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Friday, 15th January 2021
After some initial teething problems, we are managing successful maths and literacy lessons each day. It is a delight to see everyone on zoom and the children who are in class are pleased to their faces. Can I remind parents to ensure the cameras are switched on and there is a plain blue background. This ensures your privacy, while allowing children to focus on the tasks.
Next week, Northamptonshire School Games are launching their Virtual School Games Competition. The link is on the timetable – hopefully more information will be available from Monday.
Regarding maths, I have included an additional worksheet titled Worksheet A, each day. This is a simplified version of the main sheet and is there for the children to access if they find the full worksheet too challenging. They are the same questions selected from the main sheet, however, there are limited questions so as not to overwhelm the children. If your child wishes to continue with the main sheet, they can just answer that one as usual. If they start on A and want more challenging work, they can just look at the questions from the main worksheet that they haven’t answered. The same answer sheet provides answers to both worksheet. I have explained this again on the actual timetable powerpoint.
There is a grammar task for every day, on the same link, with the answers.
It was good to have a catch up session on a Friday morning, just to have a chat about the week, so I will continue to start the zoom at 9am on Friday mornings. My zooms are running from 9.30-10.30 and 11-12 on the other days so they can stay on after the actual lesson if they need further help. Or come back and I will let them in.
Keep sending in your Project Conquer achievements for me to mark off the sheet – Michael is the class leader currently.
Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Jacobs
Morning Task:
Tuesday, 12th January 2021
I have been sent some information regarding learning to dance with Step by Step Dance School – the same school that organises the Strictly event which the children participate in each year.
Please note, these sessions are not free.
There is a minimal charge of £3/session per household which goes to the dance school.
This is not organised by Cogenhoe School, we are just providing some information to anyone who would like to enhance their dancing skills.
Learn to dance with Step by Step Dance School / Andrzej Mialkowski 
Ballroom and Latin-American Dance lessons for children (all family can join ) for just £3 per session per household! 
Age 5-8yrs old 
Wednesdays from 4.30pm to 5.20pm
Thursdays from 5.00pm to 5.50pm
Age 9-13yrs old 
Mondays from 5.00pm to 5.50pm 
Saturdays from 10am to 10.50am 


8th January, 2021

What an amazing week we have had! After our disappointment at not seeing children return to the classroom, it was fantastic to see so many of you participate in our Zoom meetings. While it is a different way of learning, we are still able to share our ideas, celebrate our successes and give each other a wave. There have been a few modifications along the way, as I’m sure you would expect, but generally things went as planned.

One of the changes for next week is the start time for our maths zoom. From Monday, 11th January we will start our maths zoom at 09:30 – 15minutes earlier than previously. This is to allow for an altered break time for our key worker children. The literacy zoom will remain at the start time of 11:00 . Also, as stated in the newsletter, you are not obliged to send your child’s work for me to view. While I am happy to view and comment on any piece of work completed, I do not want this task to become too onerous for you. However, if there are queries or uncertainties with the work, or if you would like to share a piece of work of which your child is particularly proud, please do send it in.

I must say I have received some wonderful pieces of work, completed to a very high standard. Where suggestions have been made, children have taken these on board and amended their work. This will help to embed their learning and limit the chance of repeating mistakes. A huge thank you to parents and other adults or siblings who are helping the children in this task – it is appreciated.

I have listed the work for next week below – in the same format as this week. I am aware that some of you have already completed a Star Reader test this year (Monday afternoon task) so you could use this time to enjoy a good book – or newspaper article. I have amended the time of the maths lesson so that it shows the new time of 09:30 on the timetable. I have also included separate links with the answers to the maths worksheets. If you are unsure of how to complete a task, it can sometimes help to look at the answer and work backwards.

The literacy will be using the same Aliens booklet – I have reposted it so you don’t have to keep looking back.

Afternoon topic work is detailed on the timetable, along with the spellings for the week and links to on-line video clips.

Please continue to email me at the address below. I will endeavour to reply the same day, although sometimes it may be a little later than planned.


Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Jacobs


Timetable wc 11th Jan 2021

Morning task link:

Grammar wc 11th Jan

Maths links:

Lesson 1 Multiply-3-numbers Lesson 1 Worksheet Multiply-3-numbers Lesson 1 Answers Multiply-3-numbers

Lesson 2 Factor-pairs Lesson 2 Worksheet Factor-pairs Lesson 2 Answers Factor-pairs

Lesson 3 Efficient-multiplication Lesson 3 Worksheet Efficient-multiplication Lesson 3 Answers Efficient-multiplication

Lesson 4 Written-methods Lesson 4 Worksheet Written-methods Lesson 4 Answers Written-methods

Lesson 5 Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit Lesson 5 Worksheet Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit Lesson 5 Answers Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit

Literacy link:

Y4-Amazing Aliens


5th January, 2021

After a busy Monday, we were all surprised and disappointed to learn we will not be welcoming you back into school this half term. However, there will still be an opportunity to see and speak to us each day, via our Zoom link lessons.

I have put together a timetable, detailed below, which has information about our learning plans.

Morning Task 09:00-09:45

Maths 09:45-10:45

Break 10:45 – 11:00

Literacy 11:00 – 12:00

Lunch 13:00 – 14:00

Afternoon tasks 14:00 – 15:00

The timetable will detail which links to open, all of which are listed at the end of this message. The morning tasks are on the first slide and the afternoon tasks on the following slides.

A link has been sent to parents, via email, which enables you to join our Zoom meetings each day. There will be one for maths and one for literacy – both Zooms are accessed using the same link and password.

During these sessions we will introduce and explain the task – then direct you to the independent learning.

The documents below will be needed in order to access the information during the lesson.

If you are unable to print documents, please still attend the zoom as you should be able to work from the powerpoint using just pen and paper.

If it appears confusing, please be patient as I am sure we can establish a routine that will benefit your child in their learning journey.

I will be available to answer emails, each afternoon, at mrs.jacobs@cogenhoeprimary.org

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 09:45

Stay safe

Mrs Jacobs

Timetable wc 4th Jan 2021

Morning Task 7th Jan – grammar

Morning Task 6th January – maths

Lesson 1 maths

Lesson 1 maths worksheet

Lesson 2 maths

Lesson 2 maths worksheets

Lesson 3 maths

Lesson 3 maths worksheets

Y4-Amazing Aliens


December 30th, 2020

I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2021 with a positive outlook and enthusiasm for what the future may hold.

May I take this opportunity to thank parents and children for the gifts and cards that myself and Mrs Bailey received – we were extremely touched by your generosity.

I have put next term’s newsletter, homework grid and spellings on this page for you to view. A reminder that, while the homework is voluntary, I would encourage regular reading and times tables practise as this will be invaluable to learning and understanding across all subjects. Also, there will not be a weekly spelling test. Instead, one end of term spelling test will be taken which consists of 10 spellings, selected from the entire list.

When term starts, if you need to give me a message you can do this via your child’s reading diary. Please remind your child to hand me their diary when they arrive at school. Additionally, myself and Mrs Bailey are available most mornings for a brief discussion or, if required, an appointment can be made for a longer meeting by contacting the school office.

Have a wonderful New Year celebration, stay safe and I look forward to welcoming your children back into school next week.

Mrs Jacobs

Spring 1 Newsletter Year 4 – 2020

Spring 1 homework grid Year 4 – Roaming Romans

Year 4 Term 2A – Overview


Monday, 9th November 2020

We have returned to school with a busy schedule ahead. Whilst times are uncertain, it is reassuring to know that Cogenhoe School is open to all pupils and we have a full schedule of learning activities planned for the children.

Below is this terms Newsletter, a homework grid and spellings. The spelling sheet can also be found in your child’s reading diary. Spelling patterns will continue to be learnt each week, with meanings of each word discussed, for a test at the end of term. As with last term, there will be one spelling test, comprising 10 spellings, chosen from the list of 60.

Remember, our Project Conquer Challenge is underway. There are 15 challenges and you can email me any photos or videos of your child achieving each task. Alternatively, you can record their success in their reading diary. I have already received some lovely pictures of baking and kite flying – a real pleasure to see.

I am available most days, after school, if you need to speak to me or you can make an appointment via the school office.

Stay Safe

Mrs Jacobs

Autumn 2 Newsletter Year 4 – 2020

Autumn 2 homework grid Year 4 – Deadly Disasters

Year 4 Term 1B Overview


Monday 14th September 2020

It is hard to believe we have been back at school for over a week already. What a lot has been going on!

The class are adjusting well to the new rules about who they can play with at break times whilst also remembering to use hand sanitizer on entering the classroom.Well done everyone!

We have had lots to remember and I am extremely pleased at how well the whole class has responded, engaging in the work and applying themselves, showing us all how resilient they can be.

We were fortunate to have an art session on Monday to launch our Project Conquer initiative. This gave the children the opportunity to work with different materials to design and create their own shoe. You can see how they got on in the picture gallery. Project Conquer has been designed to give the pupils some non-academic targets to achieve throughout their time at Cogenhoe School. Each year group has 15 steps to achieve and these are detailed in the brochure which the children should have brought home today.

Another exciting addition to our curriculum is the introduction of a dance class, with each year group given the chance to work with a specialist teacher for one of their weekly P.E. sessions, for a 6 week block. Year 4 are the lucky ones and we have been allocated the first 6 week session, which commenced last Friday afternoon – see the pictures in the gallery.

As always, I am available to speak to after school or via an appointment with the school office.

Keep up the good work Year 4

Mrs Jacobs


Welcome to Year 4!

I hope you are all as excited as I am to start our new school year. While there may be a few changes to adjust to, Mrs Bailey and I are confident we will all be able to have fun and learn with the same enthusiasm as we have done previously.

Below is some information you may find useful. If you need to speak to me I will be available most days before school or, if required,  you can make an appointment via the school office.

Keep safe,

Mrs Jacobs

Timetable Autumn 2020

Autumn Newsletter Year 4 – 2020

Autumn homework grid Year 4 – Climate Change & Transport

Year 4 Aut 1 overview – Climate-transportation

Y4 Spelling Term Autumn 1 Overview