Take a walk little bear.

Welcome back! We may have been busy at Christmas but we’ve been even busier in Reception. On the first day of school a bear had been in our room, he’d made a bear cave but then got lost around the school. So…. we obviously went on a bear hunt. We asked all the children and staff but no one had seen it. Therefore, we decided to make missing posters to display around the school so we could keep reminding people what he looked like.

The next day he left us a story and we created a story map from this text. Since learning the story ‘Take a walk little Bear’ we have looked at vocabulary, verbs, adjectives and we have also been writing what we like and dislike about the story.

In Maths, we have been investigating shape, we started with 2D shapes and have been looking at naming them and recognising them using their properties to identify them accurately. We matched the properties to the the shape, made shapes with lolly sticks and sorted 2D from 3D. Were now moving on to 3D shapes and being able to name them.

We have also learnt that bears are very good climbers, so we have been practising our climbing skills during P.E.



The Enormous Turnip!

This unit of work has been really amazing from the children. They have started a full unit, looking at new vocabulary, grammar rules as well as innovating their own story. First of all we had some mystery seeds delivered to Reception. We wrote about what we think they may grow into. After planting them we soon realised they grew into a turnip, this turnip got bigger and bigger every day! Enormous in-fact. First we started by creating a whole vegetable market, we chopped the vegetables, sold the vegetables in our market once we learnt about money in Maths. We also wrote lists of what we would buy rather than a turnip. After that, we weighed the vegetables, measured their lengths and estimated how many we had. We wrote what we likes about the story and what we didn’t like, we also sequenced the story and wrote 5 people we would ask to help us. We then wrote our innovated versions this week!



Week to WOW!

This week was our week to wow! The theme was space. In Reception, we made our own rockets, passports and flying saucers with an aliens inside. We also ordered stars and completed our planet puzzles with our number knowledge. We also watched a space shuttle launch on the IWB, then wrote our own lists of what we would take with us if we went to space.

Gingerbread Man

Our last text map for the our first term was ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We decorated gingerbread Ben with the correct amount of buttons to test our number recognition. As well as this, we also started our first attempt of innovating our text! They were amazing. Of course, we made,decorated and ate our own gingerbread men as well. We also painted our own gingerbread with puffy ginger paint,and matched the gingerbread men pictures to the correct phonics sounds!


After this, we then moved onto looking at the story map Goldilocks and the three bears we match the best of the correct colours we practice writing our phonics sounds in porridge we also practised making porridge and eating it to see if we liked it or not we also discussed what would be healthy to put on porridge and what would not be healthy.  We then wrote instructions on how to make porridge in case any of our grown-ups wanted to make it and didn’t know how to, including which equipment we needed and how many minutes to cook it for .  We also sorted our bears and pom-poms into small, medium and large.

The Three Little Pigs

Our next Talk4Writing text was The Three Little Pigs. This week we completed our first Welly Work session! We collected all natural resources and made sure that the children couldn’t blow their newly built houses down. We ordered our piggies from 0-20 for our Maths, as well as making sure we recognised numerals and matched the correct quantity of bricks to our pigs. We also wrote some shopping lists of what materials we would need to build some better houses for the Three Little Pigs! Last of all we got messy with our pig sty in the outdoor area! We rescued, played and cleaned the little pigs out of their muddy bog.


This week we started our first Talk4Writing text map of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The children learnt the story and actions using our hand drawn story map. They practised reciting the story map, teaching their friends and also drawing their own. Outside, they started to make a prison for the Wolf in the construction area, they worked as a team to move logs, blocks and tyres! Not to mention we made our own cookies just like Little Red Riding Hood had! We also done some Maths addition using the subitising on the cookies!


Welcome to Reception

First of all, a huge welcome to all the new and existing families that have started their journey with Cogenhoe! This week was our first week of half days! We have settled really well and have made lots of new friends. We have looked at our new classroom and starting discovering the school rules. The children have been self-registering, writing their names and also been nominated to be snack and milk helpers to establish routines for this. It’s like they’ve been here forever! We are feeling very lucky to have such a lovely class!