13th May 2019

We began to construct a time line for The Tudors last week and will be investingating important dates between 1485 and 1603. Ask your child if they are able to recall an event during this period.

Spellings were harder last Friday, which was reflected in the scores.

Top Ten: Ebonie; Emmy; Katie; Macey; Rupert; Robyn; Tabitha; Travis; Tyler; Zac.

We have discussed the definitions for our spellings this week – please encourage your child to practice.

Spellings for this week are: exit; extend; explode; excursion; exchange; export; exclaim; expel; external; exterior

Swimming was quite tiring last week as all the children had been assessed and so spent the majority of the hour practicing breathing properly whilst doing front crawl. There were significant improvements in the confidence shown by the children, which was a delight to witness.

Remember to ensure you have returned any letters regarding sharing your picnic lunch on Sports Day.

6th May 2019

We had a busy first week of the summer term with much to complete in only a few weeks. The class performed well in their end of unit test on decimals and this week we will start a new unit looking at money.

Spellings are improving week on week, with 14 children achieving 10 out of 10 – keep up the good work!

Top Ten: Bethany; Ebonie; Emmy; Isobel; Katie; Lara; Macey; Rupert; Robyn; Sammy; Tabitha; Travis; Zac; Zena.

Let’s see if we can beat our class record of 16 children achieving 10 out of 10. The spelling test is on Friday morning – apologies for the mistake on the newsletter.

Spellings for this week are: autograph; autobiography; automatic; autofocus; autocorrect; autopilot; autopsy; automobile; autonomy; autocue

Swimming is on Tuesday morning so please remember your kit.

Friday remains an open morning for parents to come in, until 9am, to be amazed by the fantastic maths problem solving skills of their children – I look forward to seeing you all.


30th April 2019

Welcome to the Summer Term – all the children have arrived refreshed with stories to tell of their wonderful Easter break.

Each child has received a Class Newsletter and Homework Grid – which are also on this page.

We are studying The Tudors this term and have already had a good response to my challenge regarding how old Shakespeare would have been were he alive today and an area the children have shown an interest in investigating is the use of the guillotene during this period. Hopefully, they are not too anxious that it may make a reappearance during our studies!

We have introduced the topic with some artwork, making a Tudor rose, and will be concluding the topic with a banquet involving years 1,2,3 & 4. I will give some further information later in the term.

As usual, spellings are tested each Friday morning along with a times table test – please encourage your child to continue with their practice. The words for the test on Friday 3rd May are:

antiseptic; anticlockwise; antisocial; antidote; antibiotic; antivenom; anti-ageing; antifreeze; antiperspirant; antigravity.

May I remind you that swimming is every Tuesday while P.E. is on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

We have an open invitation to parents on Friday mornings until 9am for some challenging maths problems. Come and be amazed by your children!



15th February 2019

Half-term is here and we have had a truly ‘super’ build up to it!

Monday saw the introduction of our Week To Wow – the theme being Superheroes – not only did the children and staff get the opportunity to dress up as Superheroes but the children also exhibited the qualities of true superheroes when completing their assessments.

The class discussion looked at who our real life heroes could be – parents, you were high on the list! We each created our own Superhero, with their special attributes, and are grateful to Alfie Patching who brought in a wonderful collection of comics, which he shared with the class, to help with this task.

Today, in recognition of mental health awareness day, we blew bubbles on the playground. With the warm sunshine on our faces, it helped us blow our troubles away and we spoke about the importance of talking with friends, family and staff to help overcome any troubles – however big or small they might appear.

This week, I have a few special mentions worthy of note:

The Head Teachers Award was given to Jude Lambeth for his effort and results in the assessments – across all the tests he showed a positive attitude and his results reflect this. Well done Jude.

Jacob Welford undertook the task of running 25 miles during January and brought in a fantastic medal to show he achieved this – in fact, he ran far in excess of this distance. Sport and exercise are important ways in which we can keep our mental health as fine tuned as our physical health, so keep it up Jacob.

Evie Boss won a magnificent trophy for being selected as the Dancer of the Year at a club she attends outside of school – keep those feet moving Evie.

Our Rockstars Timestables competition this week was Year 4 boys versus Year 4 girls. What a close run competition, with the boys overtaking the girls in the final hours. A special mention goes to Travis Frost, Zac Dooley and Jasmine To, who were the main contributors in this battle – a fantastic effort. I shall be challenging a few of you during half-term – so keep practising!

Remember, you have your reading challenge and spellings to practise during half term – this weeks words are:

science; crescent; discipline; fascinate; scent; scissors; ascent; descent; scientist; scenery

Most of all – have fun, keep smiling and enjoy your week.


Our Amazing Class Trip!

We have been so excited for such a long time about this day and it most certainly lived up to its expectation.

The whole class had an amazing time at Cadbury World; we learnt so much and of course, enjoyed lots of chocolate too. There was so much to keep us busy, so much to look at and we couldn’t wait to get involved and hands on. Thank you to all of the staff who came with us, we hope that you enjoyed it too!

As always, the children’s behaviour was impeccable and they most certainly demonstarted our school values of courtesy, courage and pride throughout the day.

Our new Aztec and Mayan display is nearly complete in the classroom- I’ll show you all a pic once it’s finished- the children’s masks look amazing.

In other news, I am delighted to announce that Year 4 were crowned the winners of the Times Tables Rock Stars battle between the classes this week! Well done to all who participated and keep on rocking!



18th January 2019:

Our focus in Religious Education has been to look at Humanism, with the children having a philosophical debate on what it means to follow rules and a code for living. We shall be investigating further over the coming weeks, to make comparisons with Christian beliefs and establish our own classroom code.

Mr Evans challenged the whole school to a Rock Stars Times Tables competition, whereby classes were set against each other to win the most coins. Class 4 is competing against Class 3 and I have been impressed that the majority of the class have participated in this challenge – a special shout out to Jasmine with an exceptional 61,454 coins to date. Other impressive scores have been achieved by Sammy, Emmy, Zena, Tyler, Alfie, Lexie and Zac – well done! The results will be announced on Tuesday during assembly.

On Wednesday, we will be heading to Cadbury World for our class trip – please ensure all children bring a packed lunch in a disposable bag and are in school early that day as we will be leaving promptly.

Friday is a training day so the school will be closed. However, we will still be having our spelling test but I will do this on Thursday instead of Friday

The words for this week are:

information; adoration; sensation; preparation; education; location; exaggeration; concentration; imagination; organisation


11th January 2019:

I have been impressed with the enthusiastic start to 2019 – well done Year 4.

We had an impromptu spelling test, which the children performed well in, along with an extended session learning and practising our times tables – an essential foundation to mathematics.

The Spring term brings with it a new topic ‘Aztecs & Mayans’.  We made some amazing masks and looked at the reasons Aztecs may have incorporated such headwear into their customs. I am sure the childen will be keen to extend their knowledge of Aztec & Mayan customs when we visit Cadbury World on Wednesday, 23rd January.

Friday was our first tennis lesson of the year and the sun shone kindly during this session. It was good to get outside and practise the skills we learnt back at the beginning of the school year. Tennis coaching will continue until February half-term, alonng with netball on a Wednesday afternoon, so the children are advised to ensure their P.E. kit contains suitable warm clothing.

Every child has received the class newsletter and homewok grid, however, I have put them below for reference.

Spellings are given out each Friday, as usual, for a test the following week. The words to learn this week are:-

cereal; serial; check; cheque; through; threw; draft; draught; stares; stairs

The test will be Friday, 18th January.

Mathletics and Rockstars Timestables have been set and your child will greatly benefit from regular, short practise of their number work.

Spring Newsletter Year

Spring homework grid Year 4


17th December 2018:

We are all excited as we enter the last week of school before the Christmas holiday. The children have worked extremely hard this term, however, they are still enthusiastic to complete their times tables test!

Last week, we went to Cogenhoe church and sang Christmas songs to parents and adults, with our class delighting all with their rendition of ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ Several members of our class, along with some pupils from across KS2, signed to ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘Silent Night’, while the congregation sang in accompaniment.

Our water topic was brought to an artistic end with the creation of some canal art – decorating paper plates with roses – which we investigated as part of our study about canals.

As the results were so incredible, it was decided that our Week to Wow would see Year Four visit another country well known for canals – Italy. We designed our own pizza and learnt the Italian words for a variety of toppings, culminating in groups of five making their own pizzas from scratch. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating – and eating – their pizza and I am hopful the parents may benefit with them wanting to show off their skills at home in the future.

Today has seen us participate in a pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk…oh, yes it has…and we still have the Christmas party and a visit from Santa to look forward to.

Please remember to bring your party food and clothes for tomorrow and, most importantly, your smiles for what should be a celebration of all our hard work this term.


30th November 2018:

Our value for the term – Pride – was felt by the whole school last week when our Year 3 & 4 football team secured first place in a football tournament. They competed on a wet and windy Tuesday afternoon withour complaint, winning all of their 4 matches. Well done!

Unfortunately, the cross-country competition was cancelled so we didn’t get the opportunity to challenge ourselves in this field. Hopefully, there will be future events in which we can showcase our talent.

Our topic on water is coming to it’s conclusion and we have been learning about canals, comparing those in the UK with those in Venice, Italy. The culmination will be to complete some artwork in the style of roses and castles, which decorate the narrowboats of Britain.

I was impressed with the number of children achieving 10 out of 10 in their spellings last week – especially considering the difficulty of those words. Next week our spellings are:

interest; experiment;  potatoes; favourite; imagine; material; promise; opposite; minute; increase

Please could you help your child to learn these so that we can end our term with our best ever spelling result!


26th November 2018:

We have had a busy few weeks at Cogenhoe Primary. Our value for this term is Pride and we had some good discussions about why we felt proud.

Then we celebrated Diwali by decorating our footprint with rangoli patterns..

before writing some thoughtful poetry commemorating Remembrance Day.

Last week we were entertained with an impromptu performance by some Year 3 and Year 4 children during a Rock Steady session…

We ended our week considering the importance of road safety – with the children designing their own cycle helmet to enter in a competition.

12th October 2018:

This week has seen us rise to the challenge of gathering ideas to write our own Defeat the Monster story.

We also began our artwork for The Great Wave. Some children were inspired to draw their own Tsunami wave as homework, as well as many pictures of canal boats, an investigation to measure rainfall and facts about the Komodo dragon – fantastic homework Year 4!

Our week came to a close with a Harvest celebration at Cogenhoe church this afternoon, where we sang our song ‘Cabbages are fluffy’ and recited the poem Harvest Time to the congregation. You all sounded wonderful and gave a super performance – well done.

4th October 2018:

The start of our week saw us spend the day working on developing our Growth Mindset. Some of the activities we participated in showed us how to work independently…

as a team…

and, most importantly, perseverance…

As a class, we all took turns making a mosaic of our representation of Cogenhoe Primary School, incorporating the school motto ‘Inspire, Aspire, Achieve’.

Next week, I am looking forward to starting writing our own stories based on our ‘Defeat the Monster’ tale.

This week it was back to school with our competitive heads on as we headed off for the annual tennis tournament. We played between 6 and 8 games each, accumulating points along the way, before the top four boys and girls went head-to-head for our winners. Although we could only award Gold, Silver and Bronze, all our children had a great time and learnt some new skills along the way. Well done Year 4!


What an amazing two and a half weeks we have enjoyed in Year 4!

First, we made raisins dance…



Then, we made water walk…

We followed this up by writing our own quick poems about water, as part of our topic for this term.

In literacy, we have been learning to write a Defeat the Monster story, incorporating drama as a means of remembering what comes next.


In addition, we have had numerous opportunities to try out a variety of sporting activities, such as dodgeball, yoga, Hotshots and dance, as well as get some tennis coaching in preparation for the tournament on Monday.


Our final activity of last week was to make a scarecrow for the Cogenhoe scarecrow festival – I wonder if we won…