Science Week Fun


Health Week 2017

We have absolutely loved this week. So far we have all ran a mile, taken part in a yoga session and completed a whole school Joe Wickes workout. Tomorrow we are going to be looking at sugar and the effect it can have on our bodies.

Unicorn Art 

Year Four have been creating their own non-chronological report about unicorns in Literacy. As part of their Art curriculum, they used a variety of mediums to create their own magical backgrounds and silhouettes of unicorns.


Year Four Trip to the Sikh Temple

Year Four had a wonderful day with Mr Singh and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to his temple.

Scarlett the Bearded Dragon

Year Four were very lucky to have a special visitor today, Scarlett the Bearded Dragon! Thank you to the Wilde family for sharing their family pet with us. The children have been learning about Bearded Dragons and will complete a piece of writing about these beautiful reptiles next week.

Mr Singh Comes to Visit


An Autumn Walk

As part of the Geography curriculum, Year Four when for a walk around Cogenhoe to look for human and physical features and to see how the land is being used in our local area.


Year Four have started their new Science topic of ‘Sound.’ They have been listening to different types of sound and learning about how we hear and how sound travels.

Mummified Tomatoes 

After leaving their tomatoes for 58 days, Year Four finally got them out of the cupboard to have a look. Luckily, the children had preserved their tomatoes effectively, as we did not have any that were mouldy. The children described the mummified tomatoes as dehydrated, wrinkly, warm and sundried. Well done Year 4!

Tennis & Diwali!

Year Four have had a wonderful week. On Monday, they celebrated Diwali with Year Three and on Thursday, they participated in a tennis tournament. they were wonderful representatives of our school – well done!

Iron Man Art

Year Four created 3D pictures based on their Literacy topic, The Iron Man. They used a range of materials, including scrap metal and spray paint to create fantastic pieces of Art.


Year 4 have been learning how to write newspaper articles. For their Big Write this week, they have written amazing articles about the success of local Paralympic, Ellie Robinson!

Mummification in Year Four

In Year 4, the children have started their topic of the Ancient Egyptians. Today they learnt about the process of mummification and applied their learning to mummify tomatoes. The children had lots of fun and will check their tomatoes in 50 days.




Mental Maths objectives Year Four




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Friday 14th July 2017 Homework