Happy Week

To coincide with the International Day of  Happiness on 20th March, we have celebrated by having a week filled with different activities to promote happiness. Ranging from: letter writing workshops, hair braiding/plaiting, Just Dance sessions, teachers swapping classes, to yoga classes for parents and children and random acts of kindness, including a gratitude wall represented by a rainbow smile. In class, children have also written some beautiful poetry about happiness too. Seeing so many children and staff smiling this week has been so rewarding and so valuable. Memories have been made during the week – ones that will last a lifetime. To finish the week, we had a whole school Conga – it was such good fun!

See the news article written about Happy Week too:



Happiness poems by Year 5

Happiness is…

The shape of peculiar instruments.

Concerts to use your angel-like voice,

Learning songs for fun events,

And in choir you can sing your heart out.

Happiness is loving music.

Happiness is…

The smell of fresh chlorine whilst swimming in the pool,

The enormous splash at the end of the water slide,

Smelling the glorious food coming from the kitchen,

And the waiters making you feel welcome.

Happiness is having fun on holiday.

Happiness is…

The howling of the cute puppy,

The mooing cows munching on the grass,

Watching the dog doze off on the sofa,

And the cat purring calmly in its bed.

Happiness is adorable animals.

Happiness is…

Calming, warming hugs,

Kisses when you get lipstick on your face,

The Saturday night movies,

And going to bed very late.

Happiness is spending time with your family.

Imogen, Year 5

Happiness is…

The different worlds you can explore,

The warmth of your duvet covering your body,

The energy you have when you wake,

And the silence you have to relax.

Happiness is sleeping with a dream.

Happiness is…

The feeling of butterflies in your stomach before you race,

The lion-like roar of the support form the crowd,

The feeling of how proud you are when you finish,

The positive feedback from your coach.

Happiness is a swimming competition.

Happiness is…

Showing a new side to yourself,

Expressing yourself to other people,

Discovering new talents you can do,

Enjoying being in the spotlight.

Happiness is doing drama!

Happiness is…

The escapism of being somewhere new,

The excitement of exploring something new,

The warmth of the sun resting on your skin,

The scent of chlorine coming from the pool.

Happiness is a holiday away.

Evie, Year 5.

Happiness is…

The love they give me,

The gifts they get me,

The hugs and kisses they have for me,

The things they do for me.

Happiness is being with my family.

Happiness is…

The creatres that live in the snow,

The place they call Winter Wonderland,

The magical places they live,

The beautiful scenery in the distance.

Happiness is the sight of snow tigers and leopards.

Happiness is…

When you’re chilling in your bed,

When you’re lying in your duvet heaven,

When you’re ready to dream,

When you drift off from the real world.

Happiness is having a sleep in a cosy bed.

Happiness is…

Having a party,

Having your own DJ,

Having your friends at your party,

Having the night of your life.

Happiness is having a dancing night.

Charlie, Year 5



Watch this space – there’s lots of different activities happening this week!

Northamptonshire’s Mental Health Awareness Day

We celebrated Northamptonshire’s Mental Health Awareness Day. We had an assembly, which helped us to understand how important it is to talk about how we are feeling. We also learned that we are all different and we should be proud of who we are.
On the day, we blew our worries away in a whole school bubble blowing activity, which schools across the county took part
We have some more exciting news about Well-being and Mindfulness next term.❤️


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