Kon’nichiwa from Year 5!

While Mr Evans was busy on the Year 6 Residential, Mrs Reeve looked after the class. In addition to practising and preparing  for ‘Bugsy Malone’, the class also focused on their topic, Japan. They completed a number of different tasks in the week: looking at how Japanese schools differ to the UK, studying the geography of Japan, Japanese watercolours and finally Japanese sport. More importantly, the children learnt that respect is evident in all aspects of Japanese culture – they have been bowing to their teachers this week as a sign of respect and remembering Ganbarimasu がんばります- I will try my best! Having learnt about Japanese sports, the children then tried a Sumo greeting and members of the class showed their skills in Kendo, Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Sayōnara for now Year 5 さようなら 

Challenging investigations in Maths and Science

In Science, the children were tasked with matching the properties of the material with the descriptor title, then to go and see if they can see the material in action around the school. In Maths, we have been studying how to find the perimeter and area of a compound rectilinear shape. I reversed this idea one day and asked the children to create the shape but to a given area. This really got the little grey cells working. Well done to them all and here is a challenge to the parents…..

 Rectilinear shapes

Earth, Sun and Moon

The children have been looking at how the Sun and the Earth’s rotation causes night and day. The children were tasked with taking on the role of a TV presenter in their very own educational show explaining the process.

Exciting week in English

We are now a week into our new topic, looking at persuasion, and the children have learnt to recite our class text from a storyboard. See if your child can recite the persuasive leaflet about the Natural History Museum using this story board pictured below. We have looked at the structure and features of the text and children have magpied some wonderful boastful language and are now trying to use these in their everyday conversations.

Solar System Speed-dating

As part of our learning about the Solar System, the children took on the ‘personality’ of a planet and shared this information through speed-dating with other ‘planets’. We had a number of planets discovering they had much in common with each other such as: number of moons, surface temperature or who discovered them. We have also written our own mnemonic to help remember the names and order of the planets.

Maths in the wild (well the outdoors at least)

We took advantage of the lovely weather and took our learning outdoors. After a quick recap of acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles in class, the children were tasked with finding and identifying them in the real world – our playing field. The children showed excellent understanding of the terminology and discovered a wide range of examples. Below are a few pictures of the angles they found. Let’s hope the sun keeps his hat on so that we can spend more time learning outdoors this term.


Exploring all things Dinosaur and More in London!

We really kicked off the last day of term in style yesterday! All of the children were so excited to head for London extremely early in the morning. We arrived in good time and had the opportunity to take part in two fascinting workshops, in addittion to having some free time to explore other parts of this amazing place. The way home was definitely a highlight for all I think – coach karaoke made us all smile even though we were stuck in horrendous traffic. Thank you to all of the staff for giving up your time to make this trip an extra special one!



Fantastic end-of-unit writing

We have finished our writing for our ‘defeat the monster’ unit. The children have been showing off their skills using: colons, semi-colons, brackets, dashes and relative clauses to name just a few. Below is the start of Isla Frost’s work.

Also below are a few pictures of our busy  Tuesday last week. We used water colours to replica some of Picasso’s most famous work while also carrying on our dinosaur work by making our fossils look old through tea bagging.

Dinosaur Fossils in Year 5

Last week, the children of Year 5 had a messy but productive afternoon making fossils out of salt dough. The children needed to measure out the cups of flour, salt and water and all took turns kneading the dough. After this, they split the dough mixture equally and rolled it out. Next was the decision of which dinosaur they wanted to make a fossil out of. Once decided, they gently pushed the model into the dough to create the fossil effect. Below are a few pictures of the children at work.

Mums! Also, below you will be able to see the effort and time that went into your lovely cards and heartfelt messages.

Amazing time at The Big Bang @ Silverstone

Year 5 and 6 went to a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) event at Silverstone on Wednesday 28th February. There were thousands of children there from all over the county looking at STEAM jobs and careers available in the county. Ava was even interviewed for the Northampton Uni radio station – a star in the making! Below you can see a few of our girls using their forces knowledge and skills to construct a Trebuchet to fire marshmallows as far as possible (though some would have preferred to eat them). Then in the second picture, Grace designing a bridge across a river so the squirral could cross easily. Great day had by all and fantastic engagement and behaviour by all.

Below here is just a quick English update. These are a few examples of the new styles of sentences we have been practising to keep our writing varied and interesting.









DINO-mite homework

We have had such an amazing response to homework based on dinosaurs. Recently, the class have had the treats of many variations of dinosaur themed cakes, wordsearches and quizzes. Below you can see the incredible effort of Eloise and her Brontosaurus. She used paper mache, rods for support and lots of paint to make it. A fantastic effort I think you will agree.

This term has been a tough one, looking at fractions in depth (lots of holiday homework on Mathletics) and exploring different varieties of sentences we can use in our writing: De:De, Indside (outside), relative clauses, fronted adverbials, 3 ed to name a few. Most successful of all though has been Book Talk; the children have taken to this style of teaching reading really well and I can already see the benefits of the methods in the way the children talk about and answer questions. So, keep up the reading over the holidays (the book reviews were fantastic) and I look forward to hearing about what a relaxing, reading and Maths filled holiday the children have had – adults don’t forget about the adult book swap in the library area, please take a look.

Enjoy the break. Mr Evans and Mrs Bailey.

Dangerous Dino Art

Year 5 had the pleasure of an expert artist in class this week – Mrs Pritchard. The children were shown, and then practised, how to use pastels in a layering effect to create shades of colours. They traced the outline of the T-Rex or Triceratops, then got to work adding the base colours. The ring finger was used to blend the colours together to achieve the gradual colour changes. A charcoal pencil was then used to add some of the finer detail. I’m sure you will agree that the final pieces were ROARsome.

Did you know…. it is believed that the Argentinosaurus was the largest dinosaur weighing in at up to 100,000kg

What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes? Doyouthinkhesaurus. (yes, we heard this joke this week.)

Well done to all who completed the homework. We had entries consisting of: Dinosaur stories, fact files, quizzes, word searches, a wonderful Dinosaur menu with excellent play on words, a dinosaur version of snakes and ladders and last, but not least, dinosaur baking with some fantastically decorated cakes. Thank you to all of the parents for your time, commitment and help towards these excellent pieces of homework.


What are you grateful for?

Year 5 have been using the drama technique of freeze framing to depict scenarios of gratitude. They then needed to explain the element of gratitude to the class. Some even managed to demonstrate gratitude, generosity and  greed in their freeze frame.

Children have also been researching Leonardo Da Vinci’s life in order to write a biography. They have looked into the background of his life what he is famous for: mathematician, scientist and inventor. Incredibly, the discovered that he actually had 13 jobs. All of the children have been working very hard on the features of a non-chronological report, working on various sentence structures. We have also been playing ‘drop in’ sentence games to develop their writing.

Yesterday, we released our inner performer and recorded ‘Go tell it on the mountain’ for the Christmas CD, which I am sure you will all enjoy – even the staff song.


Year 5 Scientists


We have been studying different forces in Science which has included several investigations. During a lesson on air resistance, the children were given some basic resources and asked to make the most effective parachute they could. There were some very interesting designs and you can see some of the efforts in the pictures below.

Also in Science, we got filthy investigating water resistance. Children were given clay and were asked to investigate how shape affects the speed at which the clay would sink through the water. We found out that the larger the surface area, the slower in which the clay sank. Leading us to discuss water resistance and how ships stay afloat and the best shape for us to use during our swimming lessons.

We have also been using atlases to study lines of longitude and latitude as well as the equator and tropics.


Dance club taster and Macmillan coffee morning

Last week, the class took part in a Dance club taster session put on by Limelight. The children put together a short performance in the little time they had with the instructors. It was a fantastic effort by all involved considering how little time the children had to put it all together. Below are a few pictures of the children’s dance. Also, the children took part in a morning’s baking on Thursday. They made some delightful scones ready for the Macmillan coffee morning. The children needed to measure, pour and mix all of the ingredients remembering the slight changes each group had (cheesy and fruit scones). Another excellent week with the conclusion of our poems based on the Highwayman.


Busy start to the year by Year 5

What a start we have had! Everyone has come back energetic (even Mr Evans and Mrs Bailey) and ready to learn.

The children have already completed what feels like an incredible amount of work already and below are a few snapshots of what we have done.

In Science, we have been looking at forces. We went out onto the playground to see if we could prove gravity, friction and driving forces. While in Maths, we have started with several practical lessons: making place value holders and a Roman Numeral jigsaw. Ask your child to convert this back into our number system – DCCXXVII.

The children have worked wonderfully well on the Highwayman. Showing an excellent understanding of similes and metaphors. They then used this knowledge to depict what image the similes and metaphors were trying to suggest to the reader. For Roald Dahl day, we made our own Mr Twit beards full of rubbish and also had a drink of ‘Fizz Lifting’, however many didn’t enjoy Mr Willy Wonka’s invention.

Superb start Year 5 – keep it up!


Ways To Support Your Child 

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We are launching our new weekly Maths Challenges. We would love all children to take part and they will be rewarded for effort and achievement.

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