Week beginning 4.1.21


A Happy New Year to all our Pre-School children and their families. It has been a different start to our new term than the one we were all imagining! Thank you to all of you for keeping me informed of your decisions about returning to Pre-School. I completely understand everyone’s reasons for their choices and it is most important that everyone feels safe. Please be assured that you may change your decision at any point over the coming weeks, just contact me.

We have welcomed two new families this week and it has been so lovely to see how much they have enjoyed and settled into the routine in a very sort space of time. Very well done to Louis and Carter!

The returning children have enjoyed a range of learning opportunities this week and have continued to develop their phonics and number skills. We have enjoyed sharing our focus story called ‘A Mouse called Maisy’ and have been making some mice from different coloured paper, painting pictures of mice and using some mice pictures to count out onto the correct numbers. In number time, we have looked again at big, small and medium, playing a range of games to consolidate this learning objective.

We have been spending lots of time with the Reception children and it has been lovely to see how everyone is playing and working so nicely together. Well done everyone!

For our families who are at home, I hope all is well and you are keeping safe. Please don’t forget to let me know via Tapestry when you would like your check in phone call. I am planning on doing these in the coming week.

Until next week, keep safe and well everyone and don’t forget if I can be of any help to you, please just contact me via Tapestry.

Take care everyone!
Mrs Banks 😊




Week beginning 14.12.20 Last week of term! 🎄🎅🏻

It’s amazing to think it is our last week before the Christmas holidays and the time has gone by so fast! All the children have been working so hard to learn lots of new things since they started in September and are all superstars! We are so very proud of you all and don’t forget to keep up the good work after the holidays!

This week, we have been busy making Christmas tree decorations, cards for our families and party hats and place mats. We had a great time making lots of different crafts on Christmas craft morning and then enjoyed games and party food in the afternoon with the Reception children. We also received a visit from Santa who very kindly left us some presents which we are looking forward to playing with in January!

We would like to wish all our children and their families a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to the new year of 2021 where we will be welcoming some new friends and their families  and have lots of super learning planned!

Keep safe and well everyone!

Mrs Banks and Miss Burton. 🎅🏻🎄🎄🎅🏻


Week beginning 30.11.20. Christmas preparations begin! 🎄🎄

We have started Christmas preparations this week with the introduction of our Christmas Advent Calendar. Each day, we pick a lollipop stick from the pot to see whose turn it is to open the door. We are learning to wait for our turn and share the special treats inside! We also worked together to decorate our Christmas tree which we all think looks beautiful!
Our focus story has been ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ and we have been listening well to this story and then taking part in lots of learning opportunities including playing a shoe pairs game, decorating and designing our own shoes, counting the correct number of beads onto shoelaces and painting pictures of elves as well.

We have had great excitement as well this week when The Kindness Elves magically appeared in our classroom! They arrived in their special house along with a letter to tell us all about them. We worked together to choose their names and decided on Sievie and Buddy and we are all keen to show the elves how we can make good choices and show great kindness as well. We may even get a love heart letter from them if they see us making good choices and showing kindness.

In number time, we have continued to recognise numbers to 10 and also find the right amount of objects for each number. In Phonics, we learnt about syllables and counting them in words. We played lots of different clapping  games and by the end of the week, we were all beginning to choose different words and clap and count the syllables really well.

A great week with lots of great learning taking place, well done again Pre-School children!

Mrs Banks and Miss Burton. 😊


Week beginning 23.11.20. A busy week of learning!

Another week has flown by and we have been very busy with lots of learning opportunities. Our focus story has been ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson and we have enjoyed listening to this story and making a story map of our favourite creature. What amazing drawing skills from the Pre-School children, fantastic work everyone!

In number time, we have continued to look at repeating pattern and noticing errors and working out how to correct them. We have also been playing a number splat game to reinforce and learn to recognise numbers to 10. We have continued to practice learning about rhyming words and played a rhyming match game. We have also been practising wiring our names by either tracing over the letters or copying them from our name cards. On Friday, we enjoyed our first Cosmic yoga session which was called Squish the fish. It was great fun and we all loved taking part!

keep up the great work, Pre-School superstars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Mrs Banks and Miss Burton. 😊


Week beginning 16.11.20. Another busy week of learning!

We have all had a great week at Pre-School, learning so many new things. Our focus story has been ‘The Fish who could Wish’ and we have been learning all about rhyming words, playing lots of games and also singing. It has been World Nursery Rhyme Week and we have spent time singing a different rhyme each day which we have loved.

In number time, we have continued to look at pattern and introduced repeating pattern. We have played lots of games using a range of resources to learn this skill. We have used two colours to create and extend repeating patterns and then we moved onto three colours which we were all very successful in creating a repeating pattern. Well done everyone!

We have also been looking at the artist Picasso and his work called ‘Fish’. We then used some brightly coloured pastels to create our own pictures. I am super proud of all your excellent efforts in drawing your own ‘Fish’ pictures!

keep up the good work, everyone!

Mrs Banks and Miss Burton. 😊


Week beginning 9.11.20. A busy week of learning!

Another week has flown by and at Pre-School, we have been very busy learning lots of new skills. We have been enjoying sharing our focus story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and looked carefully at rhyming words. We have played lots of games to enhance this new skill. In number time, we have been working hard to learn about pattern and what is a pattern? We decided that it was a colourful or plain design that sometimes repeats itself. We have been playing lots of different matching pattern games and also using the Interactive Whiteboard to practice matching and making patterns.

On Wednesday, we took part in our Remembrance Day celebrations by looking at some PowerPoint pictures which explained what Remembrance is all about. We also watched the CBeebies story of ‘Poppies’ which told us the story of a little rabbit enjoying a field of poppies. We made a poppy display and took part in a two minute silence at 11.00am. Well done everyone for sitting so beautifully and silently as well.

On Friday, we celebrated Maths Week by dressing up in different Maths costumes and then we played lots of number games, listening to number songs, threading onto large 2d shapes, drawing around shapes, making finger paint patterns onto fish and playing an interactive underwater counting game. We finished the morning off by playing a dice game to see if we could re-call fast recognition of the number spots without counting. A great day was had by all!

Well done everyone for some great learning this week!

Mrs Banks and Miss Burton. 😊

Week beginning 2.11.20 Returning to Pre-School!

All the children returned very happily and seemed pleased to be back.  We welcomed a new family to our Pre- School which has been lovely. We enjoyed sharing our new focus story called ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and have been learning about sharing and friendship, two elements from this story. We had lots of fun playing a variety of activities including our share chair to think about It can share……, it makes me feel……. The children came up with lots of lovely ideas too!

In Number-time, we learnt about using a set of objects to count out, saying one number for each object and then saying how many we had in total. We have been continuing to learn letter sounds and alliteration, finding two pictures that start with the same sound. In PSHE, we talked about friendship and what makes a friend and how we can be a good friend. We decorated some lovely rainbow fish and then Mrs Banks wrote our ideas onto them. Great work everyone!

We celebrated firework night with a story and making a firework picture too!

Well done everyone for a great week back after half term!

Mrs Banks and Miss Burton.  😊



Week beginning 19.10.20. The last week of term!

It’s the end of our first half term and how busy we have all been once again. We have continued to share our focus story of ‘Dear Zoo’ and have been joining together to create a pictorial graph of which was our favourite animal. For number time, we have been continuing to develop our subitising skills, counting to 10, saying one number for each object when counting and playing different sorting games using mathematical language of big and small.

In PSHE, we shared a book called ‘it’s okay to be different’ and we talked about how we are all different with hair colour, eyes, tall, small, likes and dislikes but these special qualities makes it important to who we are. We then made and decorated a love heart which were all different, just like us!

Our most favourite time this week has been celebrating Halloween. We came to Pre-School in our favourite costumes, made some spiders and pumpkin pictures and took part in a trick or treat hunt organised by the PTA. Great enjoyment and thank you to the parents who organised and gave up their afternoon, we had a great time!

Finally, a big thank you from Mrs Banks for an amazing first half term. All the children have settled and are so happy, learning and growing everyday. I am so very lucky to have such an amazing group of children who have developed so much in such a short space of time, Keep up the good work everyone. You are all superstars! 😊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Week beginning 12.10.20. A busy week of learning!

We have been very busy again this week learning lots of new skills. Our focus story has been ‘Dear Zoo’ and we have had a range of different learning activities to compliment this story. We have been counting and recognising numbers, subitising to 5 and looking at matching animal pairs and positional language, playing some games to learn about in, on, under, behind and in front of.  We joined together to make a story map and we really enjoyed re-telling the story and finding the different pictures to add to it.

In PSHE, we shared a story called, ‘will you be my friend’ and then talked about how to be a friend, what is a friend and how to help our friends if they are sad. We made a picture of ourselves using pens and collage materials and then displayed it on our wall showing that we are all friends together.

Well done everyone again for growing and learning, you are all superstars!

Mrs Banks. 😊


Week beginning 5.10.20  Another great week!

We have had another very happy and busy week at Pre-School. We have been continuing to learn lots of new skills and our focus story this week has been ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have enjoyed learning the rhyme from the story of ‘run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!’ We also made a story map which looked at the title, characters, setting, what happened in the story and at the end. For number time, we have continued to learn the skill of subitising and have played lots of different games to enhance this skill.

Our favourite activity has been decorating gingerbread men. We all loved being able to put the icing on and then choosing from our own bag of sweets to add the decorations. Great decorating, everyone!

In PSHE, we listened to a story about hands are not for hitting. We then played a game to sort the friendly and unfriendly pictures and discussed using kind hands, feet and words.

Excellent learning from everyone this week, keep up the good work!

Mrs Banks 😊



Week beginning 28.9.20 A happy and busy week!

Wow, what a super week we have had at Pre-School. We have been very busy learning lots of new skills and enjoying making new friends. Our focus story this week has been ‘The Little Red Hen’ which we shared every day to support our re-call skills. We also made a story using pictures to practice this as well. In number time, we have been learning about subitising. This enables us to learn how to recognise numbers of objects or dots, etc without physically counting each one. We have played lots of different games to enhance and learn this mental maths skill.

The highlight of our week has been making bread! Following on from our focus story, we all worked together to make our own bread. We worked in small groups to weigh and mix all the ingredients and then put them into our bread tin to cook in the oven. (Obviously, under the current guidelines and restrictions, the staff pretended to cook it and then we showed the children a shop bought loaf of bread, which they were unaware of and loved eating too!).

In PSHE, we listened to a story about being helpful and then made a poster to show how we can be helpful. Some really lovely ideas from everyone!

Well done to all the Pre-School children for being so happy and settled. You are all superstars!

Mrs Banks. 😊



Week beginning 14.9.20 A happy and settled week!

We have had another very happy and settled week at Pre-School. All of our new children have now started and they have all been so happy to be here! A very warm welcome to our new family who will be joining us next week.  We have been exploring our new environment and making new friends. We have also enjoyed learning new songs, taking part in counting and number games, developing our listening and attention skills through circle time and number time.

We have found out about going to hall each day for lunch and learning the routine for sitting at the table and using cutlery to eat our lunch. We have also been playing on the big playground at playtime and lunchtime which has been very successful. It has been really special to be able to see older brothers and sisters too! 😊

A big well done to all the Pre-School children for a very successful week. It is a real pleasure to see our youngest children of the school managing and learning so many new routines. Keep up the good work everyone! 😊

Hope you enjoy this week’s photos!

Mrs Banks 😊






Week beginning 7.9.20 What a fantastic first week!

We had our settling in sessions this week and some of the new children have started. It has been so lovely to see you all looking so smart and very grown up in your uniforms and coming into Pre-School so sensibly and following the new routine so well. Thank you to all the parents for your help and support in enabling your child to settle into Pre-School. The children have been so excited and pleased to be here!

We have been very busy exploring and getting to know each other. We have been learning how to take turns and share the resources and toys. We have also been playing matching games, counting, looking at numbers, singing and listening to stories each day. Very well done to everyone for such a great week and I am looking forward to seeing more children who will be starting next week too!

Take a look below at all our great learning for this week. It has been wonderful to be able to play inside and outside as the weather has been very kind to us!

I hope you enjoy the photos below!

Mrs Banks 😊







Week beginning 7.9.20 A warm welcome to everyone!

Hello and a very warm welcome to our returning children and also to our new children and their families. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and hope you are too. We have some lovely learning opportunities planned for the coming term and I am looking forward to sharing lots of learning experiences with you all.


Here are a few photos to get us started. Don’t forget to check back each week to see your children in action and learning so many new things!


Mrs Banks 😊