Year Five had an amazing time at Boost on Wednesday!

Composing Latin Rhythms

Health Week 2017

Cricket Festival

Congratulations to our cricketers for coming 4th in the Cricket Festival at Wollaston Cricket Club against 12 other schools! We had a fantastic day in the sunshine and won 4 games out of 5!


Rocksteady Music Workshop











Myth Drama

In literacy we have been looking at different myths, specifically focusing on Theseus and the Minotaur. We used our drama skills to re tell the story. The children did a freeze frame to represent each scene of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Year 5 Cross Country at Wellingborough Park

15 of our children were selected to take part in this fantastic event along with 15 of our Year 6 children. It was a very windy day but the sun did shine down on us whilst we were running. There were a number of races; the longest being 3 km! Every child did their absolute best and made us all very proud. Well done to Liam who came 3rd out of over 110 children and Nyle who came 5th. See you at the Olympics boys!

Trip to Stibbington 

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Our Head of Music arranged for both years 5 and 6 to attend a very special performace at the Derngate theatre in Northampton. It was the first time for many of our children that they have visited the theatre or even seen a live orchestra play. The theme of the show was ‘How to Train our Ochestra’ and the event played some very famous pieces that all of our children could relate to. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day had by all and we are extremely grateful to Mrs Phillips for organising the event. We are looking forward to hopefully going again next year!



Year Five Yoga 

Year Five Trip to the Sikh Temple

Year Five had a wonderful day with Mr Singh and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to his temple.

The Owls!

Year Five had a wonderful day when some owls came to visit to help them with their writing. They learnt so many amazing facts and even got to hold the owls!

Highway Man Drama

Aztec Afternoon



A Special Week

Year Five had a special visit from Mr Singh this week, who worked with the class all morning. they thoroughly enjoyed his visit and are looking forward to going to the Gurdwara next term. This week, they also created special ceramic poppies for Remembrance Sunday as part of their learning.

Music in Year Five

Diwali Celebrations

On Monday 17th October we had a Diwali afternoon, we learnt about Diwali and why it is celebrated. We made our own diva lamps with clay and painted them. We also designed our own rangoli patterns.

Water Cycle in a Bag

In Science this week, we looked at the water cycle. We made our own water cycle in a bag, so we could observe the water cycle process looking at evaporation, condensation and precipitation.


Making Chinampas

Our topic is Aztecs. Last week we found out about Chinampas, which are floating gardens the Aztecs built to grow crops. This week we had a go at building our own.

Iron Man Drama

During literacy this week we did some Drama. We were pretending we were Hogarth and that we saw the Iron Man for the first time. Below you can see some freeze frames – this stimulated our writing.

During literacy this week we did some Drama. We were pretending we were Hogarth and that we saw the Iron Man for the first time. Below you can see some freeze frames – this stimulated our writing.

Exploring the Iron Man 

This week in Year Five, some very bizarre items appeared in our English Lesson. We used them to explore character and found out that they all belonged to the Iron Man.

Following on from our Andy Warhol paintings, we also did an Andy Warhol style soup tin. Come into Year 5 to see them on display!

Andy Warhol Art

In Art the children sketched a portrait of themselves and painted it in the style of Andy Warhol.

Building the Tallest Tower

The children were given spaghetti and marshmallows, they had to discuss and then build the tallest tower using only these items. They had to think of how to support their structure using the spaghetti and the best technique to use. We all got very sticky!





Ways To Support Your Child 

Mental Maths objectives Year Five

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