Gingerbread Men

This week we have looked at the beginning of our story The Gingerbread Man, we realised that the woman in the story didn’t tell us how to make gingerbread men so we decided to write our own recipes and then make them ourselves! Luckily, none of ours ran away!

Another huge thank you to Mrs Eaton for making our amazing puppet theatre, the children have loved performing in it, along with listening to their favourite stories in our new deck chairs.

 This week in Maths, we have been problem solving with money. Not only do we now recognise coins and their value we have been challenging ourselves to make certain amounts in different ways. We were incredible!


This week we have been looking at dinosaurs, investigating fossils and hunting for dinosaur eggs! The children have been designing their own dinosaurs, writing sentences and also moulding their own fossils.

We also had World Book Day, and we got to explore the amazing story sacks that our Year Six put so much work into! They were absolutely incredible and the children loved it. We also got the chance to book talk with our favourite stories.

We also had lots of fun with hopscotch. The children helped me make a hopscotch, writing numbers and then we used it to develop our number skills!

This week we have worked so hard with our numbers! We have been matching quantity to numeral, counting to 20 forwards and backwards and recognising those tricky teen numbers. We even had a challenge with our dominoes. The children spotted the pattern and learnt that some groups have the same amount.

 We have also been set a writing challenge! We are working on our independence value this term, so the children have to write a sentence independently based on a topic. We are incredible writers and the teachers are very proud!

Special Visitors 

We have been so excited this week to start our new topic ‘Everyday Heroes.’ Something extra special has also happened this week, as we had a visit from Fireman Tom and Mrs Armstrong from Moulton Fire Station. They gave us lots of information about how to stay safe in school if there is a fire, and more importantly how to be safe at home. Fireman Tom showed us all of his special uniform and explained why he needed all the different pieces of equipment. The best part was when he let us see his fire car!

Our Superhero Reception Class!

This week we have been looking at time and sequencing! We had a mission to save Harry from the dreadful spider web and we used stopwatches to see how long it would take us to rescue him! Based on the results, I can happily announce that I would be happy for any of the Reception class to save me as none of the children took longer than 12 seconds!!

We also started our Welly Work Wednesdays and we loved it! We built houses and camp fires, so we could live outdoors in the wild area, because they decided it’s more fun than a regular house! The teachers even got invited round for tea.

A Journey to the Moon!

This week Reception have continued learning about space. Did you know it takes 4 days to get to the moon? We discussed and wrote what we would take to the moon if we were going to space! Lots of the children wrote Mummy and Daddy, so make sure you have a spacesuit ready!

The children have also been busy making moonbuggies with Miss Adams so they can travel around space when they get out of their rocket.


This week Reception have been learning about Space! We have been creating our own rockets and planets and labeling them with our incredible phonic knowledge! We made them in various ways, lego, pens, chalk, paint – you name it we have created it!

We have also been making food for our astronauts to keep them full on their long journey to the moon. Not only did we make it, but we also wrote our recipes, so other astronauts could steal our amazing ideas!

Pirate Day!


This week Reception have been the best pirates I have ever seen! We have hunted and counted gold coins using our number names and top tips. 

We have also been working hard in our Construction Area, building pirate ships and homes for Pirate Pete to live in. We even labelled them using our letter sounds – how fantastic are we!

As well as being great writers, we are also amazing artists! Reception have made some amazing treasure maps! Lots of these have gone on our WOW wall! The pirates will definitely have no trouble finding the treasure with the children’s great directions.

The Hungry Caterpillar 

This week we have decided we are even hungrier than the Hungry Caterpillar so we decided to make some chocolate cakes using the scales to measure. We also observed the changes in materials from the mixture to the final cake.

Later in the week, we also went on a nature hunt for some yummy leaves for our caterpillar and we used them to investigate the veins on the light box and then used them for some wonderful printing.

The Hungry Caterpillar

This week Reception have been looking at the Hungry Caterpillar! We have been ordering numbers to make paper chain caterpillars. We have made beautiful butterfly collages and have also used delicious fruit to print with to help with our number work.

We have also used our Hungry Caterpillar spoons to retell and order the story! Miss Noble was very impressed with how much of the story we had remembered.  As learners, we have also been working hard on starting to write words by sounding out the letter sounds! We have practised our writing lots by writing fruit names and using some fabulous adjectives.


Another Fun Week in Reception!

Super Learners in Reception

This week we have been wowing Miss Noble with our Maths and Literacy!

Not only have we been learning sounds but we have also been writing them. How amazing is that!

We haven’t stopped at that either, we have been exploring Maths, by counting objects, representing numbers with counters and even ordering items in size order!! Aren’t we fantastic!

A Wonderful First Week at School

Top Tips for Reading at Home 


Supporting Your Child At Home 

The Monster website will help support your child with the early stages of reading at home. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Reception Team.