Times Tables Rockstars
Your child should have come home with a piece of paper with login details for a new online times table practise site we have signed up for (the link can be found below). At first, your child can create an avatar and then they can enter the site to play. Garage area is where the children can practise their times table (highly recommended). Studio is an unrestricted (12 x 12) practise area. Sound Check is a race against the clock – 5 seconds per question.
The other two areas are a multiplayer areas. Arena is restricted to the times table they are practising and they can play vs others from our band (class). While the Festival is an open times table where children can test themselves against anybody on the Times Tables Rockstars system. I strongly recommend Garage area to start with (plus it’s easier to earn coins).
Coins are earnt for correct answers and they can be spent on additional items for their avatar. The aim is to decrease the speed at answering the multiplication and division questions so that they move towards Rock Hero status. Also, we can track times and scores and compete against neighbouring schools or even between classes. Good luck everybody in your rock career – may I one day find an Axl Rose or Robert Plant in the class (children, ask your parents).
Awesome Art and Practical Maths
Recently, we have been creating a number of materpieces for a variety of events. Firstly, we looked at mosaics; how they are created and how to make one. We then took on our new INSPIRE, ASPIRE, ACHIEVE and I tasked the children to create an individual letter so that we could put all of our work together to make a large piece of art. Below you can see the children in action. Also, the children have been looking into blending and shading for art. Then through our animal kingdom theme this week, we produced tiger related pieces of work.
In Maths, the children have been looking at addition and subtraction through practical methods and then through using digits.
Don’t forget, all spelling lists, trip letters and homework grid are on the correspondence tab at the top of the page under the Year 5 letters section.
Wordsmiths at work
This week the children have been exploring the use of pathetic fallacy in their work. We watched several film clips to identify where it is used by directors and then explored where authors have used it. Below are two examples of the work produced after watching a film clip – can you guess what part of the film they are from?
As Harry lividly launched out his wand to threathen Dudley and his sinister gang, instantly a fuming blast of wind rose tauntingly above them while clouds transformed into a hazy mist as black as the night sky. Suddenly, the wind lashed out as a chill ran down their spine.
As Harry threw himself outrageously at Dudley, the once clear blue sky was engulfed by the murky storm and raging wind which blew every item with it.
Exploring number
This week, the children explored the value of digits within a number. Most of the skills were explored without using digits – instead they used place value grids, pictures and counters. They then looked at what happened when adding more counters to a column and the effect on the number as a whole.
Wonderful Week 1
The children have been working hard this week in all areas. Well done to Callum on winning the Headteacher away for Year 5. In English we have boxed up the our story (Fowler’s Yard) and look at using brackets, commas and dashes for parenthesis. In addition we have looked at using commas to avoid ambuguity – ask your children about ‘Lets eat Dad’ and ‘Pandas eat shoots and leaves’ and see if they can add a comma to change meaning.
Also, we have looked at starting descriptive lists with a colon. In Maths – as you can see from the pictures- we have been looking at place value and Roman Numerals. Children tasked with changing numbers in Roman Numerals using lollypop sticks. Then they had to change MCMLXVI and MCMXXXIX into years and work out what happened in that year. Children, I was born in 1985, can you change that into Roman Numerals.
We also had a yoga taster session which proved a real hit.

 Welcome back

This week the children have been pretending they are in charge and wrote a poem ‘If I Was in charge’. There were some great ideas and, as you can see from the pictures, we have some budding leaders in the class.

Also, we had three taster sessions for streetdance, netball and dodgeball. What a busy afternoon!




Ways To Support Your Child 

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We are launching our new weekly Maths Challenges. We would love all children to take part and they will be rewarded for effort.