Home Learning w/c 6th July 2020

This is our final week of home learning – I hope you have enjoyed the tasks set and feel you are ready for your transition to Year 5 in September. Thank you for being such dedicated learners and attempting the challenges that have ben set during the past few months – it has been a learning curve for all of us.

The majority of you will be in school during the week commencing 13th July and I am really looking forward to us meeting up again, sharing our stories of lockdown and having some fun together. For those of you who are unable to return, have a wonderful summer and I know you have an exciting time to look forward to when you return in Year 5.

This weeks plans are below and I would like to say a big ‘thank-you’ to Toddy, who kindly sent a link for your card game this week. It is great fun, with lots of points on offer, so have a go and tell me all about it when you return to school.

Stay safe

Fiona Jacobs



Year 4 week 13 commencing 6th July


Arithmetic Skills Test 1

Arithmetic Skills Test 2

Mental Maths Workout

Geometry Q&A

Three Towers Solitaire Card Game


Spellings wc 6th July

Word Search Black and White

Coordinates Spelling Game Activity Sheet


Lesson Presentation Toothpaste

Testing Toothpaste Activity Sheet

Toothpaste Invention Activity Sheet

Adult Guidance Toothpaste

Science Challenge 10


Keith Haring

Keith Haring worksheet

Keith Haring photo pack


Home Learning w/c 29th June 2020

We are getting closer to the end of term and I was delighted to learn that we are all going to return to Year 4 for the final week of term. Whilst this may be a short week, there will be plenty of time to have fun, meet up with friends and remember what it is like to be in a classroom. I do hope you are all able to return for those final 3 1/2 days of Year 4.

I was pleased to see many of you in our zoom meeting and am looking forward to seeing Bradley and Callum’s kittens next week – we heard about them this week but couldn’t see them. Hopefully, they will be able to take a photo and show us how cute they look.

Enjoy the sunshine

Mrs Jacobs



Year 4 week 12 commencing 29th June



Move-on-a-Grid Worksheet

Move-on-a-Grid Answers

Statistics quiz


Properties-of-shapes Quiz


Position-and-direction quiz



Y4-Mission Possible


Discovering Oxygen

Fact Match Activity Sheet

Discovering Oxygen Adult Guidance

Oxygen and Burning Activity Sheet

Science Challenge 9


House on an Island Text

Questions set 1

Question answers Set 1

Questions Set 2

Question answers Set 2


Spellings 29th June

Code Word Jumble Puzzle

Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity


Home Learning w/c 22nd June 2020

It was great to see some of you in our zoom meetings on Tuesday and Thursday last week. I will be repeating the meetings this week, so look out for the invitation – it will be sent on Monday. The start time will be slightly later at 11.30am so that it doesn’t interfere with the end of Year 6 breaktime.

Well done to Carter who received the Head Teachers Award and a delicious hot chocolate! He has been coming to school with a smile on his face and being a positive member of Mrs McCarlie’s group – well done.

Please remember to send me in your report comments this week – you should all have received an email with the details but please contact Mrs Gillet if you didn’t receive it and she will be able to resend.

Take care

Mrs Jacobs



Year 4 week 11 commencing 22nd June


Position on a grid

Position-on-a-Grid Worksheet

Position-on-a-Grid Answers


Draw-Coordinates-on-a-Grid Worksheet

-Draw-Coordinates-on-a-Grid Answers

Maths Master 26th June


Spellings wc 22nd June

Word Search Black and White

Which Word Where Activity Sheet


Science Challenge 8


Home Learning w/c 15th June 2020

It was interesting to return to school this week teaching Year 6. We have had fun although it has been a little unusual. I am sad to think Year 4 will not be returning but we are, instead, planning on having a zoom meeting each week. I will send a link on Monday and it will be for a meeting on either Tuesday or Friday morning – watch out for the email.

Thankyou to Jade and Sienna for sending me some of their completed work – it was lovely to read.

Take care

Fiona Jacobs



Year 4 week 10 commencing 15th June


Lesson 1:


Triangles Worksheet

Triangles Answers

Lesson 2:


Quadrilaterals Worksheet

Quadrilaterals Answers

Lesson 3:


Lines-of-Symmetry Worksheet

Lines-of-Symmetry answers

Lesson 4:


Complete-a-Symmetrical-Figure Worksheet

Complete-a-Symmetrical-Figure answers

Lesson 5:

Maths Master 19th June


Y4-Amazing Aliens

Spellings 15th June

Spelling Crossword Activity Sheet

Word Search Black and White


Alexander Graham Bell

Fact Sheet Early Life

Fact Sheet First Invention

Fact Sheet The Telephone

Fact Sheet Work With Sound

Fact Sheet Work With Deaf People

Fact Sheet Controversy

Fact Sheet His Legacy

Science Challenge 7


Mummy Poem

Mummification process

Mummifying Fruit

Canopic Jars


Home Learning w/c 8th June 2020

It looks like we are going to be seeing a little more rain this week, so this could be your opportunity to catch up on any pieces of work that are outstanding. I am pleased that some of you were able to watch the rocket launch and I have been helped with planning some work associated with this event by Toddy. He has thought of 5 questions for you all to answer, plus has given us an interesting fact:

Did you know: 
Fresh food, dehydrated food and treats from their family are rocketed up to the ISS every 90 days.

I have also included 5 questions that I am curious about, so you should be extremely knowledgeable about space after this. While I was watching the astronauts talking about their routine prior to launch, one of the things they did was to play cards. So, Year 4 are getting prepared for space exploration already! I hope that you are all keeping safe and well and we will get an opportunity to see each other soon.

Take care

Fiona Jacobs



Year 4 week 9 commencing 8th June


Lesson 1:




Lesson 2:

Matching Angles – instructions


Lesson 3:


Worksheet – Compare-and-Order-Angles


Lesson 5:

Maths Master 12th June

Go Fish Card Game


Use the link from last week Year 4 – The King of Fishes


Dream Summer


Madagascar in Danger

Sorting Madagascan Living Things

Investigating Deforestation

Science Challenge 6


Pyramid Lesson 2

Pyramid challenge


Spelling Presentation wc 8th June

Continuous Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Word Search Black and White


Home Learning w/c 1st June 2020

Welcome back to the Summer Term. Lessons will continue to be posted on-line, for Year 4, as there is not yet a date for us to return. There has been a rocket launch this week so one of your tasks is to do some research on this – a link is provided on the weekly timetable as a starting point. As the  weather is being kind, make sure you are getting outside, taking plenty of exercise, enjoying the fresh air. Remember that it is important to maintain your reading and learning your times tables, as this will be of great benefit when we return to school.

If you have any questions, or want to send me any of your work, please use the email below.

Take care

Fiona Jacobs



Year 4 week 8 commencing 1st June


Lesson 1:

Bar charts

Lesson 2:


Introducing-Line-Graphs worksheet

Introducing-Line-Graphs answers

Lesson 3:


Line-Graphs Worksheet

Line-Graphs Worksheet

Lesson 4:

Reasoning & Problem Solving Q&A

Lesson 5:

Maths Master 5th June

Spit Card Game


Y4-The King of Fishes

Spellings Week 1st June

Which Word Where Activity Sheet

Word Search Black and White


Lesson Presentation Environmental Changes

Activity Sheet Environmental Changes

Activity Sheet Endangered Animals Report

Science Challenge 5


Pyramid lesson 1

Missing number pyramids

Make an Egyptian Pyramid


Home Learning w/c 18th May 2020

It was great fun seeing everyone on zoom last week – you all looked happy and refreshed.

As you will be aware, the school is currently due to reopen on Monday 1st June for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children only. Although I teach Year 4, I will be in school everyday assisting with the teaching of a different year group. This means that I may not be able to hold zoom meetings or call individuals, but I am still contactable using my email, which I will put at the bottom of this post. Work will continue to be set, as usual, for Year 4 and posted on this class page.

The card game for this week is great fun – for adults as well!

Remember, it is Crazy Hair Day on Friday, so look your best for the zoom meeting!

Also, there are some links below for the Joy of Moving festival organised by the English Football League. It is on the weekly plan and I have listed the links under P.E. You should all have received an email detailing the event, the links are the same on the email.

Also, any dancers amongst you can use the link posted on Thursday 14th for the free Strictly lesson.

Have fun

Fiona Jacobs



Year 4 week 7 commencing 18th May


Daily Decimals

Lesson 1:




Lesson 2:



Lesson 3:



Lesson 4:



Lesson 5:

Year-4-Money – end block assessment


Spoons Card Game


Mr Big Boxing Up including innovation

Innovation – Jim’s Journey

Mr Big Model Text – highlighted

Egyptian Gods

Check my test

Check my test – answers

Spellings week 5

Word Chart Activity Sheet

Word Search Black and White


Joy of Moving Home School Festival Booklet




Local Habitat Survey

Activity Sheet Local Habitat Survey

Activity Sheet Environmental Dangers Record

Activity Sheet Helping the Local Habitat

Science Challenge 4


Thursday 14th May

Below is the link for the Strictly Dance Session next Tuesday




Also, remember to log on to @nsport twitter account to see this weeks challenges for the School Virtual Summer Games. This week it is gymnastics and includes:

  • doing a balance – remember our lessons with Mr Roberts and all the balances he helped us perfect
  • performing rolling techniques – this could include forward  rolls and cartwheels
  • performing a routine – criteria to be included are on their twitter account

If you look at their Twitter account there is a short video showing the different skills you could practise.

Next week, the sport is athletics. Remember to log your attempts! And enjoy!


Tuesday 12th May

Here is the link for today’s Strictly Dance session:




Home Learning w/c 11th May 2020

Mrs Bailey and I were pleased that our trial session using zoom on Wednesday was a success – thankyou to Harrison, Jade, Sienna, Alfie & William for being very interesting guinea pigs! I have now grouped the class and sent you all a zoom invitation, which will be for either Monday or Tuesday. It is possible that Mrs Gillet will ‘pop in’ at some point during these meetings, so have your reading questions ready.

I hope you all enjoyed your VE Day celebrations on Friday and will be able to tell us about the varied activites you might have taken part in – whether it was baking, making bunting, playing games, singing war-time songs or just relaxing in the sunshine with your family.

It would be lovely if we had some information to share regarding our return and I will be waiting for news from the Government when they make their announcement. The staff are having their own zoom meeting tomorrow and I am sure Mrs Oldham will let you know as soon as she is given any further advice.

In the meantime, lessons continue online as usual and I have maintained the regular format. Remember, look at the weekly plan for instructions on how to complete the work and for other learning where a link is not required.

Keep smiling, keep reading and I will ‘see’ you all this week.

Fiona Jacobs



Year 4 week 6 commencing 11th May


Months of the Year

Time Zones

Bar chart & questions

Pictographs & questions

Maths Master 15th May

Pyramid Solitaire Card Game


Grammar Skills week beg 11th May

Grammar Skills week beg 11th May ANSWERS

Synonyms for WENT

Emotions board game

Emotions thesaurus wheel

Mr Big Emotion Graph

Spellings week 4

Activity Sheet Crack the Code

Boxing Up Grid – character transformation – Mr Big

Character Transformation Toolkit

Get Ready With Cleopatra


Check @nsport twitter page for Virtual School Games activities for the week


Classification Keys

Desert Habitat – Level 1                   Urban Habitat – Level 1

Rainforest Habitat – Level 2           Woodland Habitat – Level 2

Ocean Habitat – Level 3                   Arctic Habitat – Level 3

Science Challenge 3






Home Learning w/c 4th May 2020

So, we enter a new month still in lockdown. I have managed to speak to the majority of you on the phone and, if you have had a chance to read the Cogenhoe newsletter, we are going to attempt to hold a zoom meeting. Myself and Mrs Bailey are going to try this out between ourselves on this week, then maybe we can hold a Year 4 meeting the following week. If you know you do not want to take part, or haven’t got the facility to take part, please email me and I will call you rather than invite you to the zoom meeting.

It may be that we decide to group people,  rather than have everyone in one meeting – we have yet to decide that. As we are on a short week, due to the bank holiday, I will arrange the meeting for w/c 11th May. That way, you will be able to tell me what activites you got up to for the VE day celebrations or and have some fresh news to share. Also, we may have some information on the planned return, as the 3 week lockdown is being reviewed by the government this week.

The meeting are really just a way of us seeing each other during this time of isolation and maybe to answer any general queries.

Sienna and her family have been keeping me posted on their activities and have given me permission to share some of those with you – please see the links below:

Sienna’s links

Also, remember that Monday is Day 1 of Northamptonshire Virtual Summer Sports – log on and get involved!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all the amazing readers amongst you. Well done for all your quizzing – a special shout out to Abdullah for becoming a millionaire and to James Anderson for quizzing regularly.

Even if you don’t quiz, or your book isn’t quizzable, read what you ENJOY. You can always send me a book review that I can put on the class page as a recommendation to others.

Also, well done to Logan, Sienna & Harrison for coming in the top 3 in the RockStarsTimesTables Battle – Year 4 v myself & Mrs Bailey – we were well and truly beaten last week!

This weeks plans are listed below – starting with the weekly timetable – as usual.

Keep safe, be happy and carry on reading!

Fiona Jacobs



Year 4 week commencing 4th May



Worksheet Hours – mins

Varied Fluency

Discussion Problems

Egyptian Rat Screw Card Game


Grammar week beg 4th May

Prepositional Phrase

Synonyms for LOOK

Spellings week 3

Word Search

Friendly Felines


@WENschoolsport twitter account

@nsport twitter account


Online Active Resources to support Active Learning at Home


Invertebrate Hunt

Activity Sheet Invertebrate Hunt

Activity Sheet Invertebrate Identification

Invertebrate Classification Word Mat

Invertebrates Classification Key

Science Challenge 2





Friday 1st May 2020

Congratulations to those children who battled against myself and Mrs Bailey this morning at the RockStarsTimesTables. You achieved the narrowest of victories – only beating us by 1,602!!

Did any of you beat your previous score? Last time we battled for 30 minutes but this week we only battled for 20 minutes  – how are you going to work out whether you were quicker (without looking at the website speed, just using your last two scores)? I will look at this question in next weeks Monday maths.


Home Learning w/c 27th April 2020

Another week on and I have enjoyed speaking to you and hearing first hand of your adventures – I have a few more calls to make on Monday so look out for the ‘No Caller ID’ phone call. The planning has been set in the usual way but first I have included some links for those who would like some different activities to pursue or some extra ideas to fill their day.

A fantastic idea, suggested by Callum & Bradley’s family, is to write a letter or postcard to an elderly person who is isolated in a care home. Use the links below for information:



Another is to join in with some VE Day activities. On Friday 8th May 2020, Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day when the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. Due to COVID 19 most VE day, events have had to be cancelled, but we could still mark the occasion and share our pride in our country and honour the men and women of WW2 . There are lots of VE Day activity ideas on-line, so take a look at:


or go to the Royal British Legion

https:// www.yours.co.uk/leisure/nostalgia/ve-day-celebration-ideas-from-the-royal-british-legion/

or Bletchley Park website



Last, but not least, is to include a sporting theme to your learning:


My maths Lesson 5 each week is the Maths Master Challenge plus a card game – this week the game is for a single player – can anyone win?

For any questions, please email me at mrs.jacobs@cogenhoeprimary.org

Take care & keep smiling

Fiona Jacobs


Weekly Plan:

Year 4 week commencing 27th April


Lesson 1: Recap Skills 3

Lesson 2: Recap Skills 4

Lesson 3: Estimating

Lesson 4: 4-Digit-Addition-Missing-Numbers & answers

Challenge – 4-Digit Addition Missing Numbers & Answers

Lesson 5: Maths Master 1st May

Solitaire Card Game


Grammar for week beg 27th April

Lesson 1: Connectives

Lesson 2: Altering a verb

Lesson 3: Spellings 27th April

Continuous Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Lesson 4: Adverbs

Lesson 5: An Extract from Howard Carters Diary


Classifying Vertebrates

Vertebrates Photo Sorting Cards

Activity Sheet Vertebrates

Science Challenge


C4 – Secrets of the Valley of the Kings


Home Learning w/c 20th April 2020

How was your Easter break? I hope you all managed to eat an Easter egg (or two)  and maybe take part in a garden Easter egg hunt. Some of you have been playing the TimesTablesRockStar challenge each week and I have enjoyed the competition – although I haven’t enjoyed being beaten!

I am putting lesson plans here as I did in the previous weeks – first is the plan then the links are listed under the lesson name. Please complete the maths and literacy/grammar lessons in the order they have been set, as they build on previous knowledge. Work set for the other subjects can be completed in any order – depending on your plans during the week and if the lessons need more or less support.

Do use the book to complete your work and don’t print any worksheets. I have attached a few templates to help but most of the work can be completed without the need to print.

Each week there will be 10 spellings to learn, which would be best approached by looking at for a short amount of time, several times a week. Please continue with your times tables practice, read each day and continue learning your phonetic alphabet. Has anyone found any answers to the questions I posed on the phonetic alphabet, back in Week 1?

Lastly, this term we are beginning our new topic which is Ancient Egyptians. There are a couple of video clips for you to watch and you should be able to use the information to help to complete 2 of the tasks on the homework grid – which are all topic themed. The Summer Term Homework Grid link is listed below.


Keep safe & be happy,

Mrs Jacobs


Weekly Plan:

Year 4 week commencing 20th April

Summer Term Homework Grid

Summer homework grid Year 4 – Egyptians

Design an Ancient Egyptian Death Mask

Decipher the Hieroglyphics

Making pyramids maths – answers


Lesson 1

Recap skills 1

Half-quarter as decimals

Year-4-Decimals- Mini Quiz

Year-4-Decimals- Mini Quiz Answers

Lesson 2

Recap skills 2

Lesson 2 Pounds & Pence

Worksheet 2 Pounds & Pence

Worksheet 2 answers – Pounds & Pence

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Ordering Money

Worksheet 3 Ordering Money

Worksheet 3 answers – Ordering Money

Lesson 4

Recap – Addition & Rounding

Recap answers – Addition & Rounding

Lesson 4 – Estimating Money

Lesson 5

Maths Master 24th April

Spring Fractions

Crazy Eights Card Game

Literacy & Grammar:

Lesson 1

Mr Big Model Text

Mr Big Model Text – vocabulary

Lesson 2

Mr Big vocabulary definitions

Lesson 3


Lesson 4

Pathetic fallacy

Lesson 5

Mr Big Model Text – highlighted

The Rosetta Stone


Lesson 1 – Grouping Living Things

Animal Picture Sheet

Grouping Animals Quiz

Activity Sheet Grouping Animals Extension

Activity Sheet Grouping Animals Quiz


Caring for the Environment 1


Spellings 20th April


Saturday, 4th April 2020

I didn’t put the answers to Maths Master, so if you need to check please click the link below:

Maths Master Answers



Home Learning w/c 30th March 2020

It has been an unusual week and it is looking like there may be a few more weeks of home learning for all of us. I hope you have all been able to access the learning using the links and have also had an opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine while it lasted. You should all have been sent an email address which I will check during school hours – please use this to ask any questions and also to keep me up-to-date with your adventures. My home is a quieter classroom at the moment so l would always appreciate your news, plans or jokes to keep me amused!

As with last week, I have a weekly plan with guidance on which activities to access and in which order.

At the bottom of the links I have put links to the answers for last weeks maths worksheets. I have decided that I will put the answers in a link on the week I set them from now onwards, as sometimes it is useful to work back from the answer if a question is particularly challenging.

I have also included my Maths Master for Friday, along with a different lesson plan for that day.

Remember, continue with your accelerated reading and Times Tables Rock Stars – I shall be online tomorrow responding to any challenges and attempting to improve my speed!

Attached are a couple of science experiments you may want to try. I have chosen ones that are particular favourites without the need to acquire items that may be hard to find or that are too precious at this time. These are purely for the enjoyment of investigation.

Invisible Ink a

Invisible ink b

Invisible ink c

Invisible ink d

Slime a

Slime b

email: mrs.jacobs@cogenhoeprimary.org

Year 4 week commencing 30th March 2020


Lesson 1 Hundredths

Worksheet 1 Hundredths

Worksheet 1 answers Hundredths

Lesson 2 Hundredths as decimals

Worksheet 2 Hundredths as decimals

Worksheet 2 answers Hundredths as decimals

Lesson 3 Hundredths on a place value grid

Worksheet 3 Hundredths on a place value grid

Worksheet 3 answers Hundredths on a place value grid

Lesson 4 Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100

Worksheet 4 Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100

Worksheet 4 answers Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100

Lesson 5


Literacy & Grammar:









Maths answers for w/c 23rd March:

Worksheet 1 answers

Worksheet 2 answers

Worksheet 3 answers

Worksheet 4 answers

Worksheet 5 answers


Friday, 20th March 2020

In order to aid home learning, your child will bring home a pack today with some of the material required to complete the tasks in the weekly plan.

I have also attached lesson plans, detailing the plan for week commencing 23rd March, complete with all the links required to access teaching guidance.

Although the plan has been split into 5, I appreciate that all children learn at different rates. Therefore, there are no specific days allocated to tasks, rather there is an order to which the tasks need to be completed. With this in mind, could you ensure the tasks are completed in the order they have been set as the learning is cumulative and builds on the knowledge gained from the previous tasks.

I have not included reading or times tables in the plan as these are activities that would be beneficial on a daily basis – even if only for 10 minutes.

Many thank

Please click this link for further information about the tasks below for W/C 23/03/2020

Year 4 week commencing 23rd March 2020


Lesson 1

Worksheet 1

Lesson 2

Worksheet 2
Lesson 3

Worksheet 3

Lesson 4

Worksheet 4

Lesson 5

Worksheet 5

Literacy Tasks

Contractions word mat Contractions worksheet Contractions

Boxing Up Grid – explanation – dragons Dragon & Dinosaur explanation texts Explanation toolkit


Stonehenge 1 Stonehenge 2


Thursday, 19th March 2020

In response to the current situation, I would first like to thank the children in Year 4 for being super learners and having such a positive attitude when asked to follow the strict hygiene guidelines for preventing the spread of germs. I would also like to thank parents for understanding that we may not have all the answers immediately but are doing our best to plan for the disruption ahead.

With this in mind, a number of resources have been compiled for you and your child to access while at home. The links are detailed below – if you are unsure of your login details, please contact the school and these can be provided for you.

As well as the list below, daily reading with your child is recommended, with Mrs Gillet currently in the process of enabling the Accelerated Reader quizzing for home use. A letter will be sent to parents in due course with all the information required to access this facility.

Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots are also available. Remember – they are available on android, ios and via your internet browser.

I shall be making sure a weekly plan is available for week commencing 23rd March & week commencing 30th March, which will give more structure to particular topics and themes we would be covering during this period. This will be updated for future weeks, if required.

Many thanks for your patience and please do take care of yourselves.


BBC Supermovers – variety of skills taught through song and dances
The Kids Should See This

BBC Learning

National Geographic Kids

Oxford Owl for Home

Ted Ed

Mystery Science



Tuesday, 17th March 2020

First of all, I would like to thank the children in Year 4 for a wonderful assembly last week. We were fortunate in that all of the children were in school and were able to perform their part, as they had practised. Also, thank you parents for coming to watch your child – they were all extremely excited to show what they have been learning in the classroom and it is encouraging for them to receive the recognition for all their hard work.

Below are some of the pictures of the children creating artwork for the classroom cave, engraving the petroglyphs they designed onto the rock they made [see if they can remember what we used to make our rock] and performing balances in gymnastics.



Monday 10th February 2020 – Parent Information Evening Regarding Overnight Camp

Powerpoint from workshop

3rd, February 2020

It has been an eventful few weeks in Year 4.

Our topic for the term is The Stone Age and we not only have a cave in our classroom, constructed by the inventive Mrs Bailey, but the children have used a variety of leaves, twigs, branches and their fingers to paint different cave art images. It looks incredible, inside and out, and each day a different Book Talk group gets to sit inside the cave during their reading time.

Our gymnastics and dodge-ball sessions have been immensely enjoyable and we are looking forward to the dodge-ball competition tomorrow evening, where our team of 9 will be participating and having lots of fun.

Today was the start of our new maths topic – fractions. Thank-you to those parents who attended the fractions workshop last week – I hope the children will be able to explain a few tricky concepts they will learn over the coming weeks.

You should all have received a letter regarding the new format for the spelling test. This trial will run until the Easter break, where we will assess the success of it and decide how we are to continue going forward. Please continue to help your child learn their spelling at home, with emphasis on using the word in the correct context.

Each week, for 4 weeks, we will be learning about healthy eating. We were all shocked when we discovered the amount of sugar cubes present in some of our favourite drinks. You can see for yourself the sugar cubes covering the table.



Not just a new year but a new decade, and the children have returned full of enthusiasm and ready to learn. We have been rehearsing actions for our model text – The Rainbow Dragon – to which the children devised some inventive ways to express the different sentences. In maths, we are continuing to look at multiplication & division, investigating a variety of methods and selecting the one most appropriate for the calculation. Sound is our topic in science, so we moved around the school looking for the noisiest and quietest areas.  We then used musical instruments to ensure Year 4 was, in fact, the noisiest area that afternoon! It is our good fortune to have Mr Roberts with us during P.E. on Friday afternoons until half term. We will be alternating between gymnastics and dodgeball this term and we had lots of fun trying out our balances this week.

The children have all been given a Newsletter and a Homework Grid which they should have brought home on Friday. This gives an overview of the term and some suggestions for activities at home. Remember, spellings is on a Friday morning – the children have the words in their Reading Diary.




Wednesday, 11th December 2019

After our week of testing, we were pleased to return to our more exciting activities last week which included preparations for the Christmas Fayre. In year 4, we made shortbread biscuits in traditional Christmas shapes then decorated them with icing, silver balls and jelly shapes.The class were all given the opportunity to eat some of their delicious biscuits before delivering the rest for sale at the Fayre.

Another event which took place last week was the final of the Year 4/5 football tournament. It was an extremely cold evening but the children put on a magnificent display – working hard as a team – to secure third position. 19 teams originally entered the tournament, so to come third is very impressive. Well done!

This week we have continued to work hard on our diary entry in literacy and our 6x tables in maths. I am looking forward to reading about the activities of the elves that many of the children have been telling me about.

Next Tuesday is the class Christmas party. Please come and select an item of food to bring in, from the list outside our classroom, when you drop off or collect your child from school.

We still need P.E. kits in school so ensure your child has their full kit everyday, including joggers, if required.

Friday, 15th November 2019

What a busy 2 weeks since half-term. Year 4 have been reading and evaluating war poetry during their book talk sessions and produced some amazing work to commemorate Remembrance Day.

As part of our literacy lesson, the children re-enacted a scene showing how children might react when they were evacuated during the war. Some good emotion was shown by several groups,as you can see!

We were fortunate to have Premier Sport deliver a fencing session to the whole class – a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all the children. They learnt some new skills and new vocabulary – maybe you can challenge them to remember the name of the equipment we used?

Our Year 4 & Year 5 football team were amazing and succeeded in winning their group which has resulted in them being in the finals of the competition,to be held in early December. A fantastic achievement.

This week the children have been busy trying to gain as many points as possible for our school on RockStars TimesTables. The competition ends at 7.30pm this evening so we will all be eager to find out how successful we have been.

Please can you ensure all children have their P.E.kit in school every day.