Book and biscuit, CD recording, story making and Christingle

In Year 1, we are in full swing of Christmas! On Monday, parents came in to read, which was lovely! We recorded our Christmas songs for the CD with our beautiful voices. In Literacy, we planned and created our own class story about the Little Fat Pig. We then ended the week with all the parents to make Christingles and our lovely assembly.

Rain forest animals, welly work and puppet making

We started this week off with a very exciting morning. Allan from ZooLab came in to teach us all about the animals we could find. We all had the opportunity to then hold all of the animals. Year 1 absolutely LOVED it. We then carried on the week with a leaf hunt, seeing what leaves we could find at school and see if we could identify them. In Literacy, we made our own puppets of The Little Red Hen story!

Story maps and Remembrance day

This week we started pulling The Little Red Hen story apart and story mapping it, including the main points of the story. The children then drew their own making sure they had included every aspect of the story. Year 1 then showcased this in Assembly! Miss Jones and Mrs McCarlie were extremely proud. We also talked about remembrance day and created our own poppy display.

Bread buns, The Little Red Hen and Tennis!

Within Maths, we have continued to look at place value and have been using the Diennes! In Literacy, we have started are Talk4Writing topic with The Little Red Hen. To start this off, why not make our own bread! We then spent the afternoon enjoying them. The next day we learnt to tell the story with actions. Year 1 have also started to have their Tennis Coaching on Thursdays, which they enjoyed.


Clay snakes, hundreds, tens and ones and Diwali 

As always, we like to get a bit creative in Year 1. This week we made our own snakes that you might find in the Jungle. We carried on amazing Miss Jones with our hundreds, tens and ones, we also talked about Diwali.

Food tasting, Bee-Bots and climbing around!

In Year 1 this term, as you’re aware we are looking at Jungles and Rainforests. We then looked at what type of foods would grow there. What better way to find out, then taste it! We looked at how they grow there and used our adjectives to describe the taste and texture. In Maths, we have been looking at hundreds, tens and ones in numbers. In ICT we were able to log on to the laptops independently, and navigate the Bee-Bots! In PE, we had great fun with the climbing apparatus.



Ordering, art work and Police workshops!

Here in Year 1, we like to get messy! This week we spent the afternoon outside creating our own art work, whether that be leaf faces, stick men or leaf designs. We also carried on our theme of looking at plants, we created our own flower art in a variety of ways! We have been looking at ordering numbers to 20, 50 and 100 too. On Wednesday, Northamptonshire Police came in to talk to us about who we can talk to and being safe.

Drama workshops, Dancing, ICT and cooking!

As always, what another fun packed week in Year 1. We started off the week with a drama workshop with Georgia from The Royal Derngate, exploring the characters from The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We also explored dancing with a professional street dance company AND looked at Zoo Yoga. In class we have been using the iPads to order numbers and we started to use to laptops in ICT. We also made some cakes to see at the Macmillan cake sale. In Science we started to look at plants and labeling the different plants, we had a look at different types of seeds!




A visit from Polly Penguin, Joe-Joe the Parrot and The Tiger That Came To Tea!

What a busy week in Year 1, in Literacy we had a visit from Polly Penguin, who sadly went missing. We decided the best thing to do would be to create our own missing posters! Then we had a visit from Mrs McCarlies Parrot. We used adjectives to describe him. In PE, we explored different ways to travel across the beams and safe ways to jump off. We then had an exciting end to the week with a fun trip to the Theatre!






BFG, handwriting and labels. 

In Year 1 this week we have looked at the author Roald Dahl, specifically The BFG. We made our own dream catchers and are reading a chapter a day of his book! This week we have also been wow’ing Miss Jones with our handwriting! In Literacy we have been looking at labeling and posters and we had an adventure around the school to find any.

First week in Year 1!

This week we have been getting to know each other and our new classroom, we have been very creative and have enjoyed lots of hands on things, such as creating ourselves out of sticks, building a picture with Lego of something we did in the Summer holidays and starting to write up sentences.

We are launching our new weekly Maths Challenges. We would love all children to take part and they will be rewarded for effort and achievement.


   Weekly Challenges

Children are invited to try the challenges which begin with  Ks1 as these are appropriate for their age and ability .The other challenges are marked Ks2 as these are more challenging tasks

for our Ks2 children.