Week Beginning 4.1.2021

A Happy New Year to all our reception children and their families. I was ecstatic to be starting in Reception, as you can imagine it is definitely a different start to what I had anticipated!

The returning children and children working remotely have been learning our new focus story “Mavis the Magical Cat”.  In literacy, we have starting learning the story, explored key vocabulary and the past tense. Furthermore, in maths we delved into estimating, explored weight and length. Wow, we sure fitted a lot in!

Thank-You for your support as we adapt to home learning. Stay safe and keep posting your fabulous work via Tapestry! 😁

Rainbow fish and Rembrance day.

This week we have started our first full Talk 4 Writing unit of ‘The Rainbow Fish’. The children learned the text map, spoke about what they like and dislike about the story, have worked on looking at numbers and discovering what’s one more and one less and also seeing which numbers are more and fewer than each other. They’ve also had a celebration for Remebrance day. We listened to poems, stories and music about this event. The children then drew their own poppies to decorate the classroom. Great work and a great week! ⭐️👏🏼 We ended the week by dressing up in fancy dress for Maths week. The children looked amazing in their Maths theme outfits.




Talk for Writing

Now we have started full time, our Reception children have started their Talk4Writing units. We have completed 4 stories in 4 weeks. The children have learned the text maps, vocabulary and completed activities linked to our new stories! They have been so amazing at learning so many new things! ⭐️👏🏼

Welcome to Reception

First of all, a huge welcome to all the new and existing families that have started their journey with Cogenhoe! This week was our first full week after 7 days of half days! We have settled really well and have made lots of new friends. We have looked at our new classroom and starting discovering the school rules. The children have been self-registering, writing their names and also been nominated to be snack and milk helpers to establish routines for this. It’s like they’ve been here forever! We are feeling very lucky to have such a lovely class! We also started our first story map for T4W and the children have been amazing!