Great First Week Back

What a fantastic first week back we have had after half-term! We have ploughed on with our time-slip unit based on ‘Alien Landing’ and today we wrote our own amazing setting descriptions using skills such as a sentence of 3. In Maths, we have completed the addition and subtraction unit with some rather tricky inverse and multi-step questions (not forgetting the bar modelling to answer some of the puzzles). Also this week, all of the children quickly learnt the skills of, and had a go at, Boccia. The game is designed for less able bodied athletes (a bit like Petanque or Boules but from a seated position). Our children then ran a small competition for the Year 2 children which was held in the hall. Below are a few pictures from the event. Year 5 children taught the Year 2 children the rules and assisted with coaching, encouragement and help along the way.



Week to Wow!

What a week!

Monday – We researched important people in the evolution of the understanding of Space such as Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler. Then we presented all of our findings back to the class.

Tuesday – We made a scale model of the Solar System. You can see the size of the Sun in the photo but Pluto (yes we know, a dwarf planet) was just 2mm in diameter. Then we went to the park and paced out how far away from each planet was from the Sun. Pluto was nearly in the other football goal and Neptune was well over half way while Mercury, Venus and Earth were all only just off the goal line.

Wednesday – We looked at Solar Flares and found out that they affect the number of satellites that crash back into our atmosphere.

Thursday – We wrote a persuasive text as a Space holiday company trying to persuade people to use our company for their travels into Space.

Friday – We were challenged to make a Space themed snack using just: grapes, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows. Just take a look at what we made.


Human Abacus and Number Dash

This week, Year 5 have been trying to make use of the lovely weather while it is here. We went outdoors for Maths when studying numbers 100 000. We played a game of ‘Human Abacus’ where a place value grid of six places was put up on the MUGA and the children, in two teams, needed to make the number that Mr Evans shouted out. Photos to follow.