Foundation Stage

  • In 2016, 78% of pupils left Foundation Stage at a Good Level of Development, which was well above last year’s national figure of 66% & Northamptonshire’s figure of 65%


  • 100% of pupils left Foundation Stage having made good or better progress from their different starting points in writing, Shape, Space & Measures.
  • This was also reflected in reading and number with 97% of pupils making good or better progress.

Year One Phonics

  • In June 2014, 83% of pupils passed the phonics test with 87% of pupils passing the phonics test in 2015.
  • In 2016, we set a challenging target of 90% pass rate. We surpassed this, with 93% of pupils in Year One passing the Phonics test.
  • This was our strongest outcome yet and well above the national figure of 81% in 2016.

Key Stage One

  • 2016 outcomes in Year Two continue to be good.
  • 80% of children left Key Stage One having reached the expected standard in reading, writing & Mathematics, which is well above the national picture.
  • A good proportion of pupils attained greater depth in reading, writing and Maths by the end of Key Stage One

Key Stage Two Attainment

Attainment – Percentage of children exiting at the expected level and above
Reading Writing Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar (SPAG) Maths
School 2016 70 88 77 80
Northamptonshire 2016 62 72 66
National 2016 66 74 72 70


Outcomes for Key Stage Two are above both national and local figures.

In writing and Maths, outcomes are well above local and national figures, which have been priorities for the school.

Average Scaled Scores


School – 103.4

National – 102.6


School – 104.5

National – 103.0


School – 106.2

National – 104.0

The percentage of children achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and Maths are as follows

Cogenhoe Primary – 67%

National – 53%

Pupils Achieving the Higher Standard at the end of Key Stage Two

Attainment – Percentage of children achieving the Higher Standard at the end of KS2
School % National %
Reading 23 19
Writing 33 15
Maths 27 17
Spag 40 22

Progress Measures

In Maths, the progress score for the school was 0.8, which was greater than national.

Progress in writing was significantly stronger than national at 2.04

Progress reading was broadly in line with national expectations at -0.9

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