What a wonderful Year 6 Prom! Stunning outfits, smiling faces and lots and lots of giggles. There was plenty of dancing and most definitely eating. The hall had a transformation into a decadent ballroom. Impeccable behaviour, no breakages or spillages – it was an absolute ball!

After much hard work, Year 6 sold their Prom Poms and bracelets to raise funds for the Leavers’ Prom. What a success they were! Not only did the children show great craftmanship, they also proved that they are budding entrepreneurs! Having asked for donations of wool, the children’s outgoing expenses were minimal; therefore ensuring a […]

We were blown away with our Key Stage Two performances last week. The children have been working tirelessly to learn songs, dance routines and lines for the last few weeks- not to mention learning to master the American accent too . The staff, especially Mrs Reeve, have lived and breathed  Bugsy to make it the […]

What a fantastic sports week we have had! So far the children have taken part in a wide range of sporting activities and have learnt lots of new skills including the importance of team work, resilience and determination. We officially opened our new MUGA today and the children are all so very excited about being […]

What a spectacular day of sport/cricket was had at Wollaston Cricket Club, where the Cluster Year 5 and 6 Cricket Event took place. Cogenhoe fielded seven teams, who all competed brilliantly: demonstrating great teamwork, communication and sporting values. There were some outstanding efforts from all the children, especially Daisy’s caught and bowled on her last […]

The whole school had a lovely day enjoying the glorious sunshine. Thank you so much to all of our families for coming to join us for the picnic lunch- the children really did love having you all here. Lots of the parents were able to top up their tans whilst cheering on their little darlings! […]

What a truly wonderful afternoon we have all had. Sipping on our squash, munching on picnic food and enjoying playing in the sunshine whilst meeting all of our new friends. Smiles all round. We are all so very excited for you to join our Cogenhoe family in September.

Just  look at how amazing our Year 1 and Year 2 children look! They have been practising their Waltz and Cha,Cha,Cha tirelessly for the last six weeks in order to prepare them to perform at the Derngate theatre in front of a very huge crowd! This event would not have been made possible with the […]

Well done to our Year 5 Arrows Archers for their effort today at the WEN School Sport event – they definitely aimed high! The children completed three different disciplines including: Target and Jigsaw. Ready for next year, we will practice the Clout more. For those who are unfamiliar with archery, the Clout is a form […]