This week, we must be tired! We have been working so hard on our Maths and using the mini-beast to match the ones with the same amount of legs, we then moved on to adding our mini-beast legs to find a total of how many we have altogether. Some of us then even went on to make our own number sentences! Amazing! However, it doesn’t stop there, Reception have also been working on their Literacy, we have been looking at our text ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The children have loved it, not only have they made their own story maps, they have also made their own shopping lists of what they would eat if they were a hungry caterpillar. After they drew their food they then used their phonic knowledge to write the initial sounds.



This week we have been amazingly lucky to have so many guests come to visit us! We had two police officers who came to talk about road safety and what to do if we were to lose a grown up somewhere whilst enjoying fun family time, we also had two firemen who showed us their heavy equipment, let us see their special tools in their cars and also let us hear and see their sirens. We then, if that wasn’t enough had the amazing Mr and Mrs Tanna-Shah who spoke about their job as an optician, we got to play some cool eye test games and we are so excited to ask our grown ups to go to the opticians for a proper eye test (and to sit on a cool chair they have). On Friday we were again blessed to have Mrs Bennett in who taught us lots about being a physiotherapist and how we can keep our muscles strong and healthy, the children loved their new exercises, thank you so much to our guests we’ve loved all our new knowledge.




We have been so busy this week! Not only have we learnt our new phonics sounds and practised them in chalk, we have also been matching quantities with numeral and representing numbers. As if this wasn’t enough, we also had time to bake for the Macmillan coffee morning and it was incredible! Thank you for all your support!


Today Reception have enjoyed exploring their new classroom!! We had lots of excitment playing with our new toys, and meeting lots of new friends! I think we have some amazing builders, artists, florists and chefs in the making!! How lovely it has been to have you all with us for your first day!  


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The Monster website will help support your child with the early stages of reading at home. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Reception Team.


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