After Brian’s visit, he phoned us and told us that he has lost one of his bees, so we searched round the school but no luck! So….we made missing posters to help everyone find him and luckily… he has been returned safe and sound.

Following our visit from Brian last week, we decided after learning about honey and how it is made, we will taste it too. So this week we had honey on toast for our snack! We also made our own repeating patterns by designing our own pretty coloured bumblebees. It was also CRAZY hair day for CLIC sargent so check out our funky styles!



This week we had a visit from Brian, he brought in his virtual hive and explained how the bees make the honey. He discussed a queen bees job and told us they lay over 2000 eggs a day. He also left us some local honey to try!

Alongside this, we have started learning our text map ‘The Sleepy Bumblebee’. We decided that our school was quite noisy so we used our Welly Work lesson to make some bee houses. They are unbeelievable. As well as this, we have used our new fuzzy friends to help us with some sharing problems!



This week we have been looking at a variety of animals with wings! We have been learning a poem called ‘If I had wings’ and the children have been writing about where they would go if they could fly.  As well as this, as a school we had a whole school art day on March 13th. The inspiration for this artwork was Picasso’s abstract face paintings. We used half of our face to look at, before painting the other half ourselves! Look at our budding young artists masterpieces! Incredible! If that wasn’t enough, we have also been making shakers for our big ‘Sing Up’ day, as part of a digi-choir we then used the recycled material shakers to play alongside our amazing song!



This week we have been building beanstalks! We have used our fantastic fine motor skills to put the correct amount of loops onto our beanstalk. We then have been comparing which has more/less and also a little bit of estimating how many we can fit on! We are unstoppable! After completing our story map and learning it so in depth, we have started to write our story in written form!! We have been using our amazing phonics knowledge to decode words and even snuck a few tricky words in too. We have also had World Book Day where the children wore pyjamas and read their favourite bed time stories! They all looked fantastic. As well as this, we also had belated Chinese New Year Celebrations.

After being amazing at addition we decided to look at subtraction and we have been incredible. We have been learning to use objects, our fingers and pictoral methods to solve our number sentences!

After completing our story map and learning it so in depth, we have started innovating our text map, we have been working on changing our main character, and creating our new story from our original! The children have been working really hard with this and have been performing them. Please check your tapestry to see these! We have also been writing sentences practising our finger spaces.


This week we have continued to learn our text map ‘Jack and the beanstalk and I will be sending the text map home for the children to share with you. The children can then share their incredible vocabulary with you. We have also been writing about what we would like to find in our golden egg. We have been looking at addition this week, and solving number sentences. This week we used magic beans to use as  objects to solve our sums! Check us out.


This week we received some magic beans from a mystery delivery. We wanted to see what they would do, so we planted them in a pot, inside our classroom. We wrote predictions of what we thought it could be, we thought it could be a sunflower, or a beanstalk. The next day when we came to school it had grown into a colossal beanstalk! The children were amazed, and now we have been making our own castles to go at the top of our beanstalk—to match the stories we already know.

We’ve also been working hard on our Maths. We used our magic beans to make repeating patterns and challenged ourselves to 3 or even 4 factor repeating   patterns.  As well as this, we also used cubes to measure our beanstalks!


The children have still been incredibly drawn into their   under the sea theme, they have loved drawing and painting their own sea animals, and writing sentences about them. They then even went on to write their own child initiated shopping lists, and postcards/letters from the mermaid, or themselves.

After looking really hard at one more and one less of a number, we are now starting to look at addition and subtraction. We will be looking at the vocabulary, as well as focusing on number formation ready for when the children come to write their own number sentences!!


This week is our first full week back after the Christmas break and the children found a special treasure chest but the treasure had been stolen. We then went on a treasure hunt around the school, and returned the precious jewels to their owner! As a reward, he left us a story! We were then inspired to make our own story maps and they were fantastic. We have also been learning lots of tricks with our maths. We have been focusing on one more, one less and understanding that a total stays the same when separated. We have even been working on addition sums!




This week we have been looking and learning about space. The children have loved making moons, acting out being spacemen and writing lists about what they would take to the moon. We were a very food focussed group! As well as this we have loved being in the slime this week, and we have also been describing the textures. Also a huge thank you to everyone that stayed for the book and biscuit, the children enjoyed it thoroughly and I hope you did too.


This week as we have concluded our superhero theme we have been making potions to turn us into superheroes and villains! The children have been comparing capacity and have written their own potions!  We used the mud kitchen and our outdoor area herbs, to add in coriander, mint and other beautiful smells to entice our victims in! We loved exploring our senses!


This week we have been learning about superheroes, we have been reading the story of Superworm and Supertato! We have then used our maths knowledge to be able to weigh our potatoes to find the heaviest (to make the best Supertato) and also measuring the length and height of Superworm. We also wanted to measure ourselves too.

We have also been learning our Talk 4 Writing text, which is ’The enormous potato’. The children have learnt the story using actions, they have then changed it, and also created their own story maps

Just before half term was the start of Diwali, we celebrated it in many ways in Reception and we loved the different activities. We made our own Rangoli patterns on the playground which were amazingly colourful! We also made out own divas and had our own festival of light in our classroom which was absolutely magical. We are incredible at shapes, we have been on a shape hunt around the school and have been main pictures using shapes and beginning to use the language of sides and corners.



This week, we must be tired! We have been working so hard on our Maths and using the mini-beast to match the ones with the same amount of legs, we then moved on to adding our mini-beast legs to find a total of how many we have altogether. Some of us then even went on to make our own number sentences! Amazing! However, it doesn’t stop there, Reception have also been working on their Literacy, we have been looking at our text ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The children have loved it, not only have they made their own story maps, they have also made their own shopping lists of what they would eat if they were a hungry caterpillar. After they drew their food they then used their phonic knowledge to write the initial sounds.



This week we have been amazingly lucky to have so many guests come to visit us! We had two police officers who came to talk about road safety and what to do if we were to lose a grown up somewhere whilst enjoying fun family time, we also had two firemen who showed us their heavy equipment, let us see their special tools in their cars and also let us hear and see their sirens. We then, if that wasn’t enough had the amazing Mr and Mrs Tanna-Shah who spoke about their job as an optician, we got to play some cool eye test games and we are so excited to ask our grown ups to go to the opticians for a proper eye test (and to sit on a cool chair they have). On Friday we were again blessed to have Mrs Bennett in who taught us lots about being a physiotherapist and how we can keep our muscles strong and healthy, the children loved their new exercises, thank you so much to our guests we’ve loved all our new knowledge.




We have been so busy this week! Not only have we learnt our new phonics sounds and practised them in chalk, we have also been matching quantities with numeral and representing numbers. As if this wasn’t enough, we also had time to bake for the Macmillan coffee morning and it was incredible! Thank you for all your support!


Today Reception have enjoyed exploring their new classroom!! We had lots of excitment playing with our new toys, and meeting lots of new friends! I think we have some amazing builders, artists, florists and chefs in the making!! How lovely it has been to have you all with us for your first day!  


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