We started with a gymnastics workshop from Sophie which the children loved! In Maths, we started to look at capacity and were able to order jugs and measure out in ml. In Science, we carried on the theme of humans but this time compared ourselves to animals. We then sorted animals and humans into groups. In Literacy, we have been getting ready to write our own reversion of Mr Gumpy’s outing. We are focusing on adjectives to describe the animals, capital letters for names and speech!

Measuring weight, Letters to Mr Gumpy, Lady with the lamp, Inside our bodies and Charanga!

Again another buy week in Year 1. We have been carrying on with the theme measurement, but we have started to measure weight! In Literacy, we wrote some lovely letters to Mr Gumpy to persuade him to let us on his boat. We also had a go at making some silly sentences. We learnt why Florence is called the ‘Lady with the lamp’ so we made our own! In Science, the children did an experiment so show what happens when food goes through our bodies. The children found this very fun and disgusting! We also started our first lesson using Charanga. We learnt a song and used our bodies to help us find the pulse in the songs. We had rap/song battles against each other!

Measure, Mr Gumpy’s outing, Florence Nightingale, our bodies and tennis!

What a busy first week back! Year 1 have been looking at measurement. This week we have been measuring how long/tall objects are. We have been measuring in cubes and centimeters. In Literacy, we have started our new story ‘Mr Gumpy goes on an ‘. The children have drawn out the story map and ‘walked and talked’ the story themselves. We have also been looking at the use of speech bubbles, speech marks and past and present tense.

In our afternoon lessons, we have started looking at Florence Nightingale and why she is famous, we had Phil show us some Tennis skills, learnt lots about our body parts and bones inside of us and we even had time for a Healthy Eating workshop. We learnt about different food groups, having a healthy balanced diet, and how much sugar was in our favourite drinks. (Take a look, it shocked us all – even the adults!)

And to top of the week Miss Jenkins joined Year 1 on Thursday, already the children love having her.


All things shape and our Hot Write

This week weve been looking at all things 2D and 3D shapes. On our carousel activities this week, we have been sorting shape, making shapes, finding out their properties and finding them in the environment. In Literacy, we’ve been ‘speed spelling’ our tricky words our instructions, ordering our instructions and writing our own instructions on how to care for our pet – Gabby!



Shape, instructions and nativity!

As we’ve hit December, it’s been all things Nativity!! This week, we have been practicing our nativity, learning songs and lines! In Math’s we have been looking at naming and sorting 2D shapes. In Literacy, we have been planning our own instructions of how to care for a rabbit, and using adjectives, time connectives and exciting punctuation!


Rabbits, caring for animals, rain forest smoothies and multiplication

We started off the week with a very fluffy animal! We had Everly’s pet rabbit in. Everly’s mum very kindly brought in her rabbit to explain to the class how she cares for her rabbit. This is to support our Literacy topic ‘How the care for a pet’ – we will put putting this into instructions. In our topic lesson, we made rain forest fruit smoothies! The children decided what fruit they wanted and made their own. Afterwards they made some instructions as to how to make them. In Math’s we have been looking at Multiplication, we have been representing this in many different ways!

Number bonds, bar models and problems solving!

In Math’s this week we have been incredibly busy, we have been learning our number bonds to 10 and 20. We then used part part whole and bar model to represent these in different ways. We have also been problem solving with addition and subtraction. In our topic lessons we have been writing an information text about our class pet – Gabby Gecko! We also made some beautiful Autumnal leaf art.


First week back in Year 1!

This week in Year 1, we have been working out addition and subtraction problems! We have also been grouping animal types. Year 1 were absolutely amazing at this. They were even able to tell me what type we are.. see if you can test your child at home. We also used our sketch books for the first time. We drew a Toucan from the Rainforest using oil pastels, learning to sketch and smudge! In PE we used some equipment to do high jumps and forward rolls.


Week 2 Wow!

A fantastic week, all around Space. The children have really enjoyed learning all about space and getting hands on. In Year 1, we have been using a carousel approach of activities which is what we will carry out after half term. The children then have the opportunity to access all different area’s and have the chance to be more independent on these activities, they will then have work with adults in small groups in each lesson. This week we have been baking rock cakes, making rockets out of 2D shapes, making an Earth Collage, measuring rockets, making moving Astronauts and lots of writing. We even wrote our own poems about the Moon!

Have a fabulous half term from Miss Jones and Mrs Partridge-Underwood!

If you need anything to keep busy, please read with your child each day (we still check diary’s to see how many times they have read on a Monday, if  they have read 4-5 times, they get 5 house points), practise your timetables (2’s, 10’s and 5’s) or practise your spellings.

Mrs B ure and recap Mrs PU revise 3 Mrs N ear air Miss J Mrs M ur ow


Comparing flowers, muddy welly walk, tropical fruit tasting.

Another lovely busy week. In Science, we carried on with the theme ‘Plants’ but this week we compared two different flowers. We found so many differences when we looked closely! We also went on a very muddy welly walk, which the children absolutely LOVED. Thank you so much Jez and Sue for coming along and making the walk even more fun! We looked for bugs, splashed in puddles and searched the pond for insects! We also did some taste testing of some tropical fruits. We then made a quick bar chart to see which was our favourite!



Timetables and The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff

In Year 1 Maths this week, we have been practicing our 10’s, 2’s and 5 times tables. We have then been using arrays to represent our timestables. As we are much better at this now, see if your child can have a go on Times Tables Rockstars. In Literacy, we received a letter from a concerned Cogenhoe resident. We warned us not to trip trap too loudly over the Billing Bridge, as he believed there to be a Troll living under there. So we looked at the Three Billy Goats Gruff story! Harry and Maya even found a very old book to read to the class :).

Place value, 1 less and 1 more and Rainforest boxes!

This week, we have been partitioning hundreds, tens and ones! We then looked at 1 less and 1 more than a number in Maths. In Literacy, we have been writing our first HotWrites, an information text about our family. We have also made Rainforest boxes, filled with trees, leaves, bushes, waterfalls and animals.


Flint the Police dog and PC Foster!

We had a very lovely visit from Flint and PC Foster (Everly’s dad). We learnt lots about Flints job and how PC Foster looks after him and trains him. The class were all very excited to meet him, stroke him and watch how quickly he can run! What a lovely, very happy working dog, and a fab way to end a week!



Place value, typing and labeling the country!

This week in Math’s we have been looking at the place value of tens and ones. We are very good at this! Test us at home. In ICT, we practised opening up Microsoft Word and typing, using a keyboard is very new to Year 1, so try practise at home! In PE, we used our math’s to race each other in teams to order numbers! Got our brains thinking and body’s moving. In Geography, we labeled the UK, found the capital cities and the surrounding sea’s in groups.




Greater than and less than, ICT and entering the Rainforest

This week in Year 1 we have been very busy. In Math’s we have been looking at representing a number – tally, Numicon, ten frame and counters. Then we moved on to being able to compare numbers, with greater than and less than. In Literacy we have been looking at information texts, we will be writing our own on Bengal Tigers next week. We also used the laptops for the first time, we are able to turn on, log on and navigate to a chosen programme. We drew our own flowers! In PE, we entered the Rainforest. Year 1 imagined all the sounds we would hear – leaves rustling, snakes hissing, wind blowing, Tigers roaring, parrots squawking and rain dropping! We then walked around the Rainforest like this animals!




Our first week in Year 1..

This week, the new Year 1 children have had a lot of new things to take in! We have been getting use to our new class room, working as a team, and getting to know our routine.

We have been working as a team to make boats, trialing to see if they float. We have been making our own lard balls for the birds outside and we have planted new seeds so we can grow some lovely new flowers.

We also learnt some new songs to sing in Year 1!

Year 1 Newsletter 2019 Sept

Autumn Term – Homework Home learning RAINFORESTS

Meet the teacher Class presentation Year 1


Summer Transition days!

What a lovely few Monday mornings we’ve had together already. Reception visited Year 1 for three Monday mornings to get ready for September.

We started off by looking at our whole class topic, Rainforests. We researched the animals that lived there, wrote about the animals and painted beautiful Butterflies.

We then went on to look at our Science topic for the Autumn term, which is Plants and living things. We went on a flower hunt around the school and found lots of plants we hadn’t noticed before. We each planted our own Sun Flower plants, we are hoping that they can bring them back in September and we can see how much they have grown.