During this busy week, we have been learning about positional language, as well as repeating patterns. We played a secret spy game where we had to hide objects and use positional to describe where we had hidden them for our partner to find. We also used all of the toys in our room to make patterns out of, we learnt how to make a two variable repeating pattern and a three variable as a challenge. We also started learning about the language of time, we counted how long it would take us to put all 7 beanbags into a bucket! We counted in seconds, and then compared the times to see who was faster or slower. As well as this, we have been enjoying our P.E lessons with Mr.Perry where we get to enjoy all the different ways of moving on exciting equipment.

What a fun filled week we have had. This week now we have innovated our story to ‘The Enormous Potato’, we decided its only right that we make potato soup! The children were fabulous at using the peelers safely, and helping me get all the skin off, after that they then proved great by being sensible with knives to chop the potatoes. However, the best part was definitely eating it, some of us even had two portions! In Maths, we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes, and have been on hunts around the school for shapes, we’ve also sorted the shapes by their properties, printed with them and built with them. As well as this, we even had a science experiment! We used pipe cleaners to make different shaped bubble wands, then we dipped them into our magic bubble solution and tried to blow different shape bubbles. We did have an awful lot of fun, and we even topped it off by a fabulous music session with Mrs Nairn focusing on volume and tempo!

We just don’t stop! After an incredibly busy week last week, I thought we would be tired this week but of course we weren’t, we were just as eager to learn as ever! In Science, we decided we wanted to do an experiment of which vegetables and fruits have seeds. We examined all the fruits, named them and then decided we should make predictions on whether or not we think they had seeds – our knowledge was fantastic. We then cut them open to reveal our answer. As well as this, we had a fabulous music session, we let the children experiment and explore with volume and instruments; we have some incredibly budding young musicians it would seem.  If this wasn’t enough, we also starting innovating our story map, and writing our own versions, changing the characters and object; please look on tapestry for some of their work and videos. After some fantastic work on money, the children have now been looking at 2D shapes and their properties. They had a shape hunt around the room and found objects that were the same shapes as some of the ones we learnt.




Well! We have been incredibly busy this week, goodness me. First of all thank you to those parents who joined us for our Talk for Writing morning on Wednesday, I hope you found it helpful I. Terms of how we story map and where we go from there in relation to the process. This week we have been focussing more on vegetables and how they grow. We were even lucky enough to have Mrs Phillips in our class, she allowed us to help her plant some daffodils and other flowers to go in our school garden, we learnt all about roots and what their job is! We have also been looking at capacity this week, and comparing which containers can hold a higher volume of liquid/sand. The children have made predictions and tested them out to see if their hypothesis was right. We’ve had great fun finding out which objects are empty, full and even half full. As well as this we’ve worked hard on our number recognition, and have been making hedgehogs out of potatoes to match specific quantities. As if that isn’t enough, we have also been writing story maps of our own and shopping lists of what we may need if we were to plant our own seeds. Incredible workers this week ⭐️




Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic half term, I have been hearing lots about what you have been up to, and it all sounds fantastic. For our first week back, we had a discovery! We had been left some magic seeds, and a letter asking us to plant them to see what happens. The children and staff made multiple predictions about what we thought it would grow into, and we learnt what seeds need to grow as our science focus. However, we did not expect it to turn into an enormous turnip!  It was so huge we decided we needed to measure it as it kept growing whilst we were doing that we thought why not measure the other vegetables too. The children learnt the language of longest and shortest and heaviest and lightest and used these to tell me about their vegetables! We’ve also been playing in our role play area of our ‘farmer’s market’ and have enjoyed being till supervisors, handling money, using the langue of money and also making customer announcements.



This week was our ‘week to wow’ so we have been focusing on the animal kingdom. We had some amazing Maths using Venn diagrams to show different species and categories of animals, we also used animals to represent whole numbers using our part part whole method. As well as this, we have been creating some hedgehogs our of our amazing autumnal leaves we have been collecting from the playground. Alongside all of this we have also had a real focus on planet pollution, therefore we made a sea creature out of all recycling to enter a whole school competition. We even managed to squeeze in a quick visit from the Wellingborough Firemen who spoke about animal rescue and what they have to deal with on a regular basis.




This is our fourth week at school, and we have been learning the text map ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ 🐻. Some of the children have even started making their own text maps. We have been writing letters to the bears to say sorry, playing with porridge and experimenting with the texture and we have also done our first welly work session. We looked at natural objects and their properties and organising them, due to the beds in the text map being too hard and soft.  Not to mention some fine motor skills work sorting and threading our bears.


For our third full week at school, we have learnt our second text map of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have been painting and decorating our own gingerbread men this week. We have also been making some out of playdough and cooking them before selling them in our gingerbread man shop. In our maths we have been looking at specific numbers and creating bar model and being curious at new ways of making the same number and I must tell you, we were absolutely magnificent!


This week we have been learning the story map of the three little pigs, as our first talk for writing unit. The children will be sent home this story map at the end of the week in case you want to learn too! We have been retelling the story in the puppet theatre, making houses out of different materials and seeing which could survive against the big bad wolf! We have also been making pictures of the pigs as well as making them new homes in our outdoor area. We have had lots of fun and we hope you have enjoyed seeing this on tapestry too.


For our first week at school we have been looking at writing our names, as well as number recognition. The children have already wowed us! We have also had a tour of the school, had our first experiences on the big playground and also have been beautifully behaved in the hall st lunchtime. The children have started getting changed for P.E now and we are really promoting their independence to get dressed themselves.

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