Physical Education at Cogenhoe Primary School.

At Cogenhoe Primary School it is our aim to cover a wide variety of sporting activities and deliver high quality PE lessons in a safe, supportive environment. Our aim for the children is to achieve their personal best and not fear competitive elements of sports, thus leading to a well-rounded sports person. We offer a holistic approach to Physical Education that includes healthy eating and mental wellbeing together with physical exercise. We are an Enhanced School with Northamptonshire Sport meaning we can offer a wider range of sporting activities and competitions.

At Cognehoe the children will:

 Receive a broad, balanced curriculum that increases confidence in the fundamental movement skills leading to a range of competitive sports.

 Have access to school clubs (both paid and free) to allow children to practise a wide variety of sports. For more information refer to the – School Clubs tab on our school website.

 Take part in a variety of competitions and festivals allowing children of all abilities to experience a wide variety of sports at a competitive level.

 Take part in a wide range of activities and class based learning focusing on well-being and nutrition.

Pupil voice is exceptionally important at Cogenhoe. We have a Sports Crew, a small team of children who take pupils ideas and help to turn them into reality. They sit termly to discuss what is working well and what could be improved. The playground leaders are children from years five and six who are given the opportunity to apply to be lead groups of children in physical activities for example games at lunchtime and help assist competitions and Sports Days.


Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 swimming lessons throughout the year at Barry Road Primary School.

The curriculum states that all children should be able to swim at least 25 metres by the end of Year 6 and receive tuition regarding water safety

What will the children need in order to swim?

Children will need a suitable swimming costume and a towel in a named plastic bag or swimming bag. Loose, baggy shorts are not suitable for boys. All children need to cover their hair with a swimming hat. All jewellery, including earrings must be removed. If your child has a verruca, please ensure they bring a verruca sock.

 PE Kit

Your child requires an outdoor and indoor PE kit in school. The kit should stay at school at all times and will be sent home at the end of term to allow you to wash the same. Please clearly label your child’s PE kit and check your child’s trainers fit on a regular basis.

They require:



Shorts – Navy blue

White, Cogenhoe logo T-shirt

Plimsolls (optional in the case of verrucae)



A warm navy/blue tracksuit

White, Cogenhoe logo T-shirt

Trainers (not flat plimsolls for example Converse as these do not offer enough support to the feet)


Physical Education at Cogenhoe Primary School